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I’ve been into cooking eggs in unexpected ways lately. It all started with frying eggs in cream instead of oil or butter. The results were crazy good (recipe here — a must-try). So, when my teenaged daughter showed me a video of someone creating teeny sandwiches by frying slices of raw egg, which is only possible once you freeze the egg, I was all in on trying this. Then, I was reading an old issue of Food & Wine and it referenced cooking scrambled eggs super slowly and on low heat. I tried these low-and-slow scrambled eggs, and the results are a polenta-like consistency of creamy, rich eggs that are perfect to spread on a piece of toast … or I suppose Keto lovers could dip their bacon into these eggs.

If weekends call out to you to try cooking something new, just for the fun of it, try these two new (and perhaps strange) ways to cook eggs. It’s fun to do, and the only ingredients needed are … eggs!

Frozen, sliced fried eggs

The only way to create mini fried eggs is to either find quail eggs to somehow crack and cook, or to freeze an egg, peel it, slice it and fry it. There is a weird excitement about slicing a frozen egg and frying it. It’s bizarre, and there is no way to do it without smiling. You’ll also be calling your friends or family over to see.

Two frozen shells with yolk — strange ways to cook eggs

Freeze an egg (or two) in the shell for at least 2 hours. When it freezes, it will expand and break the shell, but the egg white that oozes out is frozen, so it won’t mess up your freezer.

Two frozen eggs after the shell has been peeled —  strange ways to cook eggs

Then, run it quickly underwater and the shell almost slides off. It takes seconds, and you are left with a raw, shelled, frozen egg.

Two frozen eggs, sliced and ready to fry —  strange ways to cook eggs

From here, slice each frozen egg into 4-5 slices.

Slices of frozen eggs frying in a pan —  strange ways to cook eggs

Fry the egg slices in oil or butter, your choice.

Fried eggs on top of tuna salad —  strange ways to cook eggs

Take a piece of bread and toast it and then cut it into 1/4 pieces to make mini sandwiches. Here, the teeny fried eggs are atop some tuna salad and then sprinkled with salt flakes. This would also work for sliders!

Low-and-slow scrambled eggs

For these eggs, get ready to stand at the stove for at least 15 minutes. Perhaps you need a good podcast playing or something to watch on TV as this takes time.

Start with six eggs and whisk them in a bowl. Add salt and pepper. If you would like to add cheese or some chives, do so, but you don’t have to. I added 1/3 cup white cheddar cheese to the six eggs and one tablespoon of chives. No need for cream or milk.

Add butter to a frying pan and use a small eye of your stove, with the heat on low. After the butter has melted, add your eggs and whisk them like you are cooking a roux. Keep going. It’s almost as if you are moving the eggs so much that you are ensuring that they don’t have a chance to cook. After about five minutes, you’ll notice that they are getting thicker. After 10 minutes, even more so. But, it takes the full 15 minutes, or at least it has for me the several times I’ve cooked eggs this way, for them to fully cook.

The low-and-slow scrambled eggs, once cooked, will be almost like polenta — dense and moist. Spread them on some toast for two to three people to enjoy. I’m sure these eggs would taste great smeared on a sandwich like mayonnaise.

Slow cooked scrambled eggs —  strange ways to cook eggs

Here are six low-and-slow scrambled eggs.

When foods we are so accustomed to cooking present new ways to enjoy them, that makes cooking extra fun!


Looking for more ways to cook eggs? Try fried eggs cooked in cream. They are amazing!

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