Ed Nash

The English born artist Ed Nash now calls Nashville home, and has since gained widespread popularity for his ability not only to create great art but to curate artistic spaces. Nash graduated top of his class from Reading University, England where he studied Fine Art and Psychology, a unique blend of disciplines that manifests poetically in each of his pieces. His large acrylic paintings feature colorful gradations that formally reference landscapes. Conceptually, these strokes and textures allude to profound sensations like memory and longing. Abstract but approachable, these works fit seamlessly into a number of settings. And Nash, an art appraiser, is deft at situating each work in the perfect place. From corporate installations to intimate dining rooms, he has decorated notable spaces near and far with his provocative work.

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(615) 496 – 2402


1015 W Kirkland Ave #414, Nashville, TN 37216