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Nashville girl and Belmont grad Emma Fitzpatrick took the nation by comic storm this past week with her parody performance in a YouTube video titled “For Your Consideration,” where she plays a faux Anne Hathaway singing about her quest for an Oscar. The video received over 800,000 views in just a few short days and landed Emma as part of the discussion on the TODAY show and Inside Edition, among others. StyleBlueprint catches up with Emma today in this special edition of FACES of Nashville.

Did the creators of this video know you, or did you have to answering a casting call?

A mutual friend actually suggested me for the role to the director. We only met the night before we shot.

Did this idea resonate with you from the start?

It didn’t take much convincing. <smile> I have been a huge fan of Les Miz and the music since I was a little girl. The chance to sing this music, and to make it funny… but of course.

How many takes occurred to make this video?

We did 8 takes all the way through the song, and ended up using the final take.

Did you cut your hair for the role?

I did not cut my hair for this role. In fact, it’s probably the only reason I ended up doing it – I looked the part. I’ve been rockin’ the “do” for about 7 years now.

We think SNL needs to call you and have you on stage with Anne Hathaway… if you were to come face to face with her, what would you say?!

I would probably say “please forgive me!” Ha ha.

Did you ever think the video would go this viral?

I had no plans or aspirations for this video. I release online content all the time. My band’s music. Videos I’ve done. Commercials. This was just a silly video I made with some cool people in an hour and a half in some dude’s living room. It’s absolutely insane the way it has taken off. I’m thrilled.

What do you miss the most about Nashville and the South?

I miss southern hospitality. I miss the country. Quiet. Coffee shop culture. The Belcourt. My family.

What is one piece of advice that has resonated with you?

“The moment that one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.” – Goethe

Is it true I am sending you this email while you are filming a GAP commercial?

I was definitely shooting a commercial. Here’s to more of that!

Can you name three things (excluding God, family and friends) that you can’t live without?

Well you took the best ones!  1) Alone time 2) Coffee 3) Bing Crosby Christmas Pandora

Thanks, Emma!

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