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Mid-summer in the South is a hot place to be — figuratively AND literally. We’ve been scouting our favorite Southern shops and makers to bring you our favorite summer FINDS. From your closet to your home to your new neighbors’ doorstep, here are some picks we’re loving this month.



It’s always a smart idea to bring a lightweight jacket when every establishment is pumping that summer AC! This gorgeous, slightly cropped taupe jacket is perfect throughout the seasons and will be your new favorite closet staple. Find this for $98 at Dsquared Clothing.

Nashville FINDS July: Jacket from Dsquared Clothing in Nashville

Jacket, $98, at Dsquared Clothing | Image: Dsquared Clothing


We’re picturing lots of options for this amazing tiered halter dress! Add gold and heels for a summer wedding, or toss it over your swimsuit for a chic waterside look. Find it for $168 at Gigi’s.

Gigi's Bluffton Halter Dress

Dress, $168, at Gigi’s | Image: Gigi’s

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We are loving this carry-all that’s roomy enough for the beach, gym, work, school, and everyday life. It also has a chic pattern, waterproof lining, and vegan leather straps. Find yours for $59 at Mrs. Post Stationery.


Tote, $59 at Mrs. Post Stationery | Image: Mrs. Post Stationery


This stack of three lightweight handwoven rattan bangles is the perfect addition to any summer outfit! Snag your set from The Barbre Collection for $42.50.


Stack of three bangles, $42.50, at The Barbre Collection | Image: The Barbre Collection

Striped shorts

Every Southerner should have a good pair of shorts on hand for our prolonged summers, and these lightweight, pull-on Rails Leighton shorts fit the bill. Grab a pair for $98 at Oak Hall.

Oak Hall Shorts

Shorts, $98, at Oak Hall


SVM Boutique is proud to carry this Southern jewelry line that you never have to take off. Alchemy & Co. is ready for your summer splashes — you can safely wear their pieces in pools and oceans. Layer it up or wear as-is! The price makes it a fabulous gift, too. Find it for $35 at SVM.

Nashville FINDS July: Gold Necklace from SVM

Necklace, $35, at SVM



With its quirky land art, wild cacti, and luminous starry skies, Marfa, TX, has long been on our travel bucket list. The Marfa toile print has quickly become one of Austin-based designer Katie Kime’s bestselling prints — for Texans and non-Texans alike! Available in pink, black, navy, and hunter green, complete your resin set with a platter ($52), bowl ($26), and plate ($26) at Katie Kime.

Marfa dinnerware katie kime

Platter ($52), bowl ($26), and plate ($26) at Katie Kime | Image: Katie Kime


This leather tray is a timeless piece that looks handsome on an ottoman, coffee table, or kitchen island — or use it to transport happy hour essentials to the patio, porch, or backyard. Find this genuine leather tray exclusively at Merridian for $125.

Tray from Merridian

Leather tray, $125, exclusively at Merridian


Louisiana-based Jen McKay’s mixed media painting and sculptural pieces are so creative and enticing, we can’t pick just one to share. “Festival” is a pair of 9.5-by-11.5-inch acrylic mixed media on paper and canvas with custom-made wood frames. Find this set for $425 at Jen McKay Art.

Jen McKay Art

Pair of paintings, $425, at Jen McKay | Image: Jen McKay

Marble salad bowl

This stunning white marble salad bowl retails for $18 at ALKMY in Mountain Brook, Alabama. This gorgeous piece can just as easily be used as a dining table centerpiece as for serving crisp summertime salads and snacks by the pool.

Birmingham FINDS July: white marble salad bowl from ALKMY

Marble salad bowl, $18, at ALKMY | Image: ALKMY


Handmade glass

Kentucky-based artist Chad Balster’s handblown glass creations are beautifully colorful and such a unique summertime gift. Explore his different rock glasses, bourbon heavies, and wine glasses available starting at $40 at Revelry Boutique + Gallery.

Chad Balster Louisville

Wine glass, $40, at Revelry | Image: Revelry


Hand-poured and individually decorated and scented, this cachepot candle burns for 100 hours, and once the wax is melted down, you can reuse the beautiful container to hold plants or fresh flowers, or as a decorative tabletop accessory. This FIND is ready for gift-giving and is $45 at SB Shop.

South of Hampton Candle SB Shop

Custom candle, $45, at SB Shop

Trivia game

“Bless Your Heart” is Garden & Gun‘s 200-question game that tests your Southern knowledge about food, arts, sports, travel, and more. Gift (and get one for you) for $20 at Gwynn’s.

Dog Puzzle

Bless Your Heart trivia game, $20, at Gwynn’s | Image: Gwynn’s

Be Anything Blanket

As its name suggests, this blanket can truly be anything! The quick-drying, wicking, and cooling microfiber material offers UPF 50+ protection. Choose from 10 beautiful designs and use yours as a skirt, dress, wrap, towel, and more. Find this for $118 at SB Shop.

Nashville FINDS July: ZAGS Be Anything Blanket

Be Anything Blanket, $118, at SB Shop

Cocktail kit

Spicy, complex, and tropical, we love the pineapple, lime, jalapeño, and citrus tastes of this ready-to-stir cocktail kit. Infuse with vodka, gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, or just hot water — this one serves eight and can be infused twice for a total of 16 servings. Find your flavor for $25 at Camp Cocktails.

Cocktail Kit

Cocktail kit, $25, at Camp Cocktails | Image: Camp Cocktails

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We adore this line of family-friendly puzzles featuring happy vintage patterns. This challenging 1,000-piecer celebrates and teaches us about dogs. Available in six designs (think cocktails, National Parks, flowers), the puzzle is packaged plastic-free in a lovely muslin bag in a paper tube. Find yours for $20 at Me & Mrs. Jones.

Vintage Puzzle

Vintage puzzle, $22, at Me & Mr. Jones | Image: Me & Mr. Jones

Have a safe and fun July across the South!


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