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Ever since I had an open-faced smoked salmon sandwich in Paris over President’s Day weekend, I’ve been all-consumed with eating smoked salmon, all the time. I just kinda forgot about smoked salmon for the last two years and I really love this source of protein. Does this happen to you? Maybe it’s a type of cuisine that you haven’t had in a while. Then, you have it and you’re obsessed with eating more? Yup. That’s me with smoked salmon right now.

I’m excited to share three recipes using smoked salmon, including one that mimics that sandwich I had in Paris a few weeks ago. These are all pretty darn easy to make. Each recipe is basically just assembly, with very little prep or cook-time involved.

Each of the photos below is linked to the corresponding dish. You’ll want to click on each one to check out the full recipe.

3 Easy Recipes with Smoked Salmon

These recipes are new to StyleBlueprint and, with so many reasons to celebrate and gather in the coming months, we hope they come in handy for you. Bon appétit!

salmon sandwich recipe

That salmon sandwich I recently had in Paris? It’s just plain ol’ DELICIOUS! And, it’s a sandwich, so it’s something you can easily whip up when you have the ingredients on hand. This one is served open-faced. See the recipe here.

Deliciously Dill Deviled Egg recipe

This is my Deliciously Dill Deviled Egg recipe. Just add a teeny piece of salmon on top, and voila! Ready for a party, or just you and a friend and a mimosa! See the recipe here.

Smoked Salmon Flatbread

This is so pretty and great for many hungry hands! It’s a Smoked Salmon Flatbread, made super easy by using Pillsbury Crescent Sheet Dough. Ready in 20 minutes. See the recipe here.


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