Atlanta native Cinda Boomershine knows good design and brings it right to our fingertips. Her wildly-popular cinda b collection of bags launched in 2004 and Cinda continues to gracefully guide her brand’s ascent into the retail stratosphere. Today, we talk to Cinda about her unbelievable eye for finding artistry in line and pattern, and her understanding of both form and function … as well as her inspiring passion and purpose.

You were born into a creative family and that design literally flows through your veins. Tell us about that DNA!

I am blessed with amazing parents who are both incredibly creative and talented. My Dad is an architect and builder who specializes in high-end custom homes. My mother is a kitchen designer. I like to say that she is the best of June Cleaver, Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker all rolled up into one fabulous Mama.

The cinda b patterns are graphic and bold, while still retaining a timeless element. What are your best sources for design inspiration?

I get design inspiration from a myriad of different things–everything from current magazines and trend services to vintage interior design books and clothing. But I get most of my inspiration from my travels. I love getting out of the office, exploring our wonderful world and pulling the essence of something fabulous that I have seen into a new pattern.

Who are some of your favorite designers—past and present?

I love designers who really know how to embrace pattern and color. David Hicks, Dorothy Draper, Kelly Wearstler, Miles Red, Jonathan Adler, Trina Turk and Diane Von Furstenberg are among the best at doing that. But I also admire designers who know how to use restraint and simplicity to create drama. Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and even Rachael Zoe do a great job at that.

“Avid Traveler.” That’s a bit of an understatement. What have been your most memorable travel excursions? Where do you want to go next?

In 1999 my husband was between jobs and I was getting my MBA, so we took four months off to backpack around the world. It was an incredible experience that completely changed my outlook on life. Seeing so many other countries around the world made me realize just how fortunate we are here in America. I am so grateful and appreciative for all that America offers to its citizens. That said I still love exploring other countries. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is definitely a place I’d like to visit soon.

Have solutions to your own travel conundrums shown up in the cinda b collection?

Absolutely! In fact, the very first cinda b bag was inspired by a travel conundrum. I was traveling so much for work that I was basically living out of a duffel bag. I was annoyed that the opening into that duffel was too small and didn’t allow me to put in stacks of folded clothes or easily rummage through the bag. So I designed the Weekender with its signature Wide Mouth Opening™ and the cinda b brand was born. I still obsess over every detail on every bag to make sure it is perfectly functional to meet a modern woman’s needs.

Back home, you’ve made a commitment to producing a “Made in the U.S.A.” product. What impact has that decision had on your corporate culture?

The biggest impact it has had on our corporate culture is that our sewers are part of our corporate culture. Our bags don’t magically appear in a container from overseas. Instead, you can walk through the factory any time, see the bags being made and talk to our wonderful sewing team. It has also helped drive home the importance of buying other products made in America. Regardless of whether we are sourcing hardware for a bag or buying office supplies, whenever possible we buy American made.

Recently, cinda b announced a MAGICAL new partnership. Can you give StyleBlueprint readers more detail about this “Wish Upon A Star” come true?

It is so exciting! Disney is bringing cinda b into a store in Epcot that sells only items made in America. We are crossing our fingers and toes (and wishing upon a star) that the bags fly off the shelves. If they do, Disney will consider selling cinda b in more stores throughout the park, and we might even be able to do a custom pattern for Disney. My mind is already spinning with creative possibilities. But regardless of what happens, I am just so thankful that Disney has a store dedicated to American-made products. We need more stores like that across America.

The cinda b blog gives us a peek behind the scenes and updates on all your adventures. You are one active lady! Do you ever slow down? What do you do to decompress?

I must give credit where credit is due. None of this would be possible without the amazing team I have at cinda b and my amazing family at home. They are the only way I am able to keep up and occasionally slow down. To decompress, I go for a run. It is my alone time and the time when I often come up with my best, most inspired ideas.

You grew up in Atlanta and still make your home here. What are your local faves — restaurants, shops, sights?

It is so hard to pick favorites, but since you asked, here goes. For great food we typically go to JCT for a nice dinner with friends or clients, Yeah Burger for a casual family dinner (their Brussels sprouts are to die for), OK café for take out (we get veggie plates) and Henri’s bakery for sandwiches and cakes. In terms of shopping, I go to Pieces and Bungalow for home furnishings and accessories. Lush Life and Boxwoods are great spots for plants and gifts. Tootsies and Ann Mashburn are two great spots for clothing. My favorite Atlanta sight is the Atlanta History Center.  Tour the Swan House and have lunch at the Swan Coach house for a true Atlanta experience.

From interior designer to television host to successful entrepreneur, you’ve conquered them all. Any secret careers you ponder? How would you fill in the blank: “I’ve always been curious about what it’d be like to be a _______.”

Rock star. I am seriously lacking in talent to make that dream come true, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been curious about it. And if you are going to dream, why not dream big?

What’s your favorite book, or on your personal “must-read” list?

I am a big fan of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. It was the first business book I ever read and remains my very favorite.  I also love Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. It is a fascinating read.

What’s on your bedside table right now?

I typically don’t have anything on my bedside table except a glass of water. After I put my daughter to bed, I go back to work for a few hours. I make myself quit work at midnight and I am usually in bed sound asleep by 12:15. However, I just received an early copy of Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic. by Bill Jensen. I am actually quoted in the book so I am very excited to read it.

Other than faith, family and friends, what are three things you couldn’t live without?

  • My iPhone (aka the magic box)
  • My running shoes (aka my sanity)
  • A cinda b of course!

You’re tireless, Cinda, and your energy is absolutely infectious! Thanks so much for sharing your spirit with us. Shop for cinda b bags all over Atlanta, the nation, internationally and on the web: 

Big thanks to our talented photographer, Amy Lesesne, who captured that signature Cinda glow in her beautiful photos.

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