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The Midwest is home to some serious ice cream makers like Jeni’s and Graeter’s, but the South boasts its own roster of impressive artisanal ice cream brands. With the Fourth of July and summer celebrations approaching, it’s an excellent time to stock up on these luxuriously cold, creamy ice creams. Ditch the standard freezer aisle options in favor of these small-batch Southern scoops that will arrive frozen on your doorstep!

Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream

Lexington, KY | More info:

Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream started in 2011 when founders Toa and Mike Green wanted to add a creative dessert to their Thai restaurant’s menu. They never imagined their new two-quart ice cream machine would churn out some of the South’s most sought-after small-batch flavors. But when patrons started showing up just for dessert, it was time to go all in. Their creative flavors incorporate Kentucky’s farms, breweries, and distilleries and pay homage to Toa’s Thai heritage.

Three pints of ice cream on a table with chocolate bourbon candies crumbled around them
To taste what Travel + Leisure deemed the best ice cream in Kentucky, build your shipment of six pints for $109.95 at Goldbelly. Image: Crank & Boom via Facebook

Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Oxford, MS | More info:

After getting married and building a family of five, founder Hugh Balthrop started making natural ice cream for his family at home. When they moved to the Mississippi Delta and back to his wife’s roots, he decided to dive into the gelato endeavor head-first. Today, the Mississippi dessert sweethearts at Sweet Magnolia have created more than 300 experimental and inventive flavors that continue to rotate on their menu. Shop from the always-stocked classics, and explore their seasonal offerings. Southern best-sellers include Blueberry Cheesecake, Ms. Mary’s Poundcake, Banana Pudding, and Whiskey and Pecans.

Ice cream pints from above
Pick four flavors to build your $ 84.95-per-pint pack at Goldbelly! Image: Sweet Magnolia Gelato Co. via Facebook


St. Augustine, FL | More info:

Mayday churns out natural homemade ice cream in the South’s favorite small town! It was named to honor the innovative Americans who served in World War II when ice cream was a hard-to-get treat overseas. Try their classic flavors like Queen Salted Caramel, Oreo-based Cookie Crush, and the creamiest Triple Vanilla.

Arm holding a box of ice cream from Mayday in front of green trees
Order six pints or more by 9 a.m. on Monday for same-week shipping at Mayday’s online store. Image: Mayday Ice Cream via Facebook


Austin, TX | More info:

Born in Austin, TX, in 1984, Amy’s specializes in funky, feel-good ice cream, dairy-free fruit ices, and frozen yogurt. Cleverly named flavors like Bee Cave Crunch or Zilker Mint Chip aren’t just for Texans now! Shop from the current selection of more than 350 rotating flavors, but don’t skip their world-famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream.

Five pints of Amy's ice cream in front of a pink background
Five pints at $119 on Amy’s online store, and you can add their homemade toppings to your order, too! Image:

The Comfy Cow

Louisville, KY | More info:

This gourmet Kentucky brand emphasizes top-notch ingredients, giving back to the community, and creating comfort, whether you’re enjoying it in a shop or at home. We’re drooling over flavors like Cow Trax, Black Raspberry Chip, Cake “Batter Up!,” and Cookie “Monster” Dough.

Four Kentucky flavors of Comfy Cow ice cream
Six pints of your choice are $99.95 on Goldbelly, or let them send you six Kentucky classics like these four. Images: Goldbelly


West Palm Beach, FL | More info:

Florida is dotted with magical, pink-hued Sloan’s scoop shops, and now you can bring that magic to your freezer. Since the original West Palm Beach location opened in 1999, they’ve been dreaming up unique flavors, baking irresistible waffle cones, and scooping up accolades along the way. Aside from pints, they ship novelty gift items like their Sandcastle Sundae Kit for kids and kids at heart.

hand holding a pint of ice cream from Sloan's
Five pints are $104.95 on Goldbelly. Image: Sloan’s via Facebook

Nye’s Cream Sandwiches

Wilmington, NC | More info:

Chef and owner Christian Nye had the perfect name and pointed foresight to pair artisan ice cream with chewy homemade cookies before it was really a “thing.” Nye’s handcrafted ice cream sammies are made in small batches in coastal North Carolina from the finest ingredients. Pick from nostalgic childhood flavors like Peach Crisp, Vanilla Chocolate, and Peppermint Chocolate.

Nye's ice cream sandwiches stacked and melting
A cutely packaged box of eight sandwiches is $84.95 on Goldbelly. Image: Goldbelly


Richmond, VA | More info:

Hannah Pollack created the first Nightingale ice cream sandwich as a menu option for the restaurant she worked in with her would-be husband for five years. Hannah and Xavier left the fine-dining world when they were almost instantly flooded with ice cream sandwich orders for events, Richmond markets, and other restaurants. Their small-batch sandwiches are made with 14% butterfat ice cream, freshly baked cookies, and homemade mix-ins and toppings.

Nightingale Birthday Cake ice cream sandwiches and a birthday cake in front of a pink background
An eight-pack of best-sellers (available again soon) is $79.95 on Goldbelly. Image: Goldbelly

Proper Ice Cream

Delray Beach, FL | More info:

After 30 years of practicing law, Ricky Felberbaum finally made it his mission to bring ultra-creamy artisan ice cream to the United States. Made from pure and all-natural ingredients and on Italian-made machines, you can try a bevy of scrumptious flavors like Dark Coffee with Peanut Butter Crunch and Banana Two-Pound Cake and Cream.

Scoop of chocolatey ice cream in brown cup
Shop for a shipment of six pints for $104.95 at Goldbelly. Image: Goldbelly

Here’s to ice cream inviting us to slow down and cool down this summer! Not an ice cream lover? We’ve got lists of pie makers that ship and cookie companies that ship, too.


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