Many Soho House locations around the world are strictly for members only — but believe it or not, all are welcome for overnight stays at the Nashville outpost of this popular social club. If you’re visiting from out of town, or you’re a Nashville local looking for a staycation spot, don’t assume that Soho House is out of reach if you don’t have a membership.

With an entrance tucked away on one side of the historical May Hosiery Building in Music City’s Wedgewood-Houston district, Soho House Nashville is a unique space boasting a wealth of amenities. Like many of their locations, the House on Houston Street features a pool, gym, cinema, restaurant, and more — all generally considered “members-only” amenities — but a hotel reservation essentially acts as a temporary membership, securing your access for the duration of your stay!

Clubhouse lounge area at Soho House Nashville
The interiors at Soho House Nashville are layered with lush fabrics and local art. Image: Andrew Joseph Woomer

Granted, making a reservation isn’t as cut and dry as securing a typical hotel room. First, you’ll pay more for your room than those who hold membership, but the rates are surprisingly accessible. And if you want to be in a walkable part of town full of bars, restaurants, and creative energy — but you prefer not to stay downtown — Wedgewood-Houston is an ideal choice.

You can browse available bedrooms online, where you’ll notice that non-member rates are roughly $50 to $80 more than the rates offered to “New Soho Friends.” Though not quite a full membership, being part of Soho Friends gives you access to discounted bedrooms worldwide, plus late checkout.

Bedroom in Soho House
Bedrooms at Soho House are available in various sizes, from 300 square feet to nearly 600 square feet. Image: Soho House

With a Soho Friends membership, you’ll also receive additional benefits in Soho House restaurants and spas as well as on Soho Home, Cowshed, and Soho Skin products — those are Soho House’s interior and bath and body lines. Soho Friends also receive access to tickets for various House festivals and events throughout the year.

Guests can add an annual Soho Friends membership to an online bedroom booking for $130. This will generate a confirmation email, including a link to complete your membership application. 

Whether you opt for a Soho Friends membership or not, the bedroom benefits are the same: complimentary WiFi, tea, coffee, and homemade biscuits. The comfy beds boast goose-down duvets and pillows with Soho Home Egyptian 300 thread count cotton sheets, and each room is decked out in classic-meets-contemporary flair, combining traditional styles and vintage-looking pieces with some custom furniture and modern art. 

A few of the fun details include a Roberts Radio, Bluetooth Marshall speaker, and a minibar with fresh lemons and limes. There are all the accouterments needed to whip up a cocktail or two, plus a few cold beers as well as alcohol-free drink options. And the fully stocked snack drawer offers all the sweet and salty goodness you might crave during your stay, with everything from potato chips and gummy bears to pretzels and chocolate-covered raisins — and even premium CBD oil.

Mini bar and snacks in hotel room
Soho House rooms feature a fully stocked minibar and snack cabinet with unique items like CBD oil. Image: Lennie Omalza

While the in-room snack options are extensive, perhaps the most impressive features of the rooms at Soho House Nashville are the other amenities — everyday items often forgotten at home during travel. The bathroom, which boasts a shower and a standalone tub, offers multiple types of fragrant shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel from the natural beauty and skincare line Cowshed. A basket of labeled drawstring bags at the sink is filled with everyday toiletries and other items, including a toothbrush, shower cap, nail file, and ear plugs. 

Bathroom with green tile shower, gray robe, and marble vanity
Guests never have to worry about bath products — Soho House bathrooms boast a plethora of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel options. Image: Soho House

The room is also set up to ensure an easy and pleasant routine, with plush bathrobes, slippers, and towels hanging from a heated rack. There is even a Dyson hair dryer and a Dyson flat iron for all your styling needs. 

Want to dip your toes into the Soho House life? There are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • As gorgeous as the property is, your Instagram will have to do without the attention. No cameras or other recording devices are permitted outside of hotel guest rooms.
  • Though Soho House is a hub for creatives, work is reserved for specific spaces. Laptops are only allowed in the club, library, alley, and garden-plus poolside, as well as at the bar until 6 p.m. on weekdays. They are also permitted on the club terrace until noon.
  • In general, phones should be kept on silent to protect the relaxed atmosphere of the House, and any type of audio played should be done through headphones at a volume that isn’t audible to any other guests.
  • When it comes to other guests, you shouldn’t approach anyone unless you’re already personally acquainted. 
  • No smoking or pets are allowed, except for legally recognized and certified service dogs.
  • Outside food and drink are also forbidden unless the items are medically necessary.


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