Top 10 Hostess Gifts: Nashville

Summer is quickly approaching, which means you need to be prepared with some hostess gifts–entertaining season is upon us! Many times a bottle of wine or loaf of homemade bread is perfect. But sometimes, like when you’ve enjoyed a stay at a fabulous lake house, you want something more substantial. Here are some gift ideas to meet your needs, no matter the occasion. (We’ve included both online and local shopping options today.)


Mississippi Pottery

Peter’s Pottery has a legion of loyal fans. A large platter from this cherished collection will be welcomed by all! $79.


13″ in diameter, the thumb print rim mimics a good ol’ Southern pie! Order through

Variety of cheeses from Blackberry Farm

Executive Chef Joseph Lenn, was named James Beard Best Chef Southeast. Of course, we already knew that the food here is sublime and each time we visit we can’t wait for a return visit. Give a taste of the Blackberry Farm experience by ordering a variety of cheeses from their online store. And, present this gift at the beginning of your stay so that you can indulge as well! Cheeses start at $12.


Order at Blackberry Farm’s online store.

Macarons from New Orleans

Known for music, fun and food, a little bit of sugar from New Orlean’s famous Sucre bakery is a perfect gift for a sweet tooth. And, they are oh-so-pretty! $30.


Are you salivating? $30. Order online.

Stationery by Arboreal Paper

Some stationery stands head and shoulders above the rest. Arboreal is in that class of papers. Made in Nashville, it’s thick, luxurious and available in a variety of prints. Sold at boutiques throughout the country and online. $15.


Shop these notecards online or at boutiques, locations here.

Spirit Song Candle

This is two gifts in one, made in Oxford, MS. This candle burns for 80 hours with a red current scent. When the candle is used up, it becomes a great container for the powder room, desk or anywhere some organizational help is needed! $39.


Two gifts in one! We found this candle sold online at Bella Vita, near Memphis, TN. Or, click here for boutique locations.


Garden Fresh Flowers in a Mason Jar:

Mason jars are just good ol’ fun, and who doesn’t embrace the sentiment of fresh flowers from the backyard? Don’t have a cutting garden? Go to your preferred local farmer’s market — always an excellent resource for fresh summer flowers!


With herbs, late season Lenten roses and seasonal flowers, this bouquet was gathered from a backyard not traditionally thought to be a good “cutting garden.” Use your imagination and a beautiful bouquet is within reach!

Boxed Lafco Soaps in Various Scents

Really, who buys nice soaps for themselves? But, we always indulge in the luxurious experience when given these rich, beautifully scented soaps as gifts. Always welcome for any occasion, consider these and pick them up at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics for $17 each.



A HUGE Candle

This candle, available in two sizes, is in a word: HUGE. The larger size, at 15 inches across, has 17 wicks; the smaller one, pictured below, has 12 wicks and is 12 inches across. When the wax has all melted, left behind is an earthenware bowl that has many uses (we’re thinking add ice and wine bottles for starters!). Available at Two Old Hippies as part of their new home collection offerings. Large is $199 and the smaller size is $125.



Turkish T Hand Towel

We regularly stock up on hand towels. Great as an individual gift, with one priced at $19, or package several together. Available in a variety of colors. AshBlue, where we purchase ours, can have them monogrammed for a personalized gift. And, as an added treat, use one to wrap up a few chocolate bars from Olive & Sinclair, also available at AshBlue!



Melamine Dishes

A bowl, a set of dessert dishes … really, who doesn’t adore melamine? They will last decades if you treat them right, which means it’s a great gift that will keep on giving. In these patterns by Le Cadeaux, friends may mistake them for Italian pottery at first glance! Perfect for summer entertaining needs … which means you may get another invite back! Available at The Beveled Edge for $3.95-$49.95.



┬áHere’s to a great summer with lots of gatherings!