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Facelifts can be associated with weeks of recovery time, potential bruising and a noticeably different appearance. Woods Aesthetics is offering an alternative with their latest skin-tightening treatment option, Thermage FLX. A quick, non-invasive treatment that can delay the need for plastic surgery or reduce the want for surgery altogether, Thermage FLX can lift and smooth any area of the body in just one visit — and there is no downtime required. We talked with Dr. Grayson Woods and the Woods Aesthetics team to learn more about her innovative (and surgery-free) approach to helping women accentuate their natural beauty and recapture their best selves.

Thermage FLX experts at Woods Aesthetics

The Woods Aesthetics team includes (left to right) Valerie Derrick, Jemma Hurst, Dr. Grayson Woods, and Rondee Jones.

Most Thermage FLX patients can grab lunch, pick up the kids or check off whatever else is on their to-do list right after their visit. “The goal is to have no interruption to your schedule,” says Dr. Woods, a gynecologist by trade (she also owns Woods Gynecology), who began offering skincare services in 2005 after seeing an increased demand for safe and seamless treatments from her OB/GYN patients. “This is a great alternative to going to the operating room.”

One of the latest additions to Woods Aesthetics’ services, Thermage FLX is FDA-approved and can be used anywhere on the body. By using radio frequencies to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, the treatment offers speedy results and minimized discomfort. From start to finish, the treatment takes about 40 to 45 minutes. “Really, it’s just stimulating a natural process through gentle heat,” Rondee Jones, Aesthetic Clinician and Woods Aesthetics Practitioner says of the process. “And this is their latest generation called the FLX, which is a big deal because it has been many years since the last version of this laser has come out. They made [the FLX] stronger, but more tolerable than the previous one.”

Thermage FLX treatment on patient

The jawline is a popular spot for Thermage FLX treatment.

Dr. Woods giving Thermage FLX

As we age, the skin above our knees can become loose and begin to sag. Thermage FLX, being performed here by Dr. Woods, can help firm up the area in a quick, painless procedure.

Most patients who use Thermage FLX are simply in need of small lifts and simple smoothing to certain areas of the body. Sagging skin around the lips, jawline, neck, arms, buttocks or abdomen are all common concerns that can be addressed using Thermage FLX, Dr. Woods says. Often times, mothers seeking to reduce postpartum sagging or even patients who have lost weight and now have excess skin seek out this treatment. The goal isn’t to radically change the patient’s appearance but merely provide a subtle shift to boost the body and lift self-esteem. Valerie Derrick, Medical Aesthetician and Woods Aesthetics Practioner, adds, “Most people who we see don’t want to change who they are; they just want to refresh a little bit. They don’t want to look like someone completely different after receiving treatment.”

Before getting Thermage FLX, all patients are given a complimentary consultation to ensure that they’re a good candidate and the treatment will deliver the results they desire. While Thermage FLX is not a replacement for surgery, it certainly delivers favorable results without the pain and the time surgery entails. Plus, the treatment is much more forgiving on hectic schedules, which most women juggle daily.

Other than Thermage FLX, Woods Aesthetics also offers several other treatments to help women feel and look like their best selves. From microneedling and laser hair removal to injectables and chemical peels, Woods Aesthetics has a carefully curated list of treatments and services for patients to choose from. Because the aesthetic industry can often be overwhelming and tough to navigate, Dr. Woods and her team aim to deliver uncluttered solutions that give women the results they want.

Thermage FLX before and after

This patient’s results are undeniable! (Image courtesy of Solta Medical | Thermage)

Thermage FLX before and after

You can notice the difference on this patient’s skin — it appears tighter and more healthy. (Patient of Woods Aesthetics.)

By using radio frequencies to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, the treatment offers speedy results and minimized discomfort. (Patient of Woods Aesthetics)

All products and treatments, Jemma Hurst, R.N., BSN & Woods Aesthetics Practitioner notes, are carefully researched and vetted before they’re offered to the public. Because Dr. Woods has been treating women of all ages and skin concerns for many years, she and her team, take great pride in carefully selecting products and services that give a refreshed, rejuvenated result. Offering women the best — and safest — treatments on the market, she says, has and always will be Woods Aesthetics’ top priority.

“Unfortunately, age and gravity happen to us all. Even after losing weight or having babies, skin can start to sag. This treatment can help with that,” Dr. Woods says. “What we really want to do is help women feel good about themselves.”

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