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We love hand-blocked fabrics created in small batches. Today, we bring you: Galbraith and Paul, Ferrick Mason, and John Robshaw Textiles. The factors uniting each line are that they are hand-printed, they work with both modern and traditional decor, and they are each completely gorgeous.

All images in this post are from the websites of each line featured.

Hand Blocked fabrics being created at Galbraith and Paul

Galbraith and Paul

After reading the design book, Discovering Home with Laurie Smith, I was completely engulfed by the source guide. It was here that I first discovered Galbraith and Paul fabric. I then read an article about the Galbraith and Paul family in a 2006 Better Homes. As you can see, this fascination has lasted a few years.  I admit that I sometimes pass 30 minutes by going to the website and clicking through their installation pictures.

For my kitchen and den, I used the Smokebrush pattern for window treatments and a circle round. My seamstress said, “This is some of the best fabric I have ever worked with.” I love that it was hand-blocked and that I was able to send them a sample of my paint for a color match. My next dream is to afford one of their rugs and to make it to their annual December sale in Philadelphia. One day, this will happen.

Four of Galbraith and Paul’s fabrics as seen in Better Homes 2006

This is the rug I want in a 10 x 18…..

Ferrick Mason

With ties to Lexington, KY, you know I needed to find out more about this company. I have never been able to concisely state what it is about hand-blocked fabric that I love so much. Ferrick Mason solved my dilemma with this statement: “Ferrick Mason designs are inspired by nature and the beautiful imperfections of hand-crafted art. To reinforce this handmade quality, they prefer to hand silkscreen the designs.” It’s so true that the imperfections of life and art are what make it the most beautiful.

I love fabric used as wallpaper. 

This company is young and one to watch.  Here are a few of their other fabrics; each comes in several colorways:

Ferrick Mason

John Robshaw Textiles:

John Robshaw fell in love with textile design while on a trip to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings.  Now, Robshaw has workshops in several villages in India and travels to oversee production several months out of the year.  Oh my goodness, we absolutely adore what he is producing:

Please, can I have that couch? And those curtains, and that rug….. and, yes, the pillows.

If you are need of fabric, consider hand-blocked, where you can actually see a human touch come through.

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