In a city filled with fabulous church marquees, it’s a pretty bold statement to give the top nod to a taco joint, but this one makes us smile wide time and time again with its funny marquee quotes. Have you been to Rosepepper Cantina? The margaritas are amazing, the tacos legit and the ever-changing sign out front? It’s what Instagram was made for.

Looking back over the past three years, here are 78 of our favorite sayings from their marquee sign, broken down into three categories: “tacos & queso,” “tequila & margaritas” and “random stuff that made us laugh.” And, laugh you will — trust me.

All photos found on Rosepepper Cantina’s Instagram: @therosepepper

Funny Marquee Quotes From Rosepepper Cantina

Tacos & Queso

Funny Marquee Quotes

What my future daughter-in-law is sure to say to my son …

Funny Marquee Quotes

If only Nancy Reagan had thought to add this to the “Just say no” campaign.

Funny Marquee Quotes

It’s a fact.

Funny Marquee Quotes

I mean, it’s so true …

Funny Marquee Quotes

Paleo people, admit it. You miss queso SO MUCH.

Funny Marquee Quotes

I didn’t know Taco Tuesday was a thing, but okay, now I’ll add tacos to every Tuesday in my future.

Funny Marquee Quotes

The truth can be brutal, but everyone will understand this.

Funny Marquee Quotes

I just envisioned guac on my white jeans. Not what they meant, but just sayin’ …

Funny Marquee Quotes

Some of the signs are a clear moment in time.

Funny Marquee Quotes

Hey, if everyone arrived ready to love and eat queso, the world may be a better place.

Funny Marquee Quotes

Well, I like my emotions, but I totally get wanting to always be full of tacos.

Funny Marquee Quotes

A new way to say “every morning is a chance at a new day” or, I guess, more tacos. I like it!

Another moment in time sign. I guess we know that this sign is from the summer of 2016. Oh, so much Pokemon.

Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity. Rosepepper Cantina

I keep waiting for my yoga instructor to say this. Why doesn’t she say this????

All you need is love (and tacos). Rosepepper Cantina

Again, love and tacos. They go hand in hand.

The East Nashville LGBTQ community loved this one. And, looking at the comments on Instagram, rainbows and unicorns included, everyone else did, too! #lovewins. 🦄🌈

Queso Diem. Cheese the day. Rosepepper Cantina

You had me at “Queso Diem.” (Note that you can see the sign changes that came with the changing climate of social media. The sign used to have nothing around it, then it had #rosepepper and then, as Instagram took over the world, the sign changed to @TheRosepepper)

Save a turkey. Eat a taco. Rosepepper Cantina

Tacos for Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I worry taco eating isn't a real sport. Rosepepper Cantina

If only …

In queso emergency, pray to cheeses. Rosepepper Cantina

I may have teared up from giggling so hard reading this the first time …

Wanna hear a queso joke? Nevermind. It's too cheesy. Rosepepper Cantina

Every dad in America needs to repeat this to his kids.

A taco a day keeps the hangry away. Rosepepper Cantina

And, as of 2018, “hangry” is an official word. You knew that, right?!

If you don't like tacos, I'm nacho type. Rosepepper Cantina

I’m nacho type. 😂

Eat tacos. Not Tide Pods. Rosepepper Cantina

Obviously this sign is from late 2017. I mean, Tide Pods? Kids … there are tacos. What is the deal???

Abs are great, but have you tried tacos? Rosepepper Cantina

After being at the beach, I’d like more ab definition. But, there you have it … I like tacos better.

For anyone unfamiliar, 4-20 (April 20) is the day each year when all of Boulder, CO gets high. And others too. Four-twenty is a code word for marijuana.

Eat cheese dip ... cuz it's the right thing to do. Rosepepper Cantina

Straight up.

My head says gym but my heart says tacos. Rosepepper Cantina

It’s like they peeked into my life here 🌮.

You can't make everyone happy. You're not queso. Rosepepper Cantina


Valentine's Day is great and all, but have you tried tacos? Rosepepper Cantina

As someone who rolls my eyes at Valentine’s Day, I ❤ this so much.

My son cannot see this and know it’s a possibility to actually eat queso (which of course we all want to, right?!)

Pumpkin spice tacos are here! Just kidding, drink tequila. Rosepepper Cantina.

Obviously, this sign went up during autumn, when everything from toothpaste to coffee seems to be pumpkin spice flavored.

Speaking of tequila (photo above), let’s turn to signs from Rosepepper about tequila and margaritas … get ready to want to sit on a patio immediately upon reading the next batch of signs.

Tequila & Margaritas

If tequila and margaritas are your ideas of happiness, you will love these signs at Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville (and if you are in town, go have a margarita here as they are the real deal.)

I didn't text you. Tequila texted you. Rosepepper Cantina

Don’t text and drink. Really. Stop it!

Tequila, it's cheaper than therapy.

This makes me a little uneasy. Just being honest … but, I’ve had plenty of days where I’ve thought this.

I love Vanilla Ice. I love margaritas. I love this sign.

There is something about tequila and expressing your love …

Margaritas are proof that they universe wants us to be happy. Rosepepper Cantina

And, the universe does want us to be happy!!!

Goodbye in-laws; hello tequila. Rosepepper Cantina.

You know this sign went up after the holidays, right?

We're open and we have tequila; it's gonna be ok. Rosepepper Cantina

On those bad days … it’s gonna be okay.

Tequila may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot. Rosepepper Cantina


Brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast. Rosepepper Cantina

Just don’t wear one of those “brunching” t-shirts, mmmkay?

This day is only one margarita away from being a good one. Rosepepper Cantina

Why are margaritas so much better than other mixed drinks?

In tequila's defense, I've done some real dumb stuff sober, too. Rosepepper Cantina


This. This was January 2018. Maybe not everyone had as bad of a 2017 as I did, but man, it slayed me. Oh yeah, and there was the whole polarizing politics thing …

Everyone is nodding their head at this one. The months before the election, the aftermath, the way so many people treated each other. Tequila.

We got margaritas cold as your ex girlfriend's heart. Rosepepper Cantina

So many guys drove by this sign and just nodded their head. And, the ladies are still waiting on the boyfriend sign.

'Trust me. You're an amazing dancer." - Tequila. Rosepepper Cantina.

Don’t trust tequila.

Tequila made me do it. Rosepepper Cantina

This is NOT a defense!!!!!

In dog beers, I've only had one. Rosepepper Cantina

This is abundantly quotable.

Buy mom a margarita. You're the reason she drinks. Rosepepper Cantina

Harsh. But, Mother’s Day is coming up here before too long …

Margaritas. Because adulting is hard. Rosepepper Cantina

I have a personal bias against ‘adult’ being used as a verb, but in this instance, I completely embrace it.

We love margaritas as much as Kayne loves Kayne. Rosepepper Cantina

This means they love their margaritas more than anything else in the entire world. 😂🌎

This tequila tastes like I'm not going to work tomorrow. Rosepepper Cantina

When I read this, I imagined a friend of mine saying this and immediately laughed out loud. We all have that friend, right?

We’ve all been there. Even if was calling someone back in the days before texting. We called in “having the dialies” which meant drunk dialing.

Alright, now it’s time to just laugh out loud over silly thoughts that made it onto this sign.

Random Saying that Made Us Laugh

And with that sign, we welcome you to the last category of this tribute to the Rosepepper Cantina marquee sign. You’ll also have this song in your head for the next few days … sorry about that.

Why can't spring daylight savings happen at like 4 pm on a Friday? - Rosepepper Cantina

Okay, seriously. If the State House can vote on making daylight savings a permanent thing (you’ve heard about this, right?), then can we push for this, too? 🤔

Halloween, Rosepepper Cantina style!

Tell me you didn’t just laugh at this?! Ha!

Country Music Fest weekend + Stanley Cup playoffs meant TOO MANY PEOPLE in Nashville!

Happy Unsticking your thighs from a plastic chair season. - Rosepepper Cantina

I'm outdoorsy in that I like drinking on Patios. - Rosepepper Cantina

Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. - Rosepepper Cantina

Yes, you can never get it absolutely right …

The signs definitely get political, but just a little bit and always with a sense of humor.

This one went up during The Tomato Art Festival, the East Nashville festival that was attended by 60,000 in 2017.

The incorrect use of literally makes me figuratively insane. - Rosepepper Cantina

I will be #regramming this onto my own Instagram.

What's a ghost's favorite food? A boo-rito. - Rosepepper Cantina

Hello, parents of young kids. Another great joke to tell your kiddos!

And our last sign of the day leaves you with another song to cause another ear-worm.

If you don’t live on the eastside, next time you cross the river to East Nashville, stop by Rosepepper and grab a taco, some queso and a margarita. And, by all means, take a photo in front of their sign!

Rosepepper Cantina is located at 1907 Eastland Ave., Nashville, TN 37206. You can follow along with their Instagram — where all of these photos came from — at @therosepepper.