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Kroger has a new membership program called Boost, which I’ve taken for a test spin and wholeheartedly endorse. Longtime StyleBlueprint readers know that Kroger has been the recipe underwriter in our StyleBlueprint Nashville edition for many years. They make a great partner, as they really want us to only write about the things we genuinely like – they take a hands-off approach.

They asked me to try Boost and write about it only if I liked it, so I purchased the $99/year membership level; it has practically paid for itself in weeks. Here’s why!

Kroger’s Boost Membership: Free Grocery Delivery + In-store Grocery Prices

I’m completely over the cost of having groceries delivered with other platforms. I consistently find that the items are priced higher on those platforms than in-store, they have high delivery and service fees, and the expected tip is a lot.

With the Kroger Boost membership, items are the exact same price they are in the store, and the delivery is FREE for all orders over $35. There are no extra service fees, and the delivery is speedy, arriving in a little as two hours from when placed. There is a place to tip, and the suggested tip is actually a sane amount.

I’ve ordered twice in the past week. One time was before I went to bed, and I scheduled my order to arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. the next day. Everything was perfect, and it was placed on my doorstep, as I had checked the box asking them to just leave it at the door (meaning there was no need to ring the doorbell and wait for me to answer). I placed my second delivery at 6:30 a.m. and again had it scheduled to deliver between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. It arrived at about 8:30 a.m. and saved me time I did not have that day.

Kroger bags on front porch
The bags were dropped on my front door mat, and I had a text letting me know they had arrived. This was great, as I was on multiple meetings and did not have to worry about the doorbell ringing. Even my sweet pup was happy!

Fuel Savings

For every dollar you spend as a Boost member, you get two Kroger Fuel Points. That’s double the points you would typically get as a Kroger Plus member, which is their free membership. And, when Kroger runs 2x and 3x Fuel Point grocery promotions, you’ll always get one more point.

For every 100 Fuel Points, that’s 10 cents off a per gallon when filling your tank, which can be combined up to an entire dollar off per gallon! And, remember that participating Shell stations accept Kroger Fuel Points. This means that for every $50 spent, you’ll get 100 Fuel Points as a Kroger Boost member.

For the hundreds of dollars we spend each week at Kroger (hello, family of five), this adds up really fast. You’re doing the math, right?

Exclusive Discounts

I’m a fan of Kroger brands, particularly their Private Selection and Simple Truth labels. When you join as a Boost member, you immediately access tons of discounts, including everything on sale at Kroger that week and additional savings on Kroger brands. And, it isn’t particular items — it’s types of foods. So, if I bought three frozen Simple Truth items, I saved $3. That type of thing. I love having that flexibility.

Kroger products purchased via the Kroger boost program
I normally buy a lot of Kroger brand products, so seeing what was on sale and getting extra incentives (cost savings) to purchase was a total fit for me.
extra savings possible with the Kroger Boost membership
Here’s an example of the extra savings possible with the Boost membership.
More options to save with the Kroger Boost membership
More options to save with the Kroger Boost membership. I’ll take that 20% off Murray’s Cheese, please!

Two options for Boost

The $99/year option allows you to have free same-day delivery. The $59/year option simply means you’ll need to plan a bit more in advance as it’s free delivery, but not on the same day. So, you could technically order the night before and save $40 on your yearly subscription.

Worth It?

I definitely think it’s worth it. I typically move too fast to slow down and see if these programs are worthwhile, and I’m certainly glad I did for this one. We just sold our house and moved. Gas is high. The economy is worrying me a bit. And, this Boost membership makes sense — especially when I’m a bit more price conscious than I’ve been in the past.

Kroger Boost pays for itself so quickly, between grocery savings and fuel savings, it’s actually a no-brainer.

See more details on the Kroger Boost membership here.


While Kroger is an advertiser, this article is written after trying out the Boost membership and with Kroger knowing that I would only write about it if I liked the program.

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