Jan 2016

I started to write this article a few months ago, but then I reconsidered as I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, and this may. But it’s 2016 and I’m still seeing them …Tough love is needed here. It seems thousands of women just don’t know, and their friends aren’t telling them, and this can’t go on. I’m here today to try to put an end to it all.

Please, these jeans … they need to leave the closets of everyone over the age of 12. If you have been looking for an opportunity to let your friend or family member know, just post this to your FB page. Believe me, they’ll get the message: sparkly and bedazzled pockets are out. They’ve been out, and they are still out. And, if you are over the age of 30, wearing bedazzled jeans also ages you, just like frosted blue eye shadow and frosted tips.

Just because some stores still sell these jeans does not mean there is any requirement to purchase them!


Bedazzled pockets on jeans ... a trend that has seen better days.

Bedazzled pockets on jeans … a trend that has seen its better days. Images: Buckle and Miss Me

It’s of note to mention that for women, NOT ONE PAIR of these jeans are sold online via Nordstrom. Not one. Sure, there are many things that Nordstrom sells that I’m not a big fan of, but when such a retail style leader decides not to sell ANY of an item, we should take note. (Note: There are a few Miss Me jeans for the younger gals/preteens and Rock Revivals for men. There are NONE for grown women, and I highly question why they sell these to men!).

No bedazzled jeans at Nordstrom

However, when you search for “embellished jeans” on the Nordstrom website, you will get 16 results (because the inventory changes daily, this is not a set-in-stone number). NOT ONE is for embellished pockets. Four are for cropped jeans with some sort of embellishment at the cuff — they are awful, as well; don’t buy those either. The others are for added zippers, fringe, paint splatters. Just say no. And these 16 results were out of 1,654 options for women’s jeans and still no rhinestones on the back pockets.

When you wear these jeans, they are making a statement that you may not want to make.

“Just because some stores still sell these jeans does not mean there is any requirement to purchase them!”

The biggest culprits have got to be the brands Miss Me and Rock Revival. I get it. Some women embrace that rodeo/country look. But I promise you, a dark pair of jeans, or even a distressed pair, will happily elevate your look. No rhinestones required (plus, it’s much kinder on your home and car upholstery … ).

There, I’ve said it. Consider this a public service announcement. That irritating sound that the radio makes to test the public broadcasting system? That’s this article. It’s saying to stop wearing bedazzled jeans, okay? They’ve been out for at least seven years. Four years ago, they were out. Last year? No way. This year? Girl. Stop it.

#stopwearingthosejeans #nobedazzlebutt


UPDATE: Wondering what others are saying about bedazzled jeans on Facebook? We gathered some of our favorite comments we could see on public walls, all about this one article, and we made an article featuring said comments. One thing is for sure, Opinions Vary Greatly on Bedazzled Jeans!

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