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You may have used the quarantine as an opportunity to experiment with new products or let your face go makeup-free for a few months, but now that we’re starting to get out of the house more, or at least considering it, it’s time to refresh our beauty routine. Whether you’re looking forward to the newest makeup trends or simply wondering how to best transition your skincare for the warmer weather, local expert Mary Kathryn Hudson of Private Edition and The Cosmetic Market is giving us tips on how to update and upgrade our makeup kits.

Woman with lipgloss being applied

It’s time to refresh your makeup!

Makeup Trends for Summer 2020, Perfect for Your Nashville Life

SB Note: To make it easier for you to check out the 10 products that Mary Kathryn suggests in her interview below, we’ve created a collage at the end of this article with photos and links to each product.

Hi, Mary Kathryn! Thank you for weighing in on makeup trends today. What is the number one recent makeup trend most women can wear?

The thing I am loving the most and I think everyone can wear is the “no makeup” makeup. It’s very natural and something that just looks beautiful and fresh. I think the key is that to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look, you actually have to wear makeup — and probably more than you would think. But it looks just stunning, and it’s like a breath of fresh air after we’ve had this big Instagram makeup trend of a really matte lip and heavy contour. This look is something that looks pretty on everybody, and it can enhance everyone’s features.

What is the trick to achieving the “no makeup” look?

The trick is to focus on the skin — working on perfecting your complexion is key. You may have to wear a foundation with slightly fuller coverage than you’re comfortable with or than you have in the past, but it’s about making sure you treat your skin right so that anything you’re putting on top of it melts in. Make sure the skin looks as beautiful and “glowy” as possible, and then go in and naturally accent with color. A few items that really help achieve a glowing complexion and blur imperfections are La Mer Hydrating Illuminator ($75) or Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Soothe and Illuminate Cream ($93). Put them under makeup to help achieve this look. Using a corrector and concealer under the eyes helps you look less tired and eliminate darkness under the eyes. My favorite is BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32).

Alternately, a lot of the current trends appear to be bold, with bright colors and eye and facial embellishments. How can a woman be on-trend without looking like a clown?

One trend we’re seeing a lot of is metallic, smoky shadows, and that’s where you can go in with color. It’s very current and a way to experiment. For spring, I love bronze and orchid colors. But just focus on one area — if you’re going to do something bold, focus either on the eye or the lip versus trying to do it all at once. Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Eyeliners ($34), Laura Mercier Eye Shadow ($29), By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Shadow Pen ($38) and RMS Eye Polish ($28) make this look easier to achieve.

As far as facial embellishments, less is always more. And obviously, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to do it! It’s not something I would say the majority of the population can pull off without it looking forced. I think there is a way to do it well for special circumstances, and I have seen embellishments on the lower lash and in the part of the hair that looks good, but the key is not to go overboard. I would keep it very minimal and simple if you choose to do that. Also, another way to achieve color on the eyes is to use pinks. They are beautiful. Trish McEvoy has a color called Raspberry ($20) that looks great on everyone.

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Spring makeup with metallic orange eye shadow

“One trend we’re seeing a lot of is metallic, smoky shadows, and that’s where you can go in with color,” Mary Kathryn tells us.

What do you think is inspiring this year’s makeup trends?

I feel like we’re seeing such a huge emphasis on clean and healthy everything. It’s about making sure everything we’re doing — whether it’s how we clean our house or the foods we’re eating or the skincare we’re using. Clean products are such a trend and for a good reason. The fact that everyone is looking into being clean and healthy has played a role in the minimal makeup trend.

What do you think is motivating the brighter, bolder looks?

Fashion always inspires beauty. We did see a lot on the runway earlier this year — bold colors and a ton of embellishments. I’m the director of hair and makeup for Nashville Fashion Week, and it’s up to us to take that and interpret it in our own way. That’s a show. So, how do you make that real? I would say fashion is always a source of inspiration for makeup trends and determining what’s in and what’s not for both makeup and hair.

What trends from seasons past are in. Which are out?

Lip gloss is back! I am so glad. We’re seeing a return to a glossier lip instead of a matte lip, which I love. Also, we’re seeing people get away from that heavily contoured face and going more natural.

What’s the one thing every woman should purge from her makeup bag regularly — and how frequently should that be?

Anything that touches your eye. Eyeliner, mascara … Those need to be frequently rotated because they’re coming into contact with that area of your face. You don’t want infections to spread, even if you’re just using it on yourself.

I’m a big believer, and I always have been, in refreshing for the season. It’s good to go through your makeup bag at least twice a year to purge. It’s amazing how gross makeup bags can get — and how quickly. So, it’s important to go through and at least clean it up. Make sure you wipe everything off; you can even use a tissue and wipe off eye shadows to make sure they’re fresh.

Mascara should be changed every three months. And while they shouldn’t be purged, you should keep your makeup brushes clean. They should be washed weekly, and many makeup brands make sprays that are easy to use every day. Jane Iredale makes a great brush cleaner ($20), and so does Trish McEvoy ($25).

Spring Makeup brushes

Mary Kathryn tells us to hold on to our makeup brushes, but be sure to clean them weekly.

When you’re in a rush, what is your go-to beauty hack?

I never leave the house without doing my brows. They frame your face, and groomed brows make an incredible difference in your overall look. In addition, I use a corrector and concealer under my eyes to make sure I look awake! I feel like when I do that, it brightens me up. Also, if I’m in a really big rush, I press oil into my skin because it gives my skin a glow. I use the Therapy Systems Multi-Use Nourishing Oil, which is an all-natural product. Finally, I part my hair in the middle and put it in a low bun. I think that always looks polished and pulled together very quickly.

What is your favorite new beauty product?

I have several. I am really into glowing skin, and I am loving RMS right now. It is not new, but I have been using the Living Luminizer ($38), and I love the natural glow it gives my skin — it is so much more natural than a traditional powder highlighter.  I also LOVE the One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil ($42) because it smells amazing and takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

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If you could impart one piece of makeup wisdom on our readers — just one — what would it be?

Don’t be scared to ask for help. A lot of times people watch Instagram videos to try to do things themselves. But really, it’s better to speak to a professional or try something on instead of basing it off of what someone else is doing. We’re all different, and our skin reacts differently to things. Colors look different on TV and in pictures than they do in person, and what one person wears that looks great on them may look terrible on someone else. It’s such a personal thing. You really need to experience it and try it on before you can tell if it’s going to look good on you. While we are not offering makeup applications right now, we’re helping clients choose the right products in-store, while adhering to the CDC-recommended guidelines.

palette of bright metallic eye shadows

This season’s eye shadow trend is bold, metallic colors.

Is there anything else we should know in terms of how to prepare our makeup routine or beauty bag for getting back out and about?

I would simply say to CLEAN and organize. Makeup is messy. Just like in your closet, you should toss things you do not wear or that are broken, and you should organize it in a way that makes it easy for you to get ready for the day. It is a good idea to look at your foundation and make sure you have the correct formula for the season and your skin type. Many times, for the spring and summer, we like to go with something a little more lightweight, and many times our skin changes season to season.

I would make sure you have a great lip gloss, bronzer, highlighter, a natural shadow, and some great blush. And don’t forget your brows! Have all your basics in place.

Thank you, Mary Kathryn, for all of the excellent beauty advice.

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