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Although the staff of StyleBlueprint is small in number, they are large when it comes to advertising experience. Most have a number of years invested in traditional media (radio, tv and print) with a new focus on innovation in digital media.

We asked some of our staff to share their thoughts on the most common mistakes they see local businesses makes when it comes to their advertising investments:

“As an editor, I’m always preaching the importance of knowing your audience, and I think the same holds true for people who are looking to advertise. Given that ad budgets are finite, it’s imperative to be sure you’re spending your hard-earned dollars with the outlet that can best reach your target customer or audience. Otherwise, it’s easier to just throw the money in the garbage.”
-Ashley Haugen, managing editor

“Don’t ‘Spray and Pray’ : So many small businesses today make the mistake of trying to advertise a little everywhere which in reality can be very critical mistake. Small businesses need to truly understand who their target market/ideal customer is and make a strategic and effective plan to market to those potential customer. There are a lot of very effective ways to reach your ideal customer but you need to be intentional with your marketing and make sure every dollar is going to the best medium to reach the best client.”
-Amanda Stanfill, account executive

“Start with your campaign goal and work backwards. Make sure that your business has been branded for a good foundation of awareness to the right prospective customer. Messages should be focused to create action specific to the goal. Under-spending is a waste of money. If your budget is tight sometimes it’s best to spend in short bursts.”
-Ginny Staggs, director of sales

“Let data, not feelings, drive your marketing decisions. Google Analytics is a free tool that is simple to set up, so use it! Track your important KPI’s (key performance indicators) and benchmark your progress along the way to see which marketing efforts are driving real return in dollars.”
-Megan Casey, director of marketing

“Having spent the vast majority of my career in advertising, I continually find that clients use the various advertising medium improperly. For example, you only get 7 words on a billboard and a week of radio rarely moves the needle. Instagram and Facebook have unique advantages and audiences. Once you invest in a specific medium, understand its strengths and weaknesses.”
-Elizabeth Fox, co-founder

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