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From our first birthstone necklace to our longed-for engagement ring, golden anniversary remembrance and all the treasured gifts in between, jewelry elicits an emotional response like no other. And when it comes to heirloom jewelry, the attachment can be nearly unbreakable. Although we may not wear something so ornate, heavy or out of date, we just can’t bear to part with something as special as Mama’s ring or Grandmother’s brooch. With Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry, you don’t have to keep those cherished pieces tucked away. Owners Hollie Williams and Winter Reynolds specialize in creating custom designs to give old pieces new life.

Sapphire and diamond ring from Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

This beauty was created using gems from an older setting for a fresh, dazzling look. Image: Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

Sapphire, diamond and silver jewelry from Holly Winter

This sapphire stunner was created from the stones of the two heirloom pieces below. Image: Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

Walking into the Germantown store is like walking into a jewelry box itself. The elegant, neutral palette lets the true stars of the show – the jewelry – shine and sparkle. The crystal chandeliers, soft grey tones and perfect lighting create a soothing atmosphere, enhanced by the warmth of the welcome. “We want our customers to feel relaxed and that buying our jewelry is fun,” says sales associate Ashley Lunsford. “There is no pressure to buy anything – our customers feel comfortable just looking.”

Winter agrees, saying, “We want our customers to feel like a part of our family. I think the unforced feeling of our store is one of the things that sets us apart, along with our unique selection and custom pieces.”

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Hollie Winter offers a carefully curated new inventory, creates new custom-designed items, and redesigns and repurposes no-longer-worn pieces. “There’s no point in having old jewelry sitting around,” Winter says. “We work with our customers to create something they will wear and enjoy.”

For reimagined jewelry, customers and staff collaborate throughout the entire process. Customers will often look on social media to find a style they like, and the staff will generate a computer image to illustrate a design. From there, it’s a matter of tweaking until the look is perfect. Recent projects include designing an engagement ring using the prospective groom’s grandmother’s diamond and creating one stunning necklace using the stones from two more cumbersome necklaces and two sets of earrings.

Diamond and sapphire stones from Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

BEFORE: A customer may bring in old pieces with perfectly beautiful stones. Winter, Hollie and their staff then talk with the customer to determine exactly what they are looking for in a redesigned or customized new ring. Image: Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

Computer image of ring

BEFORE: Once Hollie and Winter figure out the customer’s vision, they create a rendering of the piece. This helps the customer see details of their reimagined heirloom come to life. Image: Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

After shot of diamond and sapphire ring at Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

AFTER: Once the computer rendering is complete, Winter and Hollie get to work and create a beautiful piece using original stones from the heirloom. This finished product is breathtaking! Image: Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

In addition to bringing older pieces to new life, the store offers an exquisite selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and more in beautifully lit display cases, along with unique artisan-crafted pieces from local makers. “We want to offer jewelry women can look at, love and buy for themselves,” says Winter. “Most of us can’t walk in and buy a really expensive piece without consulting a partner, so we want to offer stylish items you can wear out of the store. In fact, the greater percentage of our customers are women shopping by themselves, for themselves.”

Silver and gold bracelet and ring settings

How great are these silver bracelets with just a touch of gold? Hollie Winter also has ring settings available so customers can select (or bring in) the perfect gemstone.

Hollie Winter offers selections of both classic, timeless fine jewelry and top new looks. What’s trending now? “Stacking and layering for rings, as well as necklaces,” says Ashley. “Yellow gold is making a comeback, and mixing your metals is a great look.”

Personalized jewelry is also very on-trend with words in script becoming as popular as initials. Along with yellow gold, chain link necklaces and bracelets are having a resurgence. And for engagement rings, halos are out; simple, classic solitaires are in!

Silver and gold bracelets for stacking

Stacking jewelry and mixed metals are popular trends right now, and we see why with these elegant diamond bracelets in gold, silver and rose gold.

Silver and gold rings from Hollie Winter

Hollie Winter’s choices are plentiful for choosing a dainty look with one or two rings or going bold by wearing more.

Both Hollie and Winter have years of experience and expertise in the field. “My mother was in the business for 35 years, so I was born and raised in the jewelry industry,” says Hollie, who worked for Bailey Banks & Biddle before working as a gem broker out of her home. The two met working as brokers for another establishment, and they decided the time was right to open their own store with their own vision. Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry opened its doors in Germantown two years ago.

Winter, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is a Gemologist®, one of the most prestigious credentials in the industry. She is qualified to evaluate gemstones, grade diamonds and assign value based on quality, rarity, color and market factors – in short, customers can rest assured of the quality of their purchases.

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In fact, they have become so trusted that some clients make purchases after FaceTime consultations without ever coming into the store. “We’ve FaceTimed with clients from New York, Arkansas, Mississippi and Colorado,” says Hollie. “Clients select the gemstones and settings, and they trust us to create the perfect piece.”

Hollie also says word-of-mouth attracts customers from all over the region. “We recently had four women from Mississippi come in with six projects each for us – all custom designs. We have so much fun working with all of our clients. We are truly blessed.”

Opal rings from Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry

We love these two elegant opal rings created using the stones from one older, more ornate ring.

Hollie Winter Fine Jewelry is located at 9155 Poplar Avenue, Suite 18, Germantown, TN 38138. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn more at (901) 474-7427.


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