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While skinny jeans have become a staple in most of my Style Coaching clients’ wardrobes, many are ready to try something fresh and new when it comes to jeans. If you are feeling the same way, then I invite you to try the cropped flare jean. The style is typically tailored (like a skinny jean) through the hips and thigh and then flares out at the knee. The hemline hits at the ankle or right above, making it quite versatile when it comes to shoes.

Trying any new jean silhouette can feel daunting, not knowing how to style them properly. What shoes? What tops? Is it even flattering on my body type? My clients have these questions all the time.

Here, I’ll break this fresh jean style down by body type, so you know how to wear them in a way that’s most flattering for you!

SB Note: Take these tips below to your trusted local boutique and they will happily fit you to amazing cropped jeans that fit your body type! Remember, it’s more important than ever to SHOP LOCAL!

Cropped Flares: The Best Fit for Your Body Type + How to Style Them


Your body type is one that is naturally balanced, so the goal is to maintain that balance without adding extra bulk to any area of your body. With a more defined waist, and shoulders + hips that are about the same measurement, you need to balance out the flare of this jean style to avoid appearing bottom heavy.

The way to balance out a crop flare jean is with a tailored yet fun top. Remember: We don’t want anything boxy, as that hides our more defined waist, so nice tailoring or drape is key. But don’t be afraid to add a little personality up top to provide balance and style — perhaps a fun sleeve, a silk square scarf, or a statement necklace or earring.

To complete the look, keep your shoe sleek, fully tuck or half tuck your shirt, and select a pair of jeans that hit close to the ankle to elongate the leg. To learn to properly tuck or half-tuck your shirt, watch this video.

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Cropped flares from Veronica Beard

Blake Classic Straight-Leg Jean | Image: Veronica Beard

Inverted Triangle

Many of my clients with broader shoulders were ecstatic when non-skinny jeans came back into fashion and became more readily available. If your shoulders are broader than your hips, then you want a jean that will balance out your shoulders, and that’s where the crop flare comes in.

To look your best, pair your jeans with a more tailored shirt that will not add bulk to your shoulders. Avoid puffy statement sleeves, and instead, look to v-necklines. This is true for all body types, but it’s important to focus on tops that are hip-length or even shorter. If you wear a longer or more flowy top with this jean style, it will be off-balance and overpowering on your beautiful frame.

The Insider Ankle Fray from Revolve

The Insider Ankle Fray | Image: Revolve


If you are curvier on the bottom, then you can have more fun with your tops to add interest to your shoulders (thus balancing your curvier hips). The crop flare also balances out your hips and looks great in a darker wash. We want to avoid lots of whiskering or lighter colors on our bottom half, as that will throw off the balance we are trying to achieve.

Opt for a statement sleeve that suits your personal style, or even a classic boatneck if you prefer a more minimal look. Stick to tops that hit above your hips for a more flattering look, and try half-tucking or tucking in your top if you feel comfortable doing so.

Similar to the hourglass, it’s important to elongate the legs with a sleeker shoe and a jean length that hits around your ankle versus a more cropped length.

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Your silhouette is more straight (hips, waist, and shoulders are around the same measurement), so your goal may be to create the illusion of a more defined waist. You can achieve this look by rocking your crop flare with a top that has a boat neck or a more fun sleeve. By drawing the eye out on the bottom with the flare and on the top with your shirt, it creates the illusion of a more defined waist and some curves.

Don’t be afraid to opt for a distressed or lighter wash crop flare, again as long as you balance it out with a fun top. And similar to the other body types, a wide variety of shoes look great with your crop flare. Try out a pointed-toe mule, a sleek sneaker, a slide sandal, or — in the fall — a block-heel bootie that comes up to meet the jean’s hemline.

I know many of my Style Coaching clients don’t want to jump on the trend bandwagon if the item isn’t going to last, but crop flares are here to stay for the foreseeable future! So, it’s time to snag a pair and wear them with confidence, knowing how to best flatter your body type.

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