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Fast facts from Visit Music City’s website:

  • In 2018, 15 hotels opened with 2,304 rooms, with nine hotels and 1,219 rooms opening in 2017.
  • In 2019, 21 hotels with 2,803 rooms are scheduled to open.

It’s widely quoted that over the next few years, more than 15,000 new hotel rooms will be available in Nashville. To put that in perspective, the entire metro area currently has about 45,000 hotel rooms. Those new 15,000 rooms are just in Davidson County, not the metropolitan area. Plainly speaking, that’s a whole lot of new hotel rooms being added to our city. If you are thinking that tourism has peaked, it has not. Not even close.

With all the hotel growth in Nashville, one area of town that we don’t widely think of as having a bounty of hotels (but, yes, a bounty of Airbnbs) is East Nashville. However, that is now changing, and these new East Nashville hotels are piquing the interest of locals and tourists alike. Each place is distinctly different from the next, and each hotel’s offerings further cements East Nashville as a creative epicenter of Music City.

East Nashville Boutique Hotels

Urban Cowboy
1603 Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206 •  (347) 840-0525

Opened in March of 2016, the Urban Cowboy 8-bedroom hotel is the oldest of this “new” bunch. When this hotel opened three years ago, it created buzz immediately. It was embraced with their Public House Bar & Kitchen becoming an instant neighborhood hangout, a destination for others in Nashville looking to spend the evening in East Nashville, and tourists wanting to experience a uniquely Nashville destination. While the first Urban Cowboy was opened in Brooklyn, each of the two locations are true to their surroundings. Nashville’s location is in an old bed & breakfast that was housed in a magnificent Victorian house. The owners brought their unique interior design to the spot, and the old building had a very fun makeover. At once a gathering spot and a place to lodge, Urban Cowboy was perhaps the first hotel in Nashville that everyone would start off describing as “it’s just really cool.”

East Nashville Hotels Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy‘s East Nashville location is pretty grand and fabulous, right? Image: Ben Fitchett

East Nashville Hotels Urban Cowboy Nashville The Public House

The Public House is adjacent to Urban Cowboy and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Image: Ben Fitchett

East Nashville hotels - Urban Cowboy

Each of the eight rooms is unique and designed by the owners. Image: Ben Fitchett

105 S 11th St., Nashville, TN 37206 • (615) 730-5023

Opened in April of 2019, Vandyke “bed and beverage” also has just eight bedrooms, each named after a spirit (rum, tequila, wine, etc.). Locals commonly meet up here for a drink or meal, and each visit is seemingly captured on Instagram. Yes, this place is currently many an influencer’s desired backdrop, but trust us that Vandyke is appealing to all, influencer or not. Pronounced “Van Dyke” (a specific call out to all you Vandy alums in town who might be seeing “Vandy Ke” at first glance), this hotel is located near East Nashville’s Five Points, which ensures plenty of places within walking distance while simultaneously being a short few minutes’ ride to downtown Nashville. Vandyke was also recently named by Travel + Leisure one of “The Best New Hotels to Book Around the World in 2019.” If you can throw calories to the wayside, we highly recommend the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with pimento cheese and pickled squash served on a potato bun with fries. Oh, they also have a rooftop bar, which makes for the perfect spot to sip on an expertly crafted cocktail.

Vandyke “bed and beverage” has eight bedrooms, each named after a spirit.

The “Tequila” room has a decidedly Southwest vibe. Image: Jessica Amerson

The bar at Vandyke is a coveted backdrop for many an Instagram photo! Image: Jessica Amerson

The Russell
819 Russell St., Nashville, TN 37206 • (615) 861-9535

Opened in June 2019, The Russell hotel makes creative use of a 115-year-old church building with 23 guest rooms, each one distinct from the next. With modern amenities juxtaposed with original architectural elements, The Russell offers a tangible bridge between old Nashville and new Nashville. You’ll find headboards created from old church pews, exposed brick walls and trusses, and bright paint that was purposefully chosen to match the colors of the original stained glass that was thankfully preserved in this repurposed space.

The Russell has not only incorporated architectural details that pay tribute to the former church, but also the element of outreach to the community. A portion of profits is donated to the ministries that support the local homeless community with an average weekend stay providing the homeless 16 nights in a bed, 100 free showers or 30 free meals.

The Russell makes it easy to enjoy a trip to Nashville with its central location, vibrant comfortable room and suites, and the knowledge that you are giving back, leaving the city a better place than when you first arrived.

East Nashville Hotels - The Russell

The Russell’s bright color scheme is pulled right out of this original stained glass window in its lobby. Image: Andrea Behrends

East Nashville Hotels - The Russell

Bright colors perfectly mix with the old church building at one of Nashville’s newest hotels, The Russell. Image: Ryan Mclemore

East Nashville Hotels - The Russell

The church marquee was preserved as the welcome sign at The Russell. Image: Ryan Mclemore

The Dive Motel & Swim Club
1414 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207 • (615) 650-9103

Opened on August 5, 2019, The Dive Motel & Swim Club is a complete homage to the 1960s and ’70s. It’s part pool party, with day passes and annual memberships available along with locker rooms for changing. It’s part dive bar. And, with 23 guest rooms, it’s part motel. Not hotel, but motel. From shag carpeting to wall murals to the addition of a “party switch” (think lights and disco balls), The Dive Motel is the antithesis of a modern-day hotel that tries to appeal to everyone. This place is fun, weird, different and decidedly within a well-defined lane. I remember my mom talking about going to a cocktail party with several ambassadors in 1970s Washington, D.C. A lady there was completely topless, but with hair just long enough to cover her breasts. And, my mom insisted that she was oh-so-chic. THAT is the 1970’s vibe that this hotel reminds me of. This place works for the tourist who wants a completely outside the box experience and for the local who just wants a place to swim, perhaps a concert by the pool and a cool spot to grab a beverage. Yes, we’re thinking Music City will embrace The Dive Motel with gusto.

The Dive Motel is owned by the same owners as Urban Cowboy, so expect the same attention to detail and a similar fun vibe.

The Dive Motel Nashville TN

This is one of the 23 guest rooms at The Dive Motel, where room rates start at $150/night. Image: Ben Fitchett

The pool at The Dive Motel in Nashville TN

You don’t need to stay in a guest room to enjoy the pool at The Dive Motel & Swim Club. You can buy a day pass or an annual pass, which is great as in East Nashville, the only other public pool option is at the YMCA. This is for ages 21+. Image: Ben Fitchett

The Dive Motel Guest Room with a Party Switch

Each room at The Dive Motel comes with a “party switch,” which turns on the lights of the disco ball as well as gives you options for four different types of music. Image: Ben Fitchett

Fieldhouse Jones
811 Main St., Nashville, TN 37206 • 615-650-9075

Fieldhouse Jones opens on August 14, 2019, rounding out this list of amazing places to stay in East Nashville. This is their second location, with the first in Chicago. With 93 rooms; a panoramic view rooftop bar, Neon Mango (opening in the fall of 2020); and a groundfloor restaurant/bar, Assembly Hall; Fieldhouse Jones will nicely round out the newest boutique hotel offerings on the east side. Room options include shared rooms, private hotel rooms, apartment-style rooms, and vacation-style lofts. Another fun fact is that their lobby is filled with antiques curated by Architectural Artifacts and Siren Betty Design; if you love a piece, each is for sale. This hotel is housed in brand-new construction with on-site parking and is centrally located on Main Street.

Fieldhouse Jones East Nashville Hotels

Here is a rendering of the exterior of Fieldhouse Jones.

East Nashville Hotels - Rooftop Bar at Fieldhouse Jones

This rooftop rendering for Fieldhouse Jones looks to be GORGEOUS. We can’t wait to check it out when it opens in the fall of 2019.

With 15,000 hotel rooms being added in Davidson County over the next few years, we can solidly say that these 157 rooms offered between these five hotels are wonderful additions!


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