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It’s not commonplace to think that memories are for sale — shared, passed down and given, yes; for sale, no. It is not commonplace except in the world of antiques. We all associate tangible items with memories. Once these tangible items reach a considerable age, they are labeled as antiques. And as they are passed down from generation to generation and seller to buyer, they absorb the memories of past owners and embody their history. These layers of history, whether known or unknown, are in fact what make antique pieces so valuable.

Take a pair of Danish leather chairs that command your attention, not just because of their stunning craftsmanship and buttery leather but also because of the history seeping from every inch of them. Which designer took the artistic leap to embrace the clean lines of modernism and reject the rigidity of traditional design? Were the chairs well loved until the early ’70s when affection of Danish style waned? How many people have taken a seat in them? How many places have they called home? Whatever the case, the stories are there — for you to learn or to imagine.

We can only dream up the history behind these Danish chairs found at Eneby Home.
We can only dream up the history behind these Danish chairs found at Eneby Home.

Everything from Danish chairs to a French dining table to a Swedish anatomical poster — all rooted in the past — can be found at Eneby Home, owned by Doug and Carina Jenkins who specialize in European pieces primarily from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and France. The couple first got a taste of the business and a love of antique and vintage pieces (and their stories) 10 years ago. Since that time, they have devoted their days to buying and selling rare antique and contemporary finds. “Our pieces inspire conversation,” Carina shares. “Everything has a history and we always try to share this history with our buyers. The items are one-of-a-kind and each is something special.”

Known for the quality of their goods and their fair pricing, Eneby Home has become a resource in antiques, modern and vintage furnishings for designers and high-end retail stores. The majority of their business is done with designers but anyone and everyone is welcome. Previously working in Atlanta, Eneby Home spent eight years making a name for themselves. Last December, they made the move to Nashville and opened a warehouse space in Donelson. “We really want to grow the business here in Nashville,” Carina tells us. Doug agrees and just wants people to know that they are here and they have some the best pieces in town.

Changing inventory is one thing that keeps Eneby Home on the top of everyone’s mind. Each item is handpicked based on current trends and Doug and Carina’s personal taste. “If you didn’t see something three months ago, come back. We always have something new,” Carina says. About seven to eight containers of goods are shipped directly from Europe each year (with three to four of those coming to Nashville) and their next one is set to arrive here in late November/early December. The 5,000-square-foot warehouse space they currently own is one place to see their inventory. You will find $500 art, $800 (or $7,000) seating and smaller décor items. The average price point is about $2,000 for sofas and $1,600 for lounge chairs.

Learn all about Eneby Home!
Eneby Home is a direct importer of European antiques and vintage furniture. Their recently opened warehouse space showcases their collection of furnishings and décor.
All of Eneby Home 's items are hand-picked in Europe
At the beginning, it was a guessing game as to what would sell. With nothing but their eyes for design, owners Doug and Carina selected European items that people loved. They started their hunt in Sweden but more frequently shopped Denmark in the last three to four years. More recently, they have been going to Belgium and France.
Elevate your space with antiques.
The décor items are unique and interesting. Just as is true with the furniture, these items are packed with history and stories. They will act as conversation starters in your home and elevate the style of any space. Image: Eneby Home
Mid-century modern is making a comeback.
Mid-century modern is making a comeback. These dining chairs perfectly showcase this trend in an authentic way! Image: Eneby Home
Antique and vintage art at Eneby Home
Eneby Home’s selection of art runs across the board. You will find still life, modern, abstract and landscapes. Although they became established for their furniture, people now come to them strictly for art, which typically ranges from $400-$600.
Furnishing direct from Europe!
“We buy what we like — and that changes,” Carina says. They take a look at what people are buying, what people are selling and current trends, which always are changing. Image: Eneby Home

Perhaps more attractive than the stories behind the furniture is the couple behind the business. Doug and Carina not only have an eye for the antiques but also an appreciation for the process. The initial motivator was a job that allowed their family to travel back and forth to Sweden from where Carina originally hails. “We were totally green … ” Doug starts, “but it worked out,” Carina continues. For eight years, Eneby operated outside of another seller’s warehouse in Atlanta. Their first direction for expansion was antique shows. They travel to Texas and New York four times a year for the biggest antique shows in the country. Brimfield Antique Show, which is held in Massachusetts, is the spot that StyleBlueprint first fell in love with Eneby — and Doug and Carina.

Owners of Eneby Home
This charming pair is the force behind Eneby Home. Visit them at the warehouse and don’t be surprised to find their adorable daughters hanging around!

Two years ago, Doug and Carina took a huge risk and moved into their own warehouse. “We are not new to this business at all but having it all to ourselves is new,” Doug says. Upon seeing their collection, it is immediately apparent that they are fluent in the language of antiques. To an outsider, this language and the antique world can be an intimidating one. Doug and Carina upend this notion. Not only will they learn as much as possible to share with you about what they are selling but they also are nothing short of honest. “We stand by what we sell in prices and authenticity. People buy from us because they believe us. We are honest and fair,” Doug shares. “In the end, people are paying for our eye.”

While the warehouse does not have regular hours, they invite you to make an appointment and stop by any time. You can check them out online, on Instagram and at 1stdibs but this will only give a glimpse into their offerings. “We constantly have new things, which makes it fun for people to shop,” Carina tells us. “The majority of our items have only been in the country for a month. Everything comes straight from Europe to the shows or our warehouse.”

One-of-a-kind inventory
“We offer the best price for the best quality,” Doug tells us. Their ever-changing inventory is one-of-a-kind!
Learn the trends in antiques
“Antiques are making a comeback,” Carina tells us. Leather and modern lines are two trends the pair are seeing. They spent time shopping in Paris this summer and noticed a rise in color (notably pink and red). They also see people gravitating towards mid-century lighting and high-end dining tables.
People travel from as far as California to shop Eneby Home's collection and we can see why!
People travel from as far away as California to shop Eneby Home’s collection — and we can see why! Image: Eneby Home
Antiques all have a history of their own
“We look for different things that you don’t see anywhere else,” Carina says. “We like to be the ones to have the stuff you haven’t seen before.” This is something they always hear from shoppers at the antique shows. People are surprised to see the extent of their inventory.

Eneby Home only has plans of growth in terms of inventory and space. In the future, you can expect to hear more and see more of what Eneby Home has to offer. The best way to keep up with them is via email. Sign up to receive news and updates. And the best way to see what they have to offer is to make an appointment to see the warehouse (by emailing [email protected] or calling (404) 512-4007). They also hold a few open hours (which are always changing), so keep your ears opened for news on those.

Eneby Home Warehouse: 219 Shady Grove Dr., Nashville, TN 37214


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