Whether or not you are looking for a late fall centerpiece for your coffee table or for your Thanksgiving table, here is a simple idea inspired by what many can find in their backyards or neighborhoods. Celebrating the bounty of fall is what this decor idea is all about!

Start with moss covered balls in various sizes. Make your own or buy them at a home goods store. I know, I know: “Liza, moss covered balls are SOOO 5 years ago.” I don’t care. I still love them.


Add some bittersweet (if you were lucky enough to buy some in September or early October) or add some similar vines.


Add some pumpkins or autumn squash to your display.


Add osage oranges–they are still available in many locations, but not everywhere our readers are. So, another idea would be pomegranates which are now at most grocery stores.


Add dried hydrangeas, either store-bought or from your yard. Here, dried gourds are also added along with some faux autumn leaves.


A view from above


Use on your dining room table. Add two tall candles and your Thanksgiving table is ready to go!




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Liza Graves

As CEO of StyleBlueprint, Liza also regularly writes for SB. Most of her writing is now found in the recipe archives as cooking is her stress relief!