What a joy it is to look through wedding photos where the couple is so obviously in love, and they have extra smiles and belly laughs along the way. Today, we are thrilled to showcase the wedding of Kathleen McCarthy Goff and Aaron Matthew Weber, who were friends for two years before realizing that love was staring them right in the face!

Photos today are by Mary Rosenbaum.

Beautiful laughing bride

Kathleen glows in her Oscar de la Renta dress.

Bride and groom at church

Kathleen and Aaron before the wedding

After dating a little more than a year, Aaron planned a big day before he popped the even bigger question. Kathleen awoke to him making pancakes in her apartment, and there were flowers covering the entire dining room table. As they ate breakfast, he told her that they were about to have an incredible day celebrating all the things they enjoy doing together. As he’s a fabulous cook, they have spent many meals at that dining room table, so that was the first activity. From there, they went to play golf and ended up at Mas Tacos. Each destination brought a new box. And, sneaky guy, he had said they were ending the day going on a trip (to throw Kathleen off as to when exactly he would propose, as obviously her antennae were up!). After other stops, they ended up back at the house in time to pack, and he told her to dress so that they could go straight to dinner when they got to where they were going. But they stopped by Percy Warner first, as that was another favorite spot, and right there the proposal happened. After that, Kathleen found out that they had gotten dressed to go to their engagement party at her sister’s house!

Eight months later, they were married. Their wedding shows off their good nature and sense of style. Kathleen got her wish with a wedding that was modern, yet timeless. As the couple owns the mobile boutique K. MCarthy, you would expect nothing less!

Kathleen Goff, Sissy Goff, Mother

Kathleen with her big sister, Sissy Goff (of Daystar Ministries), and their mom, who now lives in Nashville as well.

Flower girls and junior bridesmaids

Cuties in navy

The groomsmen swagger

Eleven groomsmen were on hand for Aaron.


A simple boutonniere adds just the right touch.

bouquets with lavendar bridesmaid dresses

Knestrick By Design created all the floral arrangements and bouquets.

bride with bridesmaids lavendar dresses

The lavender bridesmaids’ dresses are gorgeous and elegantly offset the bride’s gown.

flower wreath

White hydrangeas and whisper pink roses make for a gorgeous wreath.

brochure for the wedding

Invitations and paper were done by Donna Birtles Gifts and Stationery.

at the chapel

The wedding took place at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Bridal party on the trolley car

The wedding party was treated to a ride from the church to the reception at Hillwood Country Club. Little bottles of champagne made the ride even more festive!

Jim knestrick flowers

Knestrick By Design wowed with the flowers.

Wedding comfort food

The comfort food that Kathleen and Aaron both love featured three themes: Mexican, pasta and J. Alexander’s!

Leland Riggins Caramel Cake as a Wedding Cake

Leland Riggins’ caramel cake, a Nashville favorite, was used to make this spectacular wedding cake.

Selfies at wedding

This is a common scene everywhere today … this photo captures a cute selfie in the making.

Bride with bridemaids

Don’t you want to know exactly what is being said?!

The first dance

Aaron and Kathleen had a beautiful first dance as a married couple.

Grandmother on dance floor at wedding

Here, Kathleen’s mom is being cheered on!

mother of the groom dancing

Aaron’s mom shows off her sense of humor and ability to have fun! And the band Higher Ground was so fabulous that many left wanting them to travel for their own weddings!

Father of the bride is quite the dancer

Kathleen’s dad loves to dance and showcase serious moves on the dance floor.

guests dancing with bare feet

Note all the bare feet … a sure sign of a good time being had by all!

rose petals at end of wedding

Rose petals and good tidings are showered over the happy couple.

Bride and Groom Kissing in front of antique car

One last kiss before they drive away!

Congratulations to Kathleen and Aaron!

And, check out Kathleen and Aaron’s mobile boutique: K McCarthy!

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