As we embark on a new month — with recommendations of staying home through the end of April — emerge from your quarantine having accomplished something great. From achieving a whole-house clean-out to pulling off the unimaginable feat of doing the splits, you’re 30 days away from feeling like you’ve really accomplished something despite the circumstances. Select the 30-day challenge you want to embark upon, and then take the steps to make it happen!

Ten 30-Day Challenges to Get You Through April

30-Day Splits Challenge

Cassey Ho, the perky powerhouse behind Blogilates, has a variety of 30-day options. What caught our eye, though, was her 30-day splits challenge, which is several years old, but still do-able. Get a primer and pep talk in this YouTube video on her channel, and then when you’re ready to get started, find her “foundational stretches” and each day’s additional stretch in this handy infographic, which you can also print, HERE. Be sure to watch the video, though, to make sure you get a complete understanding of the challenge, and heed her warning: “Take your time. Flexibility doesn’t come overnight!”

30-day challenge ideas — learn the splits

Do Cassey Ho’s 30-day splits challenge to achieve your stretching goals. Image: Blogilates

30-Day Phone-a-Friend Challenge

This challenge, which was recommended by StyleBlueprint Nashville’s lead writer, Jenna Bratcher, is designed to encourage connection in the midst of the quarantine. “It’s also a reminder to reach out to some folks we may not have spoken to recently,” says Jenna. So map out your 30 lucky recipients, and reach out and touch someone. If you want to kick it up a communication notch, forgo the phone call and opt, instead, to Facetime or Skype for the added personal connection. For an added element of fun, share a photo of your call on social with #Phoneafriendchallenge.

30-Day Brain Training Challenge

Download a brain-training app, like Lumosity or Happify, and use it for 30 straight days to see what sort of positive impact it can make on your daily outlook. According to Lumosity, using the app with regularity will help you find “greater relaxation, focus and sleep.” What do you have to lose? Do a quick Google search for “brain training apps” and check out your options.

30-day challenge ideas — mindfulness

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your memory or attention skills, Luminosity can help. Image: iTunes

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Perhaps now more than ever, we need to focus on the positive and count our blessings when we can. Start every day this month by writing down one thing for which you are thankful. There are apps you can download to receive daily reminders (Gratitude Happiness Journal and Grateful are both highly rated), or you can keep a journal of your own. Either way, by starting the day with a positive focus, it will set the stage for the rest of your day. And after 30 days, perhaps it will become a habit …

30-Day Minimalism Challenge

We love the idea of cutting the clutter — both literal and figurative — to get to the things that mean the most to us. That’s the idea behind this 30-Day Minimalism Challenge from Anuschka Rees, a German blogger. She outlines the tasks and mentality behind the challenge and offers a free downloadable worksheet HERE.

30-day challenge ideas — minimalism

Download Anuschka Rees’ 30-Day Minimalism Challenge worksheet HERE. Image: Anuschka Rees

30-Day Sobriety Challenge

We know, we know. We’ve seen the “Shut up, Liver” meme — and we get it. But what if you embraced the sober quarantine lifestyle? If you’re interested in giving it a go, check out The Alcohol Experiment, which challenges sober-curious people to find out the answer to this question: Would my life be happier if I was drinking less? Since we suspect there will be all types of celebrating going on post-COVID, now’s the perfect time to give this one a go. Click HERE to register.

30-Day REBOOT Challenge

“Let’s not let this 30-day gift go to waste,” says Geri G., a StyleBlueprint client and owner of Geri G. Beauty. She recommends a 30-Day REBOOT, which will grant you a life that leads to better control of your health, your spirit and your ability to have a positive outlook no matter what! The REBOOT Challenge, which Geri offers for a fee on her website, can also be adapted. The basic components are eating more cleanly, being more active throughout the day and getting to bed earlier. Geri recommends 20 minutes of activity and at least 5,000-8,000 steps a day, every day, and household chores count! After your physical activity is the ideal time to eat. And lastly, Geri says to create a list of the obstacles that you feel stand in your way of achieving the healthy body and mind you envision and feel you deserve and then address how to mitigate them.

30-Day Journaling Challenge

Whether you’ve always wanted to become a better writer or you simply want to document what life is like in this extraordinary time, consider a month of journaling. Pick a specific time and place in which to hole up each day, and set a timer for your desired amount of time, and get to writing — whatever comes out is great. Or perhaps start work on the novel that’s been crowding your headspace for too long. Use Google Docs or a plain old notebook. Either way, be purposeful in this time well-spent.

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30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Since you’re (hopefully) not leaving the house for the next 30 days, go ahead and spend some time sprucing it up and giving it a solid spring cleaning. We spotted this easy-to-follow challenge over at Mother’s Niche. Tackling one thing a day will quickly add up to a clean and happy home!

30-day challenge ideas — spring clean

Tackle one space a day in this 30-day spring cleaning challenge. Image: Mother’s Niche

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

Since you’re not getting your mani/pedi, and your roots are likely starting to show, give yourself a little pick-me-up each day to get you over this hump. Make a list of all of the things that bring you joy, make you feel pretty or give life to your day, and then map them out for the next 30 days. Paint your nails, paint a picture, or just paint on your makeup and get dressed up. Investing in yourself for the next 30 days can make all the difference as we all move through this time separately — but together.

Stay well, friends, and good luck!

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