SB FINDS Nashville: January 2013

Ahhh, 2013. Can you believe it? Here are some things that are catching our eye, including all of our city editor’s favorite picks from their gifts just received!


The HUROM® Slow Juicer (Liza’s favorite gift)

$349 at William Sonoma

Liza: I’m a believer in the power of fresh juices. If you’ve heard of the difference between “juicing” and “cold pressing,” the Slow Juicer uses cold pressing to extract your juices. According to FoodMatters, “Centrifugal juicers produce less nutritious juice than cold-press juicers,” as cold pressing uses less heat and mashes the fruit (think mortar and pestal) which, unlike traditional juicers, does not oxidize the nutrients found in the fruit. Your juice ends up evenly mixed and the finished product is not much different than the original juice found in the fruit. And, unlike the name may imply, this juicer extracts juices faster than most typical juicers, and extracts more juice from the fruits and vegetables, leaving a much drier pulp.

For more information, see


Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal (Elizabeth’s favorite gift)



Elizabeth: I am particular about many things in life, especially when it comes to my perfume. Once I discovered Eau d’ Hadrien, I knew I need look no further for a favorite fragrance. Elegant with a citrus undertone, this classic perfume isn’t overwhelming and adds a much needed lilt to my step. The story of Annick Goutal is worth the spray. She was a determined business woman who studied under Henri Sorsona, one of the most respected perfume makers in France.  Eau d’ Hadrien was one of her three original fragrances, and by far is the most successful. Annick Goutal died at age 53 of breast cancer, but her company lives on under the direction of her daughter. Available online and locally at Nordstrom. For more information, see


UGG Slippers (SB Atlanta Editor Katherine’s favorite gift)

Katherine: I think I bought my last pair of slippers over 5 years ago. All of the support was worn down, the stitching was coming apart. So on Christmas morning when I slipped on a new pair of UGG Dakota Slippers I was in heaven! $100 from


CB2 Marta Barware (Amy’s favorite gift)


Amy: In nineteen years of marriage, we’ve broken at least that many glasses in the Norton household, if not more. So this Christmas, my favorite gift was a box full of CB2 drinkware, practical enough for everyday use and nice enough for entertaining. These chic tumblers come in 3 sizes and are painlessly priced from $1.50 – $2.50, which makes refilling an empty cabinet as easy as refilling an empty glass!


Momagenda Day Planner (SB Louisville Editor Heidi’s favorite gift)

Heidi: The Momgenda Day Planner — two of my friends have these agendas and swear by them. Without knowing I was considering one, my husband just happened to buy one for me. Hate the name, but love the product. It has room to organize stuff for both you and your kids! Mine is orange leather and beautiful.


Chanel N°5 Eau Première (SB Memphis Editor Christian’s favorite gift)

1.35 oz for $64

Christian: I wanted to add a new fragrance to my collection for the new year and landed on Chanel N°5 Eau Première, a lighter version of the classic Chanel N°5. It is a soft fragrance, where the original is too strong for me, especially for daytime wear. Also, I do not wear the same fragrance all of the time—a Joe-Malone-for-every-occasion kind of girl—but a new year reminds us that time is flying by. This is a subtle nod to the past that adds some stability to my fragrance collection.

Sephora: “A decidedly lighter, fresher, softer interpretation of N°5. . . a silky-smooth harmony of notes that reveals the delicate facet of the world-renowned fragrance.”

Available at Sephora: click here.


And, what did our SB Birmingham editor, Catherine, love best?

Catherine: My sweet hubby went around and bought me things from previous FINDS…so I loved everything I got!” (She has a keeper there!)


And, more FINDS for January include:

Weekly Spark of Life, Vegan/Raw Delivery Tote



Raw crackers and hummus… taste tested by us and we give it a big thumbs up!

Looking for a box of health to be delivered to your house each week? Sign up for the Spark of Life weekly tote. The menu changes weekly, and based on that info you can decide whether or not to order, or get a standing order–you choose! How simple is that? For two entrees, two sides, two snacks and one dessert the cost to pick up is $69 and delivery (see site for delivery area) is $75.

“The Spark Box consists of a lovely (and lively) combination of our Raw and Gently Cooked entrees, soups, sides, salads, snacks and sweets. Our products are always fresh – never frozen and contain ingredients that go beyond basic nutrition. Made with H.O.P.E. in mind (High Fiber, Omega 3′s, Probiotics, Enzymes) Spark of Life foods support optimal digestion/assimilation and strengthen the immune system.” – Spark of Life website


Indie Girl Ponytail Holder

These hair ties are being called the “New Emi Jay.” They come in packs of 3 for $8. The glitter ties are especially cute for girls of all ages! They add a certain flair to your everyday ponytail, and are also stylish accessories to wear around your wrist (as opposed to the wrapped rubber band that is a constant on our wrists…!) Available at Snap in Nashville, Birmingham, Seaside and Atlanta.


Eco Friendly Throw


At Julie Couch Interiors, these 50″x60″ blankets are In2green products which means they are 100% sweatshop free, and made in the USA and Central America. In2Green believes in finding second generation uses for products, saving water and adding less chemical pollutants. The yarns used in these blankets are “sustainable yarns,” often using ECO2cotton™, a recycled cotton alternative made from commercial scraps! Julie Couch Interiors is on 8th Ave, in the same building with Salon N Fuse, KOI, and M.L. Rose (it’s on the side, next to Crickett).


Affordable Statement Lighting

These twine and burlap-encased chandeliers caught our eye at Karmel Skillington. Starting at $340, these are fun and, in the realm of statement chandeliers, well priced.


Barbour Waxed Feather Down Gilet 

Available at J. Michaels Clothiers for the sale price of $210. Stop by J. Michaels Clothiers for their winter sale with discounts up to 40%.

Lightweight and comfortable, this Barbour down vest from J. Michaels Clothiers will easily take your man into the chill of early spring. It’s available in black and olive and filled with comfy duck feathers and has lower bellows pockets with side entry zips. For ease of fastening, the lower pockets and the top stud has a thumb garage feature. On sale now!  For more information,


Freedom Yoga Sweatshirt

Local yoga-wear company, Yogaglyphics, is having a huge sale with everything 60% off to clear the inventory for the new Spring 2013 line, arriving soon. This one caught our eye with the hood, front pouch and extra long sleeves. With the price now at $32, it’s a great one to consider!


Vintage Bird Cage


Vintage bird cages make great pieces for home decor and vintage ones can be crazy expensive. When we saw this one, at a full 48″ tall and 16.5″ wide, on sale for $279.20, we knew it was a great deal for just one of our lucky readers. As most of the ones we have drooled over on 1stdibs start around $1200, and the really drool-worthy ones are often well over $5,000, this is a deal!


Lip Scrub

Are your lips cracked or chapped? It’s that time of year. Use this sugar lip polish, from FRESH (a brand favorite of ours) to scrub away dull skin. After washing it off, but before completely dry, add your favorite lip balm. You are on your way to fabulous lips, once again! $22.50 at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics and The Cosmetic Market. and


(And after you scrub those lips) Bobbi Brown Lip Balm, SPF 15


Formulated with olive oil and wheat germ, this formula repairs dry lips quickly. And, it’s the perfect base to add some lip pencil and create your own lip gloss. Available at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics:



Have any fabulous finds of your own to share? Let us know! 


 P.S. Here’s what our other SB sister cities are all about this month!