Relocating to a new city can be stressful and costly, but careful planning can make all the difference. We spoke with Jacob Greer, owner of 6th Man Movers in Nashville, TN, who shared a game-changing, money-saving tip for those moving to Nashville and insider advice for a smooth moving day with the least amount of stress possible.

#1 Way to Save Money: Use Nashville Movers

When looking to relocate with a long-distance move to Nashville, it’s common to look for a moving company located in your current hometown to make that move. But, this may cost you thousands of dollars more than necessary. Jacob explains that choosing a Nashville-based moving company can save you money for two primary reasons:

    1. If you’re relocating from a city with a higher cost of living, a moving company from that same city will almost always cost more — simply because the labor cost is higher. Conversely, choosing a Nashville-based company will likely always save you money in comparison. “Moving prices are typically dictated by the cost of living in each city,” Jacob explains. “A company in Nashville may value your move more than a company in a city with higher labor costs.”
    2. When relocating from a smaller city, local resources for long-distance moves may be limited, necessitating collaboration with a larger national company that may compromise service and have higher pricing. Jacob explains, “Let’s say you’re moving from a smaller city and have to move to Nashville. Your options are the large national company, like a traditional van line, where they will likely price gouge you and give you poor service, or a smaller company in your hometown. But, they typically lack the experience with long-distance moves to get the job done well.”
Man in a moving truck with a golden retriever puppy.
Jacob Greer is the founder of 6th Man Movers in Nashville, TN. He is pictured here with his puppy George. He says, “If there was one thing I could tell everyone, it’s this: The more time you invest in your move on the front end, the more time and energy you save on the back end. Do your research. The importance of vetting who is going to be actually touching your stuff matters so much. Do your homework!”
“A local company like 6th Man Movers usually brings a lot more flexibility because we’re invested in a good experience,” says Jacob of the advantages of hiring a Nashville-based moving company. “When you move to Nashville, you’re now our neighbor.”

A Personalized, Consultative Approach

At 6th Man Movers, the team takes a consultative approach to ensure a personalized moving experience. There are no cookie-cutter moves, and each client has different needs and challenges. “We recognize that every move is unique, so we treat it as a custom project,” says Jacob. “We act as guides, not high-pressure salespeople. We understand how important front-end conversations are when setting expectations, creating a game plan, and executing that game plan.”

moving van in front of home
From the beginning to the end of your moving experience, 6th Man Movers will be there every step of the way, assisting you through a personalized approach.

Accurate Timelines and Consistency

6th Man Movers prides itself on providing accurate timelines, allowing customers to better prepare for moving day. They guarantee specific start and finish dates, unlike larger companies that often give one- to two-week arrival windows. “We address the reality of the situation and guarantee when we start and finish,” Jacob says.

Consistency is another benefit of using a local company like 6th Man Movers. The same project manager will be with you from start to finish, ensuring a single point of contact throughout the process. This is definitely not standard for a relocation move and makes 6th Man Movers stand out. Jacob emphasizes his company’s commitment to strong communication: “Whatever project manager starts the job is also going to finish the job. You’ll always have a consistent point of contact who’s actually with your goods. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during a time that we recognize is highly stressful for most people.”

6th Man Movers employee standing with a clipboard next plastic blue boxes.
6th Man Movers provides accurate timelines and discusses logistics at the beginning of the process to ensure you have a seamless moving experience.

Jacob’s #1 Tip: Plan Ahead with a Moving Survey

Jacob’s number one piece of moving advice is that everyone should complete a moving survey as soon as possible. “You want to give your movers the best opportunity to get everything right on moving day. The only way to do that is to have someone consult you on how things should optimally go — and it’s best to do this as soon as possible. At 6th Man Movers, you’ll work with someone on our team — either virtually or in person at your house.”

While it’s ideal to speak with a moving company with plenty of time before your move, which gives you time to understand the process, this isn’t always how life works. 6th Man Movers knows that situations pop up and you can’t always plan ahead. Even if you need to move in the same week as your initial call to 6th Man Movers, they can usually make your move happen.

employee at 6th Man Movers
Planning ahead with a moving survey helps 6th Man Mover be as thorough as possible and get everything right on moving day.

Last-Minute Moves and Pricing

While it’s highly recommended to consult with a moving company well before your move date to ensure a seamless relocation, that’s not always possible. Luckily 6th Man Movers tries hard to accommodate last-minute moves. Even better, they do not charge you more for this request. “We treat customers needing to move the same week as if they called us three weeks ago,” says Jacob. “We also price them the same. Last-minute long-distance jobs provide additional income for our team beyond what they’d get working locally. If we can’t do it — and do it well — we’ll tell you no. But, call us. We can typically fit you if you are flexible on what day of the week you move. If we can do it, we promise to never compromise our quality.”

Jacob driving 6th Man Movers truck.
While it’s ideal to reach out to 6th Man Movers sooner rather than later, they can also many times accommodate last-minute moves. “The more information you can provide and the sooner you can reach out, the better and less stressful your experience is going to be. But, if it’s a last-minute job, we will do our best to accommodate you, and we promise never to compromise our service,” says Jacob.

A Smooth and Satisfying Moving Experience

When you book your move with 6th Man Movers, you’re setting yourself up to save time, money, and a lot of headaches. Plus, their team is there to guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions or concerns that might come up.

Jacob says it’s essential to think about what day of the week you move. According to the United States Movers Association, the most popular moving day is Friday, meaning demand and prices are likely to be higher on that day.
Two men fist-bumping in the back of a moving truck.
The 6th Man Movers team is polite and professional. They take pride in their work and offer a smooth moving experience.

“We want the experience to go well, so you can tell all your friends and feel good about the money you spent,” says Jacob. “We also know that every moving option comes with a financial burden, and when we talk about all of those things on the front end, you have a better experience, and we get to accomplish the goals of our customers.”

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This article is sponsored by 6th Man Movers. All photography courtesy of 6th Man Movers.

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