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Here at StyleBlueprint, we’re passionate about travel. From scenic family road trips to last-minute vacation ideas, we’re brimming with ways to turn every trip into a memorable adventure. When our readers are looking for tips on where to stay, what to eat or what to see on their next vacation, our city guides have got them covered.

We know how we love to travel – hint: it involves lots and lots of food. But, we wanted to get to know a bit more about our readers’ vacation habits. So, we recently conducted a survey, asking everything from how they book their trips to what activities they’re looking for on their getaways.

We received responses from 2,400 SB readers. Of the respondents, 96% were female and 70% were between the ages of 35 and 64. Annual household income for the majority of our survey participants fell between $75,000 and $200,000 a year. Thirty percent of our respondents reported an annual household income of over $200,000.

We think these results are an excellent indicator of what successful, socially engaged middle-aged women want from their vacations. We break down their travel habits, priorities and desires below.

Survey Highlights

Just like SB employees, SB readers really like traveling and make time to do it often. 99% percent of survey respondents said they take a vacation every year, and 76% of respondents go on vacation more than three times a year. Most of these women enjoy traveling with family members, either bringing along the entire family or choosing to vacation with just a partner or spouse.

Travel Interests

Earlier this fall, we shared our favorite travel destinations, ranging from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe to Interlaken. Some SB employees frequent relaxing beaches and tropical escapes, while others prefer outdoorsy and action-packed getaways. We love international vacations as well as more manageable weekend road trips.

As it turns out, our readers had some very similar travel interests. The top five favorite types of travel among SB readers include beach vacations, local weekend getaways, spa and wellness trips, international travel and couples’ getaways. Europe was the top international travel destination, followed by the Caribbean and Mexico.

Vacationing domestically was also very popular among this group. Nearly 65% indicated that they are looking to take a vacation within the U.S. sometime in the near future (3–6 months). Some favorite domestic travel activities included wine tasting, active adventure, “glamping,” yoga retreats and theme parks.


When traveling, where these women stay can make or break their experience. Whether they choose a luxury hotel, bed and breakfast, AirBnB or have a timeshare, accommodations are a key part of their travel equation.

Our survey showed that SB readers value reliable, high-quality accommodations. More than 80% of respondents said that it was a priority to them to stay at a full-service property when on vacation. We understand; room service and a full-time concierge are pretty tough perks to pass up. Most SB readers prefer to stay in a four or five-star hotel when traveling, and only 17% own a vacation home or timeshare. Clearly, our readers find trying out new destinations as enjoyable as we do!


For SB readers, annual vacation budgets can range anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000. But, when asked about the most they’ve spent on leisure travel, many respondents reported spending above $10,000. 13% of readers said they had spent more than $20,000 on vacations in a year.

What do successful, middle-aged women really want from their vacations? Our readers love to travel, so taking multiple trips a year, either domestically or internationally, is a top priority. SB women love to be pampered on their vacations, opting for beach vacations and spa weekends, and choosing full-service properties for their accommodations. But, if time or money is on the tighter side, these women are always up for a weekend road trip somewhere nearby. The bottom line? SB readers are passionate about travel, and we are too. Check out for more travel guides, tips, reviews and deals.

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