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It’s spring, which means — for better or for worse — summer is just around the corner. Sure, we’re excited for warm temps and neighborhood BBQs, but if we’re honest, we’re also still trying to shed a few layers of winter … umm … comfort.

While we’re all about body positivity and loving ourselves — and each other — exactly as we are, we also acknowledge that sometimes we could all use a little detox. So in the spirit of wardrobe refreshes, garden weddings and decor redos, here are six Southern wellness retreats that provide the perfect spring cleaning your body needs. (Bonus points if you drop a few pounds along the way!)

Dahlonega Spa Resort (Dahlonega, GA)

If your spring break wasn’t long enough, a getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains is definitely in order. And while you can’t ever go wrong with a standard spa retreat (like, ever), we love that the Dahlonega Spa Resort, located just an hour northeast of Atlanta, provides an extensive menu of hatha-style yoga classes and private walking trails for folks who want to get their sweat on outside of the sauna. Add in the healing spa treatments and the fact that the mountain locale provides hiking, mountain biking and whitewater rafting at a moment’s notice, and Dahlonega is the perfect choice for a spring reset.

Welcome to Dahlonega Spa Resort! Image: Dahlonega Spa Resort

There are plenty of yoga classes to enjoy during your stay at Dahlonega Spa Resort.

There are plenty of yoga classes to enjoy during your stay at Dahlonega Spa Resort. Image: Dahlonega Spa Resort

Hilton Head Health (Hilton Head Island, SC)

There’s a reason Hilton Head Health is consistently considered one of the leading health and weight loss resorts in the country. Located on beautiful Hilton Head Island, the resort integrates the natural coastal surroundings — and activities like kayaking and beach yoga — with on-site cardio classes, circuit training sessions and more.

As we all know, getting active is just part of the battle when aiming for a total-body reboot. With this in mind, the H3 staff offers regular lectures on healthy lifestyle topics like “Portion Control in Restaurants” and stress management to ensure that the results achieved on the island are made to last. Truthfully, though, we’d visit the resort just to eat at the on-site restaurant, True. Lobster tacos as part of a healthy eating plan? Sign us up!

The menu at Hilton Head Health makes healthy eating a habit we can get down with.

The menu at Hilton Head Health makes healthy eating a habit we can get down with. Image: Hilton Head Health

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort (Miami, FL)

In Miami, the weather is hot and so are the bodies. And now, thanks to the Carillon Cleanse program offered by the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, you can be one step closer to shimmying on the beach in your own tiny two-piece.

Nevermind that Carillon is a gorgeous beachfront property that offers 250 fitness classes per week, the functional medical team headed by Dr. Adonis Maiquez will safely guide you to your nutrition and detox goals. The Carillon Cleanse (available in a 3- or 6-day program) combines healthy, flavorful food with healing herbs to jump-start your health and reboot your metabolism, while the “Your Ideal Weight” plan leverages the latest clinical advancements to help balance hormones and chemistry, assess for inflammation and evaluate the behavior that dictates your ability to shed those last 15 pounds. Oh, and that Carillon beachfront? Totally private, which is perfect for prepping for your big reveal!

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is so chic. Image: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Pilates is just one of the fitness options at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Image: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Skyterra Wellness Retreat and Weight Loss Spa (Lake Toxaway, North Carolina)

If the idea of a weight-loss retreat conjures images of old-school fat farms, complete with marathon aerobic classes and never-ending bowls of cottage cheese, think again. The team at Skyterra, a five-star, all-inclusive wellness center near Asheville, North Carolina, has developed a program that combines the best of a relaxing mountain getaway with a program that yields real results. Before partaking in the spa-worthy, locally sourced meals (with plenty of options for special diets of all kinds) or engaging in one of the 40 weekly exercise classes, Skyterra guests meet with an assigned specialist to develop a unique program designed to reduce stress, shed pounds, build strength or achieve any other fitness goals. Stays can last from one week up to 9+ weeks, and staffers note that long-term visitors typically lose an average of 2.2 pounds of fat per week.

Skyterra is located near Asheville, NC. Image: Skyterra Wellness Retreat and Weight Loss Spa

Fitness is fun at Skyterra. Image: Skyterra Wellness Retreat and Weight Loss Spa

JW Marriott x Nora Tobin Retreats (Austin, TX)

You might have seen Nora Tobin’s rock-hard abs dancing across your Instagram feed or plastered on the pages of Shape Magazine, and if you’ve prayed for the chance to get her secrets to a bombshell body in person, now’s your chance. Nora was recently named Wellness Ambassador for JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, and for the rest of the year, she’s hosting a series of wellness retreats to help participants live their best — and healthiest — lives.

Nora will be holding court at the JW Marriott Austin May 31 through June 3. Come for the luxury accommodations, culinary delights and local excursions around the city that loves to be weird. Stay for the personalized wellness consultations with Nora herself, the daily workouts and the access to her nutrition plan that offers head-turning results — without even giving up cocktails.

Cleansing has never been more relaxing!


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