The secret to the ultimate PB&J is the quality of the peanut butter and the jelly. As my son said after scarfing down a new favorite version of this classic sandwich, “That is still dancing in my tummy, it’s so good.” (Pretty cute, huh?)

The ultimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Nut butter:

While having lunch a couple weeks ago, my friends were raving about Justin’s Almond Butter. I had never had it, but one friend confessed to eating an entire jar over the course of a day. That’s impressive. I had to try it, and they were right – it’s amazing! (Look for it to show up again in our June Finds which posts this coming Tuesday.) The variety I’ve been buying, which I also used for this sandwich, is the Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. Yum. (note that I did NOT actually use peanut butter)


At some point in the past year, our pantry accumulated some samples of jellies. Little tiny airplane-sized samples. Not sure where they came from, but when I needed to make a PB&J, I opened up the jar of Honey Ridge Farms Raspberry Honey Creme. The ingredients are simple: Grade A honey, raspberries, raspberry juice concentrate and citric acid. It’s divine, and at our house, we now call this “heaven in a jar.” Bad news? You have to order this online. Good news, is it’s worth it. So, the fight over whether peanut butter is best paired with jelly or honey has been put to rest with this ultimate in mergers.

Combine these two not-so-basic items together and you might just start considering a PB&J dinner party. Wrap them up in a tortilla, add a side salad and finish up with s’mores — made with Olive and Sinclair chocolate, and Bang Candy Company marshmallows, of course — and I see a “Grown Up Kid’s Food” theme emerging that is sure to please.

I know it takes planning, as you need to order the honey creme. But, start with Justin’s Almond Butter, and by the time your honey creme has arrived, you will be filled with anticipation that will not disappoint! When all the ingredients are in hand, generously apply your Justin’s favorite to bread, top with the Raspberry Honey Creme, and taste. My friends, you have just encountered blissdom. Gluten Free friends: I spread mine on a brown rice tortilla and it’s so dang good.

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day week!


To purchase:

Honey Ridge Farms, out of Oregon, has a variety of Honey Creme products available online: click here. Talk about the perfect hostess gift for summer’s many gatherings!

Justin’s is available at Turnip Truck, Whole Foods and Harris Teeter (none of which are on the website, which is why we listed them here!) For more locations available, click here.