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Creating a life well-lived requires a plan. This is something the experts at Waddell & Associates Wealth Strategists know well. Since 1986, W&A has leveraged its robust network of contacts to help clients manage their net worth—not just their investment assets.

“We like to think of it as managing your ‘life balance sheet,’” says Karen Rowe, development strategist with W&A. “We focus on much more than numbers. We help clients manage some of the most intimate aspects of their lives—their hopes, dreams and fears.”

W&A brings a female perspective to wealth management with its growing team of women. Only 15% of financial advisors are female, but at W&A the ratio is 50-50.

“We understand the struggle it takes to amass wealth and the fear and hang-ups that can come with big life decisions,” says Teresa Bailey, a certified financial planner and advisor with W&A. “With our holistic approach and understanding of the behavioral aspects of money management, we have become more of a lifestyle-consultant resource than strictly just a financial planner.”

W&A strives to not only act as chief investment officer for its clients, but also as their chief financial and chief strategy officers.

Teresa J.W. Bailey, CFP®, CDFA®, is Director of Development and Wealth Strategist at Waddell & Associates Wealth Strategists.

Providing strategic planning beyond the standard financial planner allows W&A to really get to know their clients and develop a customized team and plan that they can rely on now and in the future—whether planning for big life decisions like starting a business or saving to be able to check off bucket list items.

“Historically, you have the person dealing with investments, then you have your estate planning attorney, the CPA, and then the middle person is the client. This makes the client responsible for coordinating everything,” Teresa says. “Instead, what we’re doing is quietly approaching the relationship in a different way. We’re becoming the coordinators.”

By bringing together all of their resources and contacts, W&A not only offers financial planning, but also a database of professionals that allows clients to find the right fit for their needs. Asset management, business and life consulting, tax strategy planning, divorce and insurance analysis are just some of the areas in which W&A has built a deft list of contacts.

“One of our core values is that we treat all of our clients as family,” Karen says. “And we invest in the same products that we invest our clients’ money into.”

As an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, W&A wealth strategists are bound by the fiduciary duty to act in clients’ best interests. Their investment selections are based on making what they believe to be the best decisions for their clients.

“It’s meaningful to have your work impact families so greatly,” Teresa says. “In happy moments and in the not-so-happy moments, we want to make sure you have a strategy.”

“In happy moments and in the not-so-happy moments, we want to make sure you have a strategy,” Teresa shares.

Because investment returns, estate laws and health conditions are always subject to change, having a trusted advisor — like W&A — is essential to not only your bank account, but also your peace of mind.

“Our mission statement is ‘we enrich lives by providing clarity,’” Karen says. “Seeing clients gain control and clarity over their wealth is our greatest accomplishment.”

And that financial clarity increases freedom for clients and allows them to get back to what really matters—spending time with those they love most and leading a life they’ve always dreamed of living.

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