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It’s time we binge more than sweets and egg nog over the holiday break. As Christmas specials galore come to a halt, we welcome some non-holiday-related television to feast on. We’ve rounded up a collection of binge-worthy options, in various categories, to help you hunker down and enjoy your holiday break to the fullest. Many of these picks have just returned with new seasons (or are coming back soon), so now’s the perfect time to get a refresher or catch up on the show your neighbor will not stop talking about. From creepy new true crime to award-winning dramas to out-of-this-world action, here is your ultimate what-to-watch guide for 2019 to 2020.


“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

This highly lauded and Emmy Award-collecting comedy-drama follows an Upper West Side wife and mother, Miriam “Midge” Maisel, whose seemingly idyllic life takes some twisty turns when she discovers a hidden talent for stand-up comedy. Start binging this series, which is laden with irresistible characters and laugh-out-loud social commentary.

Seasons: 3
Watch on: Amazon Prime


You won’t be able to get enough of the Roys, a billionaire family whose media company is left in shaky, scandalous hands as the topic of a successor is imminent. Through dark pitfalls and sordid social games, we’re forced to examine if any of the power-drunk CEO’s children are fit to run this family company.

Seasons: 2
Watch on: HBO

What to watch 2019- Succession HBO

You won’t be able to stop watching the Roy family unravel in “Succession.” Image: HBO

“The Morning Show”

Apple TV+’s first television series has come out of the gate swinging with a star-studded cast (Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston). This show is an unabashedly raw examination of the inner workings of a national morning television show in the wake of a huge sex scandal.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Apple TV+



The team and actors behind this historical drama managed to turn one of the most devastating man-made catastrophes in history into a disaster movie and crime-thriller hybrid. The mini-series revolves around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, and the unprecedented health impacts and cleanup efforts that followed the radioactive explosion. Fantastically grim acting performances amp up the drama, and it’s just a fascinating piece of history you can’t help but keep watching.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: HBO

what to watch 2019-Chernobyl HBO

The production of this show is as stellar as its subject matter is horrific. Image: HBO

“The Haunting of Hill House”

Whether or not you’re into haunted tales, this show is deceivingly impressive, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Between the jump-out-at-you scares, each sub-plot is deep, poignant and irresistible.

Seasons: 1 (Season 2, The Haunting of Bly Manor, is expected to return Fall 2020)
Watch on: Netflix


This show is so well-executed, we’re not sure whether to root for or despise the main character of “You,” which is about to release its second season. Former “Gossip Girl” darling Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, an attractive and unassuming bookseller by day and a psychotic stalker by night. Get caught up and ready for the next season.

Seasons: 1 (Season 2 airs December 26)
Watch: Netflix

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“Dirty John”

Similar to the creepy true-crime podcast (that you should also binge-listen here), “Dirty John” the TV series follows the disturbing true story of a villainous conman who targeted older, wealthy women. When businesswoman Debra Newell (played by Connie Britton) first meets John Meehan, he seems to check all the boxes. But after they marry quickly, things unravel, and a sordid criminal history of manipulation and abuse starts to be uncovered.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Netflix


“Modern Love”

We bet you won’t be able to watch this mini-series in more than one sitting. Based on the weekly New York Timescolumn of the same name, each episode of this romantic-poignant-hilarious-in-one show follows a unique story of love. Each plot is expertly cast and different, and they all tie together beautifully at the end. This is the ultimate binge-in-one-sitting option that’s sure to spark great discussion once the TV’s off.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Amazon Prime

Modern Love

Each stand-alone episode of “Modern Love” has a star-studded cast, the entirety of which converges in the final episode. Image:

“The Good Place”

This unique comedy aims to examine what makes a person good. Kristin Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop, an ordinary woman who enters the afterlife. Because of some kind of error, she is sent to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place (which is definitely where she belongs). Don’t be turned off by its primetime network TV birth on NBC — the writers explore some surprisingly meaty philosophical ideas. Get caught up and ready for the fifth season.

Seasons: 4 (Season 5 airs January 9, 2020)
Watch on: NBC, Netflix (first three seasons)

“The Politician”

Despite wishy-washy results on review sites, this show has gained a cult following — mainly because of the wowing performance by its main character, Payton Hobart (played by Broadway’s beloved Ben Platt). The seven-part story follows a privileged, ambitious high schooler through the political landscape of his senior year. In the wild joyride of a show, Payton must become class president to stay on his trajectory to become president of the United States.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Netflix


“Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer”

Funny title aside, this chilling docuseries follows a group of internet nerds who — after stumbling upon a video of someone killing cats — make it their job to track down the killer. The manhunt intensifies as these amateur, resourceful detectives realize that the target will likely turn his twisted violence toward animals to humans. There is something for everyone in this thorough, three-part docuseries about a dark corner of the internet.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Netflix

“The Confession Tapes”

This one will have you scratching your head — or staring slack-jawed at the TV in disbelief. The historical docuseries investigates cases where convicted murderers claim that their confessions were coerced, false or involuntary. Prepare to click next episode quicker than you ever have before. SB TIP: Try not to Google this or its characters first; just search for it on Netflix and click play.

Seasons: 2
Watch on: Netflix

“Cold Case Files”

One of A&E’s most popular series of all time, this addictive show chronicles unsolved crimes that are re-examined in light of forensic advances and new evidence. In each of these 123 episodes, police and detectives attempt to crack the hauntingly open-ended cases once and for all. This should keep you occupied for a few weeks.

Seasons: 5
Watch on: A&E TV, Netflix


“Schitt’s Creek”

If you’re late to the party on this Canadian sitcom, now’s the perfect time to binge the lighthearted comedy (with short episodes). Father-and-son duo in real life and the show, Eugene and Dan Levy bring this comedy to life as we follow a once-fabulously wealthy family whose posh Manhattan life is upended when they’re forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a town they bought as a joke years before.

Seasons: 5 seasons (The final season airs January 7, 2020)
Watch on: Pop, Netflix

Schitts Creek

Get to know the hilarious Rose family on “Schitt’s Creek,” before the final season starts on January 7, 2020. Image: Netflix

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“The Righteous Gemstones”

This show chronicles the Gemstones, a world-famous and super dysfunctional family of TV evangelists who’ve become tremendously rich from their megachurch and related ventures. While mourning the loss of his beloved wife, the patriarch, Ian, and the whole family, battle numerous threats to their renowned religious empire. This series is a tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top comedic look into one family in the business of organized religion. If you’re into Danny McBride comedies, this one’s for you.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: HBO


“The Mandalorian”

Okay, so you can’t yet binge the whole first season, but all eight episodes will be out by December 27 on Disney+. Nerds and Star Wars newbies alike are falling for this action-packed, expertly crafted addition to the Star Wars universe. The episodes are re-watchable and not as condensed as the movies, so anticipate a slow burn that Disney — and The Mandalorian‘s rabid fans — expect will last a while.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: Disney+ (SB TIP: Verizon customers get one year free.)

“Stranger Things”

If you haven’t visited the upside-down yet, now’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in “Stranger Things.” Bingeing this show is more akin to reading a great novel in one day than watching a bunch of TV at once. You can look forward to deliciously good acting mixed with a nostalgic ’80s aesthetic and a mysterious plotline.

Seasons: 3
Watch on: Netflix

Stranger Things

The report of the tightly knit group of pals in “Stranger Things” is integral to the show’s magic. Image: Netflix


If you can suspend your disbelief, this new HBO favorite will be an all-in-one-sitting temptation this winter. Steeped in an alternate history, where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws and heroes of all kinds work to help humanity, the show pays homage to the groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name but succeeds in breaking some weird new ground of its own. And it’s okay if you’re not familiar with the comics … you can make your own hypotheses as you watch.

Seasons: 1
Watch on: HBO, Hulu

Need more? Some tried-and-true favorites and new options for bingeing:

Happy bingeing to you and yours this holiday break — and beyond!


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