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Dry Farm Wines is not a brand of wine representing one winery, but a company that pulls together a group of wine brands from around the world that are all-natural, additive-free, lab-tested for purity, sugar-free and are all under 12.5% alcohol. This means they provide a premium wine experience without some of the pitfalls that many wines have. For keto and paleo diet followers who can’t let go of their love for wine, the Dry Farm Wines monthly subscription service has become a favorite way to “cheat” without all the guilt.

Dry Farm Wines tests the wines they carry in a lab because wine does not have a contents label, and thus we consumers are blind to what is actually in our wine. You see, alcohol is not regulated through the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but rather the Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). It all comes down to taxes … alcohol is taxed differently and thus has a different governing body, the TTB, and the TTB does not have the same labeling requirements that all consumables under the FDA are required to have. Thus, while we know everything in our Diet Coke, we don’t in our bottle of merlot. The problem with this is that there are 76 legal additives approved for winemaking, and none of these additives are required to be on our wine labels. (source, source)

Dry Farm Wines takes the guesswork out of knowing what is in our wine and guarantees these additives, including pesticides, fungicides, and added sulfites, are not in the wines they supply. This is the reason that Dry Farm Wines are said to be “hangover-free” as these additives cause many of us to have headaches and other hangover symptoms.

Dry Farm Wines

Here are the first six bottles that arrived from Dry Farm Wines when I ordered last year. Each month you will receive different bottles as no two months are ever the same, which is part of the fun.

Dry Farm Wines

While alcohol and health don’t always mix, Dry Farm Wines doesn’t claim that their wines are healthy per se, but healthier. It’s still alcohol after all. So, if you don’t like wine, there is nothing new to try. If you do like wine, their case for verified, lab-tested, sugar-free, natural wine is compelling.

Dry Farm Wines

Each shipment of wine has information that reinforces Dry Farm Wines’ commitment to natural wine that is free of additives.

After using this subscription service for the past year, I can say, hands down, that I have become a natural wine convert. Not only are the wines delicious, but whenever I drink these wines I feel better than I do after drinking other wines. I’m convinced at this point that for many, including me, wine additives are what causes us to feel so bad after drinking a couple of glasses of wine. I also noticed that with these natural wines I slept through the night and when I drink other, non-natural, wines, they tend to disrupt my sleep. Now, I didn’t try drinking an entire bottle on my own, so testing for hangovers based on the amount of alcohol consumed was not part of my year-long experiment!

I also have brought these wines to two StyleBlueprint retreats and countless of our “wine Fridays” at our office. With almost 20 people sipping on these wines, the feedback has been stellar. I have also served them at dinner parties and casual gatherings, and I’ve solicited opinions. Again, the feedback was great.

The wines that arrive each month are not ones with which you are likely familiar. They are a mixed batch of mainly European wines from small family farmers handcrafted with sustainable methods. Dry Farm Wines says, “We’re proud to give these family winegrowers a stage to share their beautiful wines with our market in the U.S.” This means that each month you will be able to try a variety of wines, making each bottle its own adventure, which is part of the experience.

If you are interested in natural wines, but not a monthly subscription, I highly suggest finding a local wine store that you trust and ask them to show you some natural wines that do not contain the added sulfites and other additives that most wines have. Companies that produce such wines are proud of it, and your local wine store can help you navigate their selection and make suggestions based on wines that you know you already like.

However, if you are interested in trying out the Dry Farm Wines subscription experience, here’s what to expect:

  • Sign up for monthly selections of six bottles ($159 ) or 12 bottles ($299). Pick red, white, or half and half. Rosés and sparkling wines are also available, but not by the mixed case. Each shipment contains mixed grape varieties from different countries and varying styles. Shipping is free.
  • If you like a particular wine and want more bottles, Dry Farm Wines can send you more; just contact them!
Dry Farm Wines

Here is a sampling from a shipment from a few months ago. Since then, I’ve added white wine to the mix to bring my monthly shipment from six bottles of red-only to 12 bottles of red/white mixed. I still shop at my local wine stores, but now I ask for natural wines.

When I got my first box, I opened my first bottle and frankly, I didn’t like it. But, that has been the only bottle I have not enjoyed from all the shipments I’ve received and simply proved to be an unfortunate first bottle to taste. But if I had complained, Dry Farm Wines does offer a “happiness promise,” and I could have contacted them and received a new bottle of wine or a refund on that bottle of wine. So, remember that if you ever don’t like a bottle of wine, just contact Dry Farm Wines. But, after sipping on over 80 bottles of wine during the past year, the fact that I’ve only had one that I didn’t care for is a pretty good average.

I do think that it helps to be someone who enjoys trying new things and who finds each new box to be a new adventure. I continue to find it fun to open a bottle and wonder what new tasting experience it will bring.

To find out more about Dry Farm Wines check them out online at


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