As holiday cheer begins to swell, so do our shopping lists. But gift-giving doesn’t have to be stressful or completely drain your bank account. We’ve put together a list of 50 distinctive gifts — all $50 and under — from some of our favorite shops and makers around the South. This is your go-to guide for holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers for just about everyone on your list. The best part? Everything is shoppable online!


Angel ornament artwork

These ready-to-hang ornaments are a welcomed gift and perfect for the maximalist, Christmas-obsessed person on your list. Tennessee artist Lauren Dunn’s collectible angel ornaments are made of quarter-inch-thick acrylic and are seven inches tall. The ornaments are $34 each at Lauren Dunn.

Four colorful angel ornaments
Angel ornament, $34, at Lauren Dunn | Image: Lauren Dunn

Night Before Christmas in the South book

Throughout this charming illustrated book, Mr. and Mrs. Claus travel through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, experiencing Southern grandeur at its best. This book makes the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. Get it for $9.99 at etúHome.

Night Before Christmas in the South book
Book, $9.99, at etúHome | Image: etúHome

Candy cane napkins

Red Land Cotton’s candy cane napkins bring a dose of holiday cheer, but they’re truly timeless and great for year-round use! We love that they’re made from 100% cotton that’s sourced from the Alabama family farm. Shop a pack of six for $30 at Red Land Cotton.

Holiday table with red and white striped placemats
Candy cane napkin set, $30, at Red Land Cotton | Image: Red Land Cotton

Santa guest towels

Delight in childhood memories with these colorfully illustrated Old St. Nick paper guest towels. Wrap a festive bow around a stack of these for a fabulous hostess gift this holiday season. A pack of 16 is $12 at Ivy Cottage.

Santa paper guest towels
Santa guest towels, $12, at Ivy Cottage | Image: Ivy Cottage

Set of nutcracker vases

These four-inch-tall ceramic bud vases feature three brightly illustrated nutcrackers by Kentucky artist Maizie Clarke. Shop the set of three vases for $36 at Maizie Clarke, and add some fresh flowers to create the perfect gift.

Three nutcracker vases with white tulips in side
Set of three vases, $36, at Maizie Clarke | Image: Maizie Clarke

Santa taper candles

These funky Santa candles bring holiday cheer to any tablescape, entry table, or fireplace mantle. The set of 10-inch unscented tapers comes in a ready-to-wrap box for $14.99 at The Golden Slipper.

Santa taper candles in a brown box
Santa taper candles, $14.99, at The Golden Slipper | Image: The Golden Slipper


Petite lampshade 

Rechargeable LED table lamps are everywhere these days — from your favorite restaurant to your best friend’s home. This clever braided rattan shade cover slips right over most LED table lamps’ metal shades, adding instant chic to any table setting. Shop this cute shade for $39 at Amanda Lindroth. (There’s also a scalloped white fabric option for $19).

Rattan lamp shade with other cute table trinkets in pastel and wood colors
Petite lampshade, $39, at Amanda Lindroth | Image: Amanda Lindroth

Custom matchbook artwork

Hand-painted matchbooks are all the rage, but this custom option fits our under-$50 list! Send this Texas artist your recipient’s favorite destinations, restaurants, bars, and teams, and she will completely personalize a piece of art with all of their favorite things. Start your custom matchbook art order for $50 at PerfectlyPrintedMJ.

Custom matchbook drawing artwork
Custom matchbook artwork, $50, at PerfectlyPrintedMJ | Image: PerfectlyPrintedMJ


The meme that says, “The task I’ve been putting off for months just took me five minutes,” is painfully true sometimes. This elegant ombre hourglass (well, half-hour-glass) is a unique gift that looks beautiful on a desk or kitchen counter and helps keep us on task. This chartreuse shade is available for $32 at All Good Things.

Yellow hourglass timer
30-minute hourglass timer, $32, at All Good Things | Image: All Good Things


Make a whole room smell like a winter wonderland with this Linnea Forest Fir diffuser. They use the highest quality fragrances and essential oils to perfectly fill your environment with notes of spruce, fir needles, and balsam. This comes with 10 rattan reeds for $48 at Moxie Mercantile.

Diffuser with wood reeds
Forest fir diffuser, $48, at Moxie Mercantile | Image: Moxie Mercantile

Trinket tray

These mini porcelain trays with inspirational phrases will bring loved ones cheer all year long. With bright and colorful designs and a finished gold outline, they make a great decorative accent or jewelry catch-all. Pair this with a set of simple studs for a truly thoughtful gift. (We’ll suggest a few options below!) Each tray is $14 at Syers Browning.

A bunch of colorful trinket trays with different sayings on them
Trinket tray, $14, at Syers Browning | Image: Syers Browning

Mushroom vase

One or more of these whimsical mushroom vases will make a thoughtful gift with a handful of fresh flowers from the garden or store. Shop these in a few different shapes and five colors from Firefly Home for $18.

Colorful mushroom vases
Mushroom vase, $18, at Firefly Home | Image: Firefly Home


Oil and vinegar cylinder

When function meets style in the kitchen, we’re sold. This handblown stacked oil and vinegar cruet cylinder is too delightful not to leave out on the counter. It comes with cork stoppers and could be paired with a local olive oil and vinegar duo. This piece is $43 at Holistic Habitat.

Olive oil and vinegar glass jar on kitchen counter
Oil and vinegar cylinder, $43, at Holistic Habitat | Image: Holistic Habitat

Mortar and pestle

When we think of mortar and pestle sets, we typically think of “nice-to-haves,” but this affordable marble and acacia wood beauty will wow any chef on your list. The display-worthy set comes in handy more than one might think for cooking and baking. Get the pair for $48 at Favor The Kind.

Mortar and pestle
Mortar and pestle, $48, at Favor The Kind | Image: Favor The Kind

Fermentation kit

Everything can be pickled these days, and we’re not mad about it! This nine-piece PIY (pickle it yourself) set lets you ferment four jars at a time of your favorite veggies for classic pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, and more. The set has one acacia wood pickle packer, four glass pickle pebbles, four silicone pickle pipes, and a recipe book to help you start your new hobby. The set is $44.99 at The Whispering Willow Farm.

Fermentation kit
Fermentation kit, $44.99, at The Whispering Willow Farm | Image: The Whispering Willow Farm


Southern pecans

You may have seen Zorro Pecans in your favorite gourmet shop, but you can buy these golden delicious treats straight from the source. From field to table, they say. Whether you get two bags for your holiday bowls at home or 18 bags to share with family and friends, they ship for free! Two bags are $29.98 at Zorro Pecans.

Bag and bowl of Zorro pecans on a tray on the grass
Two bags of pecans, $29.98, at Zorro Pecans | Image: Zorro Pecans

Custom gift box of nut butters

This North Carolina nut butter maker makes gifting easy with six possible combinations of their best-selling nut butters. Choose from clever flavors like maple cinnamon and pistachio crunch or chocolate sea salt! Each cutely packed gift box includes two 13-ounce jars for $29.95 at Big Spoon Roasters.

Two jars of nut butters
Two jars of nut butter, $29.95, at Big Spoon Roasters | Image: Big Spoon Roasters

Sourdough cracker sampler

This box is for all those gourmet cracker lovers out there. You’ll get all six beloved Georgia Sourdough cracker flavors and their Everything Seasoning — it’s toasted with bolder flavor than the store-bought options. Separate the items to use as separate gifts, or give the whole set away! Get the sampler for $31 at Georgia Sourdough Co.

Lots of bags of sourdough crackers
Gift set of sourdough crackers and seasonings, $31, at Georgia Sourdough Co. | Image: Georgia Sourdough Co.

Mulling spices

This award-winning artisan spice blend has an aromatic combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and lemon. Use it for spiced cider, mulled wine, or summer sangria — or sprinkle it into ground coffee! One packet is $5 at Raven’s Nest.

Mulling spices
Mulling spices, $5, at Raven’s Nest | Image: Raven’s Nest


Famous El Arroyo sign playing cards

Game night just got a lot funnier with these El Arroyo playing cards. You’ve likely seen the hilarious, ever-changing sign outside this famous Texas taco establishment. This deck features two sets of cards with 36 different marquee signs, some funky rustic illustrations, and a handy rigid box for storage. Shop this set for $20 at El Arroyo.

Playing cards with funny sayings
Double deck of playing cards, $20, at El Arroyo | Image: El Arroyo

Personalized outline notepad

These fun and functional personalized notepads are a clever gift for any occasion. Make the notepad unique to your giftee with a customized name, colorway, and two right-side categories that prioritize their unique job or project. Each pad is $32 at Joy Creative Shop.

Custom notepads
The Outline Notepad, $32, at Joy Creative Shop | Image: Joy Creative Shop

Desktop calendar

Dogwood Hill devotees wait with bated breath each year until the new desktop calendar launches. Each month features original artwork from 12 different Dogwood Hill artists. The five-by-seven calendar is packaged in a cute keepsake or envelope (or a box, if you throw in the custom easel) featuring art by Shanna Masters. The calendar is $34 at Dogwood Hill.

Desktop calendar drawings on green background
2024 desktop calendar, $34, at Dogwood Hill | Image: Dogwood Hill

Designer mechanical pencils

It’s time to bring back a little childhood school-days nostalgia into the now! These stylish mechanical pencils feature painted graphics, metallic gold hardware, a capped eraser, and a custom gift box. And they’re refillable with any standard .7mm lead! Stock up for stocking stuffers for $12 a pack at Idlewild Co.

Box of colorful mechanical pencils
Mechanical pencils, $12, at Idlewild Co. | Image: Idlewild Co.


Lip color serum

We’re always looking for an all-in-one lip product that goes beyond just hydration and color. The glossy plant-based serum gently plumps and is filled with good-for-you ingredients like organic pomegranate plant, beet extract, collagen, and antioxidants that improve your lips’ overall health. Shop this in multiple fabulous shades for $42 at Out of Hand.

Lip gloss
Lip serum, $42, at Out of Hand | Image: Out of Hand

Botanical wax sachet

These beautiful hand-poured botanical wax sachets from 1818 Farms freshen up small areas like half baths, closets, cabinets, and drawers. Each scented piece is beautifully decorated with air-dried flowers and floral confetti. No two are exactly alike, and they’re available in six scents for $14 each at 1818 Farms.

Wax sachets with botanical flowers
Wax sachet, $14 each, at 1818 Farms | Image: 1818 Farms

Laundry detergent

Glamorous Wash is a laundry splurge, but this gallon jug of Glamorous Wash High Maintenance lasts a while. The woody, floral blend combines patchouli and vanilla to create a sophisticated, slightly musky, but genuinely addictive scent. It can be used in machine or hand washes and is gentle on delicates. Grab a bottle of this for $49.50 at The Mercantile by Miller.

Laundry detergent gallon jugs
Glamorous Wash detergent, $49.50 at The Mercantile by Miller | Image: The Mercantile by Miller

Lip & eye rescue set

Get ready for holiday and New Year parties with this set of lip and eye gels from crowd-favorite brand Patchology. They moisturize, hydrate, soften, and refresh the face while protecting against environmental stressors. Grab these perfect stocking stuffers for $12 at Fairley Fancy.

eye and lip patches
Lip & Eye Rescue Set, $12, at Fairley Fancy | Image: Fairley Fancy

Dry brush

The daily ritual of dry brushing has been known to reduce the effects of physical and environmental stressors while providing some long-term wellness perks like increased circulation, lymphatic clearing, and skin exfoliation. Apply a nourishing body oil before brushing with long, smooth strokes up to the heart. This copper brush is $42 at Nourish by The NOW.

Dry brush
Dry brush, $42, at Nourish by The NOW | Nourish by The NOW


Tumbler fanny pack

For all the unabashed Stanley devotees out there, this fabric pouch with a velcro strap is perfect for walks, errands, gym, school, or travel. Find this in a few different colors for $21.95 at Emerson Rose.

Woman holding a stanley cup with a pouch on it
Tumbler fanny pack, $21.95, at Emerson Rose | Image: Emerson Rose


You’ll light up any outfit during any season with these gold starburst earrings — but they’ll be particularly ready for holiday events. Shop the pair for $22 at Two Brunettes.

Women wearing gold starburst earring
Earrings, $22, at Two Brunettes | Image: Two Brunettes

V-neck sweater tank

Throw this comfy, lightweight sweater vest over any basic layer for a trendy look, or wear it under a favorite blazer or denim jacket. This design comes in multiple colors for $32 at Fly Boutique.

Woman in a white knit sweater tank vest
V-neck sweater tank, $32, at Fly Boutique | Image: Fly Boutique

Giant velvet bow

Grace & Grandeur Bow Company’s luxe velvet hair bows are the perfect gift for women and little ones who like a little something extra. The long version has beautiful ribbon tails and is secured on a three-inch French barrette. Shop this in over a dozen great colors for $32 each at Grace & Grandeur Bow Company.

Back on woman's hair wearing a big velvet bow
French barrette hair bow, $32, at Grace & Grandeur Bow Company | Image: Grace & Grandeur Bow Company

Festive scrunchie

Another fabulous hair accessory that most women want but can never find is the elusive “dressed-up” scrunchie! This design is finished with striped ribbon trim and comes in navy, black, and ivory. Find them at Tulips for $18 each.

Three scrunchies on a wrist
Scrunchie, $18, at Tulips | Image:  Tulips

Heart necklace

Chunky heart pendants are oh-so-in, and this one won’t break the bank! This 16-inch piece comes in many metal combinations from Virtue Jewelry for $38. A portion of sales benefits New Orleans women in need.

Heart necklaces
Heart necklace, $38, at Virtue Jewelry | Image: Virtue Jewelry

Mule slippers

We’re always down for a dupe, and this “zen” style of platformed slippers is an excellent, less-expensive swap for the Uggs we’re seeing everywhere. This pair is $48 at Soirée Boutique.

Ugg slipper dupes
Mule slippers, $48, at Soirée Boutique | Image: Soirée Boutique


Jennifer Thames is a Mississippi designer known for head-turning designs at great prices. With its mismatched rhinestone ends, this cuff will impress even the most discerning jewelry lovers on your list. It’s $32 from Jennifer Thames.

Gold and diamond bracelet on wood block
Cuff, $32, at Jennifer Thames | Image: Jennifer Thames


This on-trend chunky knit Barbour beanie has a cherry-on-top pom to add a little fun to any cold-weather fit. Shop the hat in several shades at Oak Hall for $50.

Dusty rose colored knit beanie with pom pom
Beanie, $50, at Oak Hall | Image: Oak Hall


Collar stays

While most shirts come with collar stays, having backups is nice. These handsome ones made of unlacquered brass are a definite upgrade from plastic and will keep your collars crisp and in place. This matchbox-style box of 10 brass collar stays is $20 at Sid Mashburn.

Green box of collar stays
Collar stays, $20, at Sid Mashburn | Image: Sid Mashburn

Laptop sleeve

Help protect their tech with these sturdy sleeves made of organic cotton canvas and lined with cotton fiber for padding and softness. They also have a zippered outside pocket for cords, phones, or earbuds. It comes in two sizes — 13-inch (on sale for $30.60) and 15-inch (on sale for $34) — in several colors at Made Trade.

Black laptop sleeve
Laptop sleeve, $30.60-$34, at Made Trade | Image: Made Trade

LED lamp beanie

This beanie will keep your guy warm, hands-free, and ready for anything outside this winter. The built-in LED headlamp is rechargeable and can light the way for camping, hiking, grilling, dog walking, and garage piddling. Shop this pick for $19.95 at Serendipity.

LED black beanie
LED lamp beanie, $19.95, at Serendipity | Image: Serendipity

Funny trophy

Anyone with a desk will likely treasure this humorous trophy that infuses a little pep into their workday step. Shop this new line of trophies from bandana maven Jenni Earle for $32.

Rodeo trophy
Rodeo trophy, $32, at Jenni Earle | Image: Jenni Earle

Grill light set

Grilling at night or through smoky conditions is a breeze with this ingenious LED flashlight-stainless steel combination grill tool. The detachable light comes with a spatula and tongs. It’s stylish, heavy-duty, and ready for all sorts of grilling. Find this on major sale for $11.25 at PDK Southern Pantry.

Grill light set
Grill light set, $11.25, at PDK Southern Pantry | Image: PDK Southern Pantry

Wool socks

Nothing keeps the dawgs warm in winter like a fantastic pair of socks. This pair is expertly crafted from a soft and cozy wool blend and detailed with a seasonal snowy pattern at the ankle. Shop this pair for $34 at Stag Provisions.

Wool socks
Wool socks, $34, at Stag Provisions | Image: Stag Provisions

Bourbon whiskey

Add this beloved bourbon to the whiskey lover on your list’s collection. Blade and Bow’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey uses a unique aging process to preserve the legacy of the Stitzel-Weller distillery’s oldest whiskey stocks. Shop their signature Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey for $49.95 at Drizly.

Blade and Bow Straight Bourbon Whiskey, $49.95, at Drizly | Image: Maggie Braucher


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book

Rifle Paper Co. has reimagined Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with more than 70 vibrantly colorful and captivating illustrations by Anna Bond, co-founder of the South’s darling paper brand. This new addition to their book collection is $30 at Rifle Paper Co.

Alice In Wonderland Book
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, $30, at Rifle Paper Co. | Image: Rifle Paper Co.

Kids’ guitar

Nurture your future superstar with this adorable wooden western-themed guitar. It has six nylon strings, a slotted neck, and plastic tuning pegs, and it comes with tuning instructions. Shop this for $36 at Gift Horse.

Kids western guitar
Guitar, $36, at Gift Horse | Image: Gift Horse

Shopping cart

Kids can help with holiday grocery shopping with this realistic two-feet-tall shopping cart. It has a sturdy metal frame, cushioned push handle, folding fabric seat for dolls or stuffed animals, and pivoting front wheels. AND it’s easy to assemble and fold up for storage. Snag this best-seller at Magpies for $50.

Kids shopping cart play toy
Shopping cart, $50, at Magpies | Image: Magpies


The embellished headband trend is for the little ones, too! This tartan plaid headband with colorful crystals typically fits up to seven-year-olds. Shop it from Brianna Cannon for $45.

Kids jeweled holiday headband
Headband, $45, at Brianna Cannon | Image: Brianna Cannon

Santa poster

Kids tend to be on their best behavior when the promise of gifts is involved, and this whimsical poster is a good reminder. It’s hand-block printed at the famous Hatch Show Print in Music City. It’s $25 at Hatch Show Print.

Hatch Show Print poster of cute Santa
Santa poster, $25, at Hatch Show Print | Image: Hatch Show Print

Holiday dog puzzle

Time off from school means more opportunities for cozy days at home with the whole family. This 250-piece puzzle is just challenging enough to involve kids of all ages, and it’s got the cutest lineups of festive furry friends. You could even frame it once complete! It’s $28 at Two Friends.

Holiday dog puzzle
Puzzle, $28, at Two Friends | Image: Two Friends

Happy hunting!


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