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After the incredible feedback Uber received from their #UBERkittens marketing campaign back in October — when customers could pay $30 and have Uber cars deliver adoptable kittens on demand to play with for 15 minutes — today’s “ride with a baby sloth” takes the idea to a whole new level. We have to give it to them, Uber knows how to tap into a trend. The hashtag they are asking you to use is #UBERsloths.

Uber wants to make sure that their company is top of mind as customers consider driving vs. walking vs. using various car services in the rainiest month of the year, April. To ensure that their brand has the cultural buzz du jour, and all the Instagram tagging and Facebook trending that is almost guaranteed, Uber is turning to sloths. Baby sloths.

#UBERsloths: Uber with Baby Sloths TODAY only!

After weeks in the top slot at the box office, Zootopia’s incredible reviews have launched a tidal wave of interest in sloths. And what is better than a big, slow sloth? A baby sloth, of course.

Who doesn’t want this?! Baby sloths are known to just cling to you and fall asleep.

Who doesn’t want this?! Baby sloths are known to just cling to you and fall asleep. Image:

Apparently the better known two-toed sloth can be quite aggressive, even as a baby. Underwriters for Uber balked at the insurance necessary to cover these two-toed creatures. Instead, they turned to the three-toed sloth to spearhead their one day marketing blitz on this first day of April.

Three-toed sloths don’t do as well in captivity as adults, but as babies, they are docile and love to snuggle, giving Uber patrons the ability to Instagram a sloth in their lap or to pick one up for an #UBERslothselfie. Three-toed sloths have proven to adapt well when introduced to their natural habitat, the rainforest, as long as it’s done before 11 months of age. These #UBERsloths will all be between 5 and 6 months of age.

Uber spokeswomen Poisson D’Avril said, in a thick French accent, “We can assure all Uber customers that their sloth companions will be cuddly and are not aggressive. No worries. Just cuddles and a free bottle of water.”

Fares will be at quadruple rate all day long for the 30 (yes THIRTY) Uber Black vehicles carrying these little three-toed babies. When you request an Uber Black today, if one is available with a baby sloth, a pop up will appear asking you if you would like #UBERsloths. Press yes, and you are on your way to being the envy of all your friends. Although baby sloths only poop every two to three days, they will be wearing environmentally safe cloth diapers out of an abundance of caution. No one wants a sloth to poop on them (imagine, it’s two to three days worth at once …). Diapers can not be guaranteed to be leak proof, and you are not allowed to leave the car for any reason carrying any of the #UBERsloths.

ubersloths for instagram

Uber plans to give 100% of all fares during “Ride With a Baby Sloth” day to the Save the Rainforest Foundation. This includes all rides, not just the ones with the baby sloths. That’s right: all fares across America will be donated on this day, April 1, 2016, as Uber raises awareness for the plight of the South American rainforests through their #UBERsloths day. Uber CEO Lirpa Sloof (ironically “Sloof” is pronounced “sloth”) will be making the expected cable news show rounds today talking about this company initiative. And yes, we expect him to have a baby sloth with him!

Demand for #UBERsloths is expected to be off the charts. Baby sloths will be available from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. sharp, when all sloths must be returned to The Rainforest Foundation caretakers.

To order your ride with a baby sloth, download the Uber app, or call 1-800-APRIL-FOOLS.


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