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From adorable animals to inspiring quotes, Instagram is filled with accounts bringing daily doses of joy to their followers. Whether you want motivation or you simply need a laugh, here are 12 positive Instagram accounts to follow right now.

12 Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Positivity Fix


Good News Movement

Described as a “journalist-run page for GOOD NEWS,” this feed delivers with touching photos, sweet videos and motivating headlines. For a daily fix of good news, add Good News Movement to your follow list.

Good News Movement brings a bit of positivity and humanity to your day. Image: Good News Movement

Positively Present

Positively Present was founded by author, blogger and illustrator Dani DiPirro. She created her brand based on the idea of living “positively present,” or living in the moment while focusing on the positives in every situation. Her Instagram does just this as she posts colorful graphics with inspiring reminders. Dani’s posts give tips on how to be more positive, live in the moment and spread joy.

Positively Present Instagram account

Positively Present gives followers daily reminders of how to live in the moment and focus on the good. Image: Positively Present

All Things Lilly Ann

All Things Lilly Ann will spruce up your Instagram timeline with daily inspirational quotes and a pop of color. What started as a fascination with fonts and illustrations has turned into a successful business with more than 65,000 followers. Lilly Ann’s feed radiates positivity with her adorable graphics promoting kindness, female entrepreneurship and body positivity.

Quote from All Things Lilly Ann Instagram

All Things Lilly Ann provides a daily dose of motivation and bright colors. Image: All Things Lilly Ann

Humans of New York

Humans of New York started in 2010 as a photography project. Now, 10 years later, the Instagram account has accumulated millions of followers. Each post features a photograph of a New Yorker with a caption telling extraordinary stories of the seemingly “average” individual. Past posts have told inspiring stories of love, loss and mental health.

Humans of New York, a positive Instagram account

Humans of New York digs deep into the human race, uncovering what makes individuals special. Image: Humans of New York

Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is an online community helping women achieve their dream careers. With such an inspiring mission, it’s no surprise the organization’s Instagram feed is filled with endless positivity. From quotes to career advice and stories from successful female entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of encouragement coming from this account.

Woman standing above quote on ground

Whether you’re looking for career advice or just a simple pick-me-up, Create & Cultivate’s Instagram has got you covered. Image: Create & Cultivate

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Fashion Dads

Sometimes we all just need a good laugh, and Fashion Dads definitely delivers. From khaki pants to socks with sandals, this hilarious Instagram account covers the unique fashion choices of dads everywhere. And if that isn’t enough, each post is accompanied by a caption written like it’s from your favorite influencer showing off their outfit before hitting the town.

Fashion Dads Instagram account

This dad brings a whole new meaning to “business casual.” Image: Fashion Dads

Jill the Squirrel

Jill the Squirrel features Jill, a 7-year-old squirrel rescued from Hurricane Isaac, and gives followers an inside look into the life of a squirrel. Whether she is snuggling up in a blanket or having an afternoon snack, Jill’s daily activities are a surefire way to bring a smile to your face. After all, what’s better than seeing a squirrel wearing clothes?

Jill the Squirrel, a positive Instagram account

Follow along with Jill the Squirrel as her owner documents her daily life. Image: Jill the Squirrel

Influencers in the Wild

If you’ve ever wondered just how much work and planning goes into an influencer’s Instagram post, consider this your behind-the-scenes look. Influencers in the Wild is a stream of crowd-sourced posts that capture influencers of varying types doing their thing — and they often come with a humorous twist. This one is a rabbit hole, though. You’ve been warned.

A steady stream of videos offers a humorous behind-the-scenes looks at the work that goes into being an influencer. Image: Influencers in the Wild

Round Animals

Round Animals is an Instagram account you never knew you needed, and it is another great option for finding adorable animals. As the name suggests, this account features round versions of pretty much any animal you can think of, including dogs, pigs, ducks and more.

Round dog in hat and sunglasses

Need we say more? Image: Round Animals


National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Travel lets you explore the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Its bio says it best: “It’s a big world. Explore it through the lens of our photographers.” The account features images from some of the best travel photographers, serving as a reminder of how breathtakingly beautiful the planet is. From Alaska to Paris, this account is the perfect virtual getaway.

Hawaii beach from National Geographic Travel, a positive Instagram account

Escape to the beaches of Hawaii and more through National Geographic Travel’s Instagram feed. Image: National Geographic Travel

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Girls’ Night In

Girls’ Night In is an organization all about self-care. It’s built on the idea that as our lives get busier, the more important caring for ourselves becomes. Featuring inspiring writings, self-care methods and even some cute animals, the official Girls’ Night In Instagram reminds us to take a step back and listen to our bodies. And for an extra dose of positivity, sign up for GNI’s weekly Friday newsletter.

Girls' Night In, a positive Instagram account

Follow Girls’ Night In for self-care tips. Image: Girls’ Night In

Five Minute Journal

Based on a journal providing daily guided gratitude exercises, the Five Minute Journal Instagram account uses inspiring quotes and mindful reflections to encourage followers to become the best version of themselves. If you’re looking for ways to find a quiet moment in your busy life – even if it’s just five minutes – following this account serves as a helpful reminder to do so.

Five Minute Journal Instagram account

Five Minute Journal’s Instagram account uses inspiring quotes and reflections to promote gratitude and happiness. Image: Five Minute Journal


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