Wine and the holidays go hand in hand for many of us. While a holiday cocktail is festive, nothing is easier than opening a bottle of wine to accompany your meal or to offer a guest. There’s no need to pack your freezer with ice and buy lots of garnishes or drink mixes. With wine, only a glass is needed. And isn’t that just what we all strive for this time of year?! Simplicity. Plus, the easiest gift for your host is definitely a bottle of wine … and it’s a gift you know will be used!


Ames Bailey and Laura Nevins, owners of Harvest Wine Market, are our go-to experts this holiday season (and all the other months of the year!)

We asked our friends at Harvest Wine Market to gather some suggestions for wines under $15, as so many are purchasing wine today and over the next few weeks. The list is broken down to cover everything from your holiday meal to your gifts. And while you are at the wine store, remember to pick up recipe needs, which usually include sherry, brandy, Marsala and port, which if you are like me, you realize you’re out of mid-recipe! Stock up now. Harvest points out that they don’t need to be expensive bottles, but quality matters since they are part of your recipe. (I suppose that means grabbing that bottle of cooking sherry at the grocery store next to the vinegar is not the best bet. Yes, that’s what this means!)

Best Wines for hostess gifts, red and white, that will not break the bank!

These seven bottles are all you need this holiday season!

Remember, many liquor stores, Harvest included, offer a case discount. At Harvest, you will enjoy 10 percent off any case of wine and that case can be mixed to include whichever 12 bottles you want. They do not need to be the same 12 bottles to enjoy the extra discount.

Here is the go-to list, compliments of Harvest Wine Market:

White Wines Perfect For Your Holiday

Château Virgile 2013 Costieres de Nimes Blanc, $13.99

This white blend is beautifully aromatic, with delicate floral notes, honeysuckle, tropical fruit and a nice, clean finish of lemon zest and minerality. It is bright and fresh, with just enough weight to hold up to heavier dishes.

Le Giare Vermentino, $14.99

This southern Italian wine is delicate and elegant on the nose, with nuances ranging from white fruit to Sardinian aromatic herbs, including rosemary and thyme. The palate is soft and subtle, yet fruit-filled and lively. It is a very versatile wine.

Forge Cellars 2013 Les Allies Riesling, $27.99 — our white wine splurge!

This dry riesling from upstate New York begins with ripe aromas of quince, chalk and slate. On the palate, it displays ample, fleshy flavors of golden apples and jasmine, mixing beautiful acidity and soft texture from its two years in the barrel.

White Wines perfect for holidays that won't break the bank from Harvest wines

These are your go-to perfect white wines from Harvest Wine Market to buy for your own table or as gifts: Château Virgile 2013 Costieres de Nimes Blanc ($13.99), Le Giare Vermentino ($14.99), Forge Cellars 2013 Les Allies Riesling ($27.99).

Red Wines Perfect for Your Holiday

Proyecto Garnachas 2012 Moncayo, $13.99

This bright and vibrant grenache features wild berry and tobacco on the nose, with just the right amount of rustic texture on the palate to make it quite well-rounded.

Bellula 2013 Pinot Noir, $13.99

Elegant and fresh, this soft and well-balanced pinot noir from the Languedoc starts with a nose packed with red fruits and spices. On the palate, it’s round and smooth and shows off cherry, raspberry and a hint of vanilla.

Domaine de la Berthete 2014 Sensation Cotes du Rhone, $14.99

This wine is surprisingly lively, with knockout aromas of black cherry and cassis alongside dark spices. It’s a lovely, lush and well-balanced blend of fruit and savory.

Domaine Pral Moulin A Vent Beaujolais, $21.99 — our red wine splurge!

Made from 100 percent gamay, this complex red yields hints of spices, coupled with notes of red fruits and berries. Floral- and fruit-driven in youth, these wines often develop spicy, earthy characteristics as they age.

Red wines perfect for holidays that won't break the bank!

For your red wine enthusiasts, these are the top picks from Harvest that won’t break the bank: Domaine Pral Moulin A Vent Beaujolais ($21.99), Domaine de la Berthete 2014 Sensation Cotes du Rhone ($14.99), Proyecto Garnachas 2012 Moncayo ($13.99), Bellula 2013 Pinot Noir ($13.99).

Harvest Wine Market is found at 6043 Hwy. 100, Nashville, TN, 37205.

And on a personal note …

Enjoy your time off with family and friends. Raise a glass to all that you are thankful for … we will be doing just the same and on this list is you, our readers. Each month, we produce more than 100 articles between all of our StyleBlueprint markets, and we write them always knowing that we write for you. We write thinking about our sisters, brothers, friends, cousins, parents and children as we write from a place of deep appreciation for our community and loved ones. We write to reflect all the good we see everyday and because in a world filled with calamity and chaos, goodness and inspiration are found daily, right here in our physical and online communities. Thank you for reading and blessings to you all!