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We love the chance to support locally owned businesses, and when buying groceries, we look to purchase products made in Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area. From freshly baked goods to jams and spices, there is no shortage of amazing local food brands — many of which you may not be familiar with or not realize are locally produced. Here are 12 we hope you love as much as we do!

12 Under-the-Radar Nashville Food Brands You Need to Try

Hot Sauce Nashville

Those who like a little heat need to check out Hot Sauce Nashville, a local, small-batch brand of sauces that pack a punch. Options include Hot Green, Hot Garlic and Hot Ginger, each with amazing flavor and yes, some heat. Find them for $10 each at local farmers’ markets and retailers like Made in TN, Batch and Citizen Market, or shop online HERE. Plus, for every bottle purchased, Hot Sauce Nashville donates a meal to Second Harvest Food Bank. That’s a heat you can feel good about!

Nashville Garlic Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Nashville can be found for $10 a bottle at a variety of local merchants.

Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce

Since 1944, Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce has been served up hot at the James Beard Award-winning restaurant Jim’s Steak and Spaghetti House in Huntington, WV. And now, Jim’s grandson, Dane Carder, who lives in Nashville, is bringing that secret family recipe to Music City to answer the age-old question: “What’s for dinner?” The sauce is now made right here in Nashville in 40-gallon batches — order a pint ($10.98) or a quart ($18.31) online, and find local pick-up locations, which change weekly, HERE. You’ll never have a more authentic Italian meal!

Jim's Spaghetti Sauce

Order a pint ($10.98) or a quart ($18.31) of Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce online. Image: Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce

Mr. Aaron’s Goods

Music led Aaron Distler to Nashville, but an unfortunate turn of events led him to his passion: pasta making. In addition to working with chefs to create customized pasta (it’s a thing!), Aaron also makes small-batch, whole egg pasta that can be found locally at Citizen Market and Demeter’s Common, as well as on menus at Cafe Roze, Deacon’s New South, and other local restaurants. Or experience the taste of Aaron’s fresh pasta and other pantry items from the comfort of home when you order from his online store.

Pasta from Mr. Arron's Goods

When you need some pasta for Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce, order some from Mr. Aaron’s Goods. Image: Mr. Aaron’s Goods


Coined as Nashville’s first and only bagel delivery and pop-up service, Bagelshop has taken Music City by storm this summer. From showing up at local favorite Anzie Blue to being sold at its first stationary location at Union Teller at the Fairlane Hotel, Bagelshop is definitely one to try (if you can get your hands on one of their delicious bagels!). Head over to Union Teller or place your order online Monday through Wednesday before they sell out.

BagelShop bagels — a Nashville food FIND

Hit up Bagelshop early to get your bagel fix before they sell out! Image: Instagram

The BE-Hive

This plant-based Nashville brand is a healthy alternative to meat. With a variety of options from breakfast sausage to pepperoni to even taco meat, The BE-Hive is different from other vegan options. You can enjoy this tasty brand at restaurants around Music City or get some from any of the area Turnip Truck locations.

BE-Hive Seitan

The BE-Hive serves up amazing plant-based fare at area restaurants as well as the Turnip Truck. Image: Instagram

Bobby John Henry Bakery

If you’re one to inquire about the brand of bread you’re being served, you’ve probably heard of Bobby John Henry Bakery. In business since 1997, the eponymous brand owned by Bobby John Henry himself (aka “The Baker of Music Row”) can be found at local eateries and grocery stores alike. Find the bread locally at Produce Place, The Food Company,  Pinewood Social and other local restaurants and retailers.

Bobby John Henry Bakery buns — a Nashville food FIND

Bobby John Henry Bakery bread is some of the best you’ll ever have! Image: Bobby John Henry Bakery

Leon’s Candy

Handcrafted in Nashville, Leon’s Candy is a local brand that was born from a long and storied history. Having served Music City residents since 1994, Leon’s staple candy is its pralines (the Leon’s Classic is a must!), but there are plenty of additional tasty candy options as well, including the salted dark chocolate covered caramel, the dark chocolate turtle and so many more. Leon’s Candy can be ordered online or at their downtown Nashville location in Butler’s Run on Second Avenue.

Pralines from Leon's Candy — a Nashville food FIND

Leon’s Candy offers an array of world-famous candy options that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Image: Instagram

The Nashville Jam Co.

Husband and wife duo Cortney and Gary Baron grew a variety of peppers and heirloom tomatoes in their family garden. As they had more than they could eat themselves, they started to make jams and jellies out of the remaining fruits and veggies — and voila, The Nashville Jam Co. was born! Flavor options include strawberry jalapeño, blueberry, 6 pepper and more, and you can stock up online or locally at Made in TN, the Turnip Truck or White’s Mercantile.

Nashville Jam Co. jam — a Nashville FOOD find

Bring some fresh flavor to your meal with a jar of jam from The Nashville Jam Co. Image: The Nashville Jam Co.

Noble Springs Dairy

Located right outside of Nashville is a Grade A goat dairy and artisanal goat cheese farm known as Noble Springs Dairy. While some may be familiar with this brand, it’s surprising how many don’t know that this is a local company. The family-owned farm is on protected land through The Land Trust for Tennessee, guaranteeing the land will always be used for farming purposes. Noble Springs produces an array of goat dairy products, from yogurt to milk and even soap. Order products online or find them locally at the Turnip Truck, Whole Foods and more.

Noble Springs Dairy goat cheese

Noble Spring Dairy Farm sells a variety of goat dairy products — cheese, yogurt, soap and more. Image: Instagram

HiFi Cookies

HiFi Cookies packs the nostalgia of childhood into a single bite. Using ingredients like Fruity Pebbles, Cosmic Brownies and just good old-fashioned chocolate chips, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied with their variety of gourmet cookies, including vegan and gluten-free options. Head over to their East Nashville location to get some or order online for pickup.

HiFi Cookies — a Nashville food FIND

HiFi Cookies brings a touch of nostalgia to its amazing line of cookies with interesting ingredients like Fruity Pebbles. Image: HiFi Cookies

Peg Leg Porker Sauce and Dry Rub

When thinking of the best barbecue in Nashville, Peg Leg Porker is always on the list. The local hotspot is known for its old-school barbecue that keeps locals and tourists alike coming back for more. But did you know that you can enjoy the authentic restaurant flavors at home, too? Order a Peg Leg Porker Sauce and Rub Pack online, which includes white sauce, original BBQ, and BBQ seasoning.

Peg Leg Porker BBQ sauce — a Nashville food FIND

Peg Leg Porker Sauce and Rub Pack is a delicious and easy way to enjoy the famous Peg Leg flavors at home. Image: Instagram

ACME Seasoning

These three ACME seasoning blends are delicious. And, with ACME having been closed since mid-March, we want to support this amazing Nashville business however we can, right?! Order this online at their sister business, The Southernaire, and enjoy your food that much more, with a little local heat! Shop online here and get all three for $36.

ACME seasonings

ACME Table Salt, ACME Hot Chicken, ACME Espresso Rub. Which will become your favorite? Shop them here.

ACME Table Salt

A peek inside the ACME Table Salt — it’s definitely salt, but with some added smokey goodness! Shop here.

Make sure to support these local food brands next time you get hungry!


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