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From smart bassinets to wireless breast pumps to virtual access to world-class arts — parents in the 21st Century have unparalleled access to resources their parents (and even parents of 10 years ago) would never have dreamed of. And 2019 brings better-than-ever gadgets and gizmos that will knock your socks off. Here is your list of products and resources to make you the tech-nerdiest parent you can be!


Futuristic Stroller

The Smartbe Intelligent Stroller’s state-of-the-art technology allows it to have all of the drool-worthy bells and whistles. The self-propelled stroller boasts canopies, wireless speakers, electric bottle warmer, automatic folding, control panel and smartphone app, bassinet webcam and more.

smart stroller technology

This smart stroller has so many features and can adapt as your child grows. Image: Smartbe

Next-Level Baby Monitor

Raybaby is the world’s first and only non-contact sleep and breathing tracker. It uses a radar sensor with an AI-powered platform (and a night-vision camera) to monitor sleep and respiration patterns, offering reports, insights and recommendations through the connected app. Just place the Raybaby monitor within five feet of the baby and let it do the rest!

high-tech baby monitor app

This baby monitor connects to an app on your phone, which updates you on your baby’s sleep patterns! Image: Raybaby

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Smart Bassinet

Created by Dr. Harvey Karp — preeminent pediatrician, author of Happiest Baby on the Block and baby whisperer who brought swaddling back into the American mainstream — the SNOO Smart Sleeper is the most awarded baby bed ever. It keeps babies swaddled and securely on their backs preventing dangerous rolling with mesh walls for breathability. It also features a gentle rocking motion and white noise to soothe baby, as well as a mobile app that provides sleep reports, helpful alerts and advice from Dr. Karp. You even have the option to rent one to use for those crucial first six months before baby transitions to the crib.

smart sleeper

This SNOO bassinet creates womb-like sensations and helps your baby sleep through the night. Image: Happiest Baby

Electronic Changing Table

The soft and comfortable Hatch Baby Grow changing pad doubles as a smart scale connected to an app that helps parents track their baby’s weight gain, diaper changes and feeding amounts, keeping new moms on top of every detail of their baby’s health and growth.

high-tech parenting

Keep track of your baby’s growth with this smart changing table that sends the results to your phone. Image: Hatch Baby Grow

Wireless Hands-Free Breast Pump

The Willow Pump is an in-bra, wearable breast pump. It’s easy to assemble, dishwasher safe and it stores the milk in spill-proof bags that can go straight in the freezer. Plus, its smart technology senses letdown and switches from stimulation to expression, all while tracking milk volume, pump time and past sessions on the connected app, giving moms tips that keep them on top of their pumping game.

high-tech pump

The high-tech pump by Willow allows you to pump hands-free, or even on the go! Image: Willow

Baby Feeding Smart Monitor

The award-winning BlueSmart mia Smart Baby Feeding Monitor is a smart sleeve that slides on to standard-sized bottles and pairs with a BlueSmart app, tracking everything about baby’s feedings, including temperature alert, feeding amount, expiration warning, angle alert, feeding timer and feeding duration.

smart baby feeding monitor

This baby bottle and app duo tracks your baby’s feeding habits. Image: BlueSmart mia

Sweet Vibrations

The HALO SnoozyPod is a bedtime soother that fits onto the crib under the mattress and provides a glowing light, gentle vibrations and white noise controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled app. And for babies-on-the-go, the munchkin Lulla-Vibe vibrating pad can be placed in the stroller or car seat to lull little ones to sleep.

high-tech bed

The SnoozyPod is a device that you attach to your baby’s crib. Image: HALO

Smart Baby Swing

The 4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat is nothing like the bouncy seats we grew up with. This smart seat replicates the natural motions that real-life parents use to comfort their babies, as well as white noise options and soft breathable fabrics on the adjustable reclining seat. And settings can be controlled via the smartphone app.

The 4moms mamaRoo 4 replicates the natural motions babies crave. Image: 4moms

Intelligent Car Seat

The Sirona M with Sensorsafe 2.0 convertible car seat is for newborns to 65-pound children and utilizes a smart clip and sensor that is synced with the vehicle and smartphone to alert the caregiver when the driver accidentally leaves the child behind in the car, if a child unbuckles themselves, if the back seat is too warm or too cold or if a child has been seated for too long.

smart car seat

This car seat adapts with your child as they grow and can reduce side-impact forces by up to 25%. Image: Cybex

VersaMe Language Development Tracker

The pediatrician-recommended VersaMe Starling Early Education Wearable is a clip with a recording device that you attach to your baby’s onesie. The smartphone app then gives you metrics on verbal development, motion, noise and even sunlight exposure along with advice to keep you engaged in their growth and learning journey.

language tracker

This device, paired with its corresponding app, tracks your child’s verbal engagement and gives you prompts to help your child improve development. Image: VersaMe

Apps & Resources

Manage screen time, keep them away from dangerous online content, track their physical location and more with these fabulous parental control apps. OurPact is a dynamic parental control app that allows you to schedule screen time, blocking or granting access to the internet and apps remotely, as well as tracking family members’ locations, text message monitoring and setting geofences around certain locations like schools and friends’ houses. Other similar parental monitoring apps to check out are Norton Family Premier, Net Nanny, Circle by Disney and Kaspersky Safe Kids.

smart parenting

This app helps you keep track of your child’s online activity, location and more! Image: OurPact

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Make Mom Friends

Being a stay-at-home mom can be isolating, and having a network of like-minded mom friends can lift your spirits and make you feel supported and connected. Enter: Tinder-like apps for moms! These apps allow you to find moms near you with similar interests and arrange playdates or just vent about the highs and lows of parenthood. Check out MamaLeave, Peanut, MomCo and Hello Mamas. And if you’re in need of a sitter to allow you some “me time,” check out Wyndy, which connects you to reliable, college-enrolled background-checked babysitters in seconds.

Toy-Share Subscriptions

As kids grow and develop, they crave new experiences and can quickly tire of or outgrow their own toys. Toy-share subscriptions allow you to pay a monthly fee and choose new toys (all thoroughly sanitized) you’d like to receive that month, or you can let the toy experts curate a collection that matches your kids’ ages and developmental stages. And if your kiddo loves the toy, there is usually an option to buy. This not only keeps kids excited and engaged, but it also cuts down on the clutter in your house! Check out KiwiCo, Green Piñata Toys, ToyLibrary, Amazon STEM Toy Club and Spangler Science Club.

Kids’ Box Subscriptions

Different from the toy share concept, these boxed-up goodies are for your kiddos to keep. For the little readers, try BookCase Club or GiftLit. Encourage girl power with Little Feminist Book Club and Girls Can! Or expand their horizons with Little Passports, We Craft Box, Sensory TheraPlay Box or Think Outside Boxes. The box subscription options are endless — check out Cratejoy for more.

subscription kit

Subscription services like Little Passports send your child a new kit every month with activities, toys, and more to spur on their imagination and curiosity. Image: Little Passports

Engage & Play

The Playfully app sends quick, fun activities from developmental experts so that you can spend meaningful time interacting with your infant and helping them along their developmental journey. Designed for busy parents of children up to age 3, the app also offers upcoming milestones to look for, parenting tips and a way to log important milestones like first words or funny dance moves.

development app

Engage with your child and help them with their development with this app that sends you activities to do throughout the day. Image: Playfully

Learning & Expand Horizons

There are great learning games like ABC Mouse and Ruckus Learning and fabulously creative games like Minecraft, but we found the ultimate resource for finding games, books, movies and even virtual access to world-class museums and more, tailored to your kid’s age and learning stage: Common Sense Media. This dynamic website reviews and rates movies and shows, books, apps and games — all organized by age-appropriateness. Plus, they have articles with great advice and resources on hot topics like social media and screen time.


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