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The SB staff has a collective 19 children, and each of us has been a child. We used our experience as both to curate our best parenting advice for one of our own. At a baby shower we threw for SB’s Business Coordinator Lauren Cummings back in February, we each shared our top piece of advice for her early days as a new mom. This is a pretty timeless and universal collection of pointers, so we thought we’d share. And while Lauren’s sweet son has arrived (SB’s first baby!), perhaps expecting moms will find a nugget of wisdom in here, or maybe you can share this with the new or expecting mom you love!

Timeless Parenting Tips From StyleBlueprint Moms

“It’s okay to do mommyhood your way and not the way your mom, friend, cousin, neighbor did/does. Follow your gut. You’ve got this! And don’t worry about shaving your legs for at least three months!”
— Liza Graves, SB Founder and CEO

“Listen to your instincts and intuition. You can read all the books and articles in the world, but your ‘mother’s instinct’ is superior!”
— Cindy Acuff, Regional Account Executive

“My best piece of advice (since I know zero about babies :) ) is to enjoy every second. The dishes can wait. The house can wait. Babies don’t keep!”
— Taylor Justice, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

Taylor and her mom — SB parenting tips

Taylor and her mom

“First and foremost, give yourself grace! You will make mistakes, and when you do, you will be the hardest person on yourself. When you do, stop, take a deep breath, and look down at that beautiful baby boy’s face and you will see he still loves you just as much as before. Second, take time for you and Joe, commit to one date a month (at a minimum). This is so hard for new mommas, but OH do you need it! And so does he. Remember, if you put you and Joe first and y’all are healthy and happy, then sweet baby Grayton will flourish in every way possible!”
— Amanda Stanfill, Regional Account Executive

“This is from my mom — Make exercise a priority. Invest in a good camera. Buy a body-length pillow. Game changer for sleeping on your side. And I ALWAYS recommend buying a seat for the baby/child on the plane on trips. It’s totally worth it even if it is free until they are 2. Makes for a much, much better trip. For everyone. Always!!!”
— Peyton Haecker, SB Data Analyst

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Peyton and her mom

Peyton and her mom

“Give your child at least one hug every single day. It’s really easy to do when they’re young, but it gets harder when they hit the tween/teen years. However, if it’s a habit they’re used to, they will always, always feel your love — every day!”
— Melissa Thompson, Regional Account Executive

“Embrace the positive side of peer pressure and let the daycare do the potty training. Shame goes a long way.”
— Megan Casey, SB Director of Marketing

“Carve out some time for yourself, even if it’s 10-15 minutes a day!”
— Brendan English, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

“I remember when I was younger, my mom would say, ‘You have to have a sense of humor to raise little ones!’ So being able to laugh at the 1,000th poopy diaper of the day will get you through.”
— Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

“Laugh your way through! Motherhood is a wonderful, terrifying, inspiring adventure that teaches you more about yourself than anything else. If you can keep a sense of humor through all of it, the adventure gets even better! And it’s okay if the nursery isn’t ready when he gets here … he won’t remember that! ‘Love before perfection!'”
— Jenna Bratcher, SB Nashville Lead Writer/Associate Editor

Jenna and her daughter Gray — SB parenting tips

Jenna and her daughter Gray | Image: Mimosa Arts Photography

“Here is a piece of advice from my mom — the best woman on earth — ‘Don’t listen to anyone else. Follow your own heart — it will tell you how to mother, love your little one and be a family. Oh and in the end, all that matters is that your child is kind.'”
— Bailey Torkelson, Editorial and Marketing Assistant Manager

Bailey with her mom and brother

Bailey Torkelson is pictured here with her mom and brother.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Love covers a multitude of sins.”
— Lacy Green, SB Traffic Manager

“#10: When your vehicle is parked on a slope, load Grayton from the high side. #9: Avoid touching cold items to a baby butt. #8: Introduce the concept of a bottle before he is too used to the finer things in life. #7: Don’t linger at bedtime. #6: If he can’t sleep, drink a glass of wine and nurse. #5: Buy a ricer so you have the option to make some of your own baby food. That’s what our grandmothers did. Or maybe just mine. #4: Don’t put him on the bouncy chair on the kitchen counter. #3: Ask for help — especially when you haven’t showered in three days. #2: Trust your instincts. You will know what he needs. #1: If you have any more questions, ask Ashley Haugen!”
— Ginny Staggs, SB Director of Sales

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Ginny and baby Sam — SB parenting tips

Ginny and baby Sam

“My best advice is to listen to all the advice you get, but listen even more closely to your heart!”
—Ashley Haugen, SB Director of Editorial 


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