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There is something about a handbag made right here in America, or even better, the South. You know you are giving back to the manufacturing community and one that needs support. Finding a bag made with care and quality that is stylish and affordable and designed in the South? I’m sold! Then, you meet the owner. She’s lovely, she’s normal, she could be your best friend. Sold again. This is what buying a Ceri Hoover handbag is all about.

Ceri Hoover Collage

Aren’t they all fabulous? That black pony bag ($218) at the top just has me drooling, while the fabulous tan leather tote ($394) in the bottom right corner is that classic Ceri Hoover bag so many swear by. Images courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover launched her collection a little over 18 months ago. Her desire was simple: she wanted a handbag that she couldn’t find, and she had just learned to sew (selling a few pillows along the way). The aesthetic showcased in her beautiful collection has caught on quickly, and with good reason. Whether you’re a Lilly Pulitzer-wearing gal who loves hot pink everything or a more low-key neutral kinda gal who wouldn’t be caught dead in a print or pink anything, there’s a Ceri Hoover handbag for you. Her collection is as versatile and easy to wear as your favorite pair of jeans. The stitching, quality of leather and care of design are all to be embraced. (No worries: We have a list of stores in each of our SB sister cities, as well as an online link, at the end of today’s post.)

Ceri’s first bags sold at a boutique in Seaside, Fla., which still continues to be one of her best selling stores. Then a few Nashville stores picked her up, and the next thing you know, she was selling her bags in more than 150 boutiques in America and Canada.

Some of us at StyleBlueprint were lucky enough to get a sneak peek behind the photo shoot of her new Fall 2014 collection and we wanted to share with you today, as you will be finding these bags around town. And now you’ll have an extra reason for wanting to buy one, whether it be a clutch, a tote or a diaper bag. Sometimes you just know when a designer is about to “pop,” and we have our eye on Ceri to be just that designer.

Ceri Hoover Handbag Collage

Here are some of my behind-the-scenes shots. The top pic is a handbag dust bag, then clockwise you see Ceri checking out the shoot; the clothes and bags hung up to be used; Ceri and me; last but not least is a photo of Ceri and her husband on this very big day — her first professional photo shoot!

Now, onto the bags …

Ceri Hoover collection 6

Brooklyn Sac ($350), Cooper Commuter ($395), Hutton Tuck ($218) Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover collection 9

Waller Clutch. Different materials available ($130-$196). Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover

Ceri Hoover collection 1

Wyeth Raw Tote ($394). Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover collection 8

Pintuck Clutch ($174). This is the pattern for the very first bag Ceri ever made. Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover collection 3

The Margaret Satchel ($482). What you can’t see here is the fabulous herringbone pattern in the Italian-embossed suede. This, along with the camel accents, makes for an especially gorgeous bag. Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover collection 7

More totes, from left to right: Louisa Satchel ($372), Cooper Commuter ($395), Wyeth Raw Tote ($394). Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

Ceri Hoover collection 14

Louisa Commuter in leopard ($570). Image courtesy: Ceri Hoover.

We have listed below SB Guide partner boutiques selling Ceri Hoover in Nashville, Williamson County, Birmingham and Memphis. Our sister cities waiting for the SB Guide (Atlanta and Louisville) have stores listed here as well. And, you can now shop the Ceri Hoover collection online at

Get out and shop this Southern brand in your locally owned stores! A big win-win!

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