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A good scroll session is a welcomed indulgence to punctuate our days of work and hours of errands. But why not feast your eyes on some truly remarkable material that inspires and uplifts!? From old forgotten houses and dreamy décor to scenic vistas and mouth-watering dishes, here are 10 Southern-centric Instagram accounts we just can’t take our eyes off of!

1. @wildsam 

This Austin, Texas-based book publisher is behind the little colorful pocket-sized field guides you’ve seen all over the place. Now with 30+ different guides in print — including some fabulous ones about the National Parks — Wildsam displays beautifully curated words and imagery to “awaken your sense of wonder — at home, on the road, in your imagination.” If you love finding the USA’s tucked-away gems and learning the stories behind them, this feed is for you.


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2. @southernexplorersclub

Outdoor lovers, take note! Tennessee photographer Sean Fisher (@mr.bootstraps) is behind this visual chronicle of stories and places across the South. He posts a lot of his own work and the work of other photographers across the South … all urging you to get out and explore your own backyard. From majestic scenery and waterfalls to cozy cabins and tiny towns, you get it all here. Feast your eyes!

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3. @happyhensandhighlands

We just cannot get enough of the cuteness overload emanating from this account. Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Happy Hens & Highlands Farm was established by one local couple in 2014 to give beautiful Scottish Highland cattle a place to live outdoors in harmony with nature. The cattle are raised for registered breeding stock, pasture pets, and to sell to hobby farms to use for mowing down pastures. You get to see them being loved on and living their best lives on this page. Run, don’t walk.

4. @jinsdesk

Jin Kim is a lettering and illustration expert and all-around graphic design wizard living in Nashville, Tennessee. She shows her colorful, mesmerizing work on her page, but the messages held within are what keep us coming back to scroll time and time again. She’s a thoughtful writer and always seems to post the reminders we need to read that day. There’s room for YOU at Jin’s desk, too!


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5. @covermeinivy

There is so much drool-worthy architecture, landscaping, and curb appeal to be found in this Atlanta-based account. Each home features sheets, tangles and patterns of ivy creeping up the walls. You’ll also get some useful intel about the types of architecture, ivy and flowers on display in each shot.


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6. @twocupsflour

Jenn Davis is a photographer, recipe developer, and stylist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Her Instagram account is as tasty as the food she cooks. It’s rustic-chic culinary whimsy mixed in with good-for-the-soul Southern baking. Glean some inspiration for your next soirée — not only what to cook but how to serve it and dress your table. It’s one of the most aesthetically appealing food accounts we’ve ever seen.

7. @soulgrown_alabama

This Alabama-centric account showcases parts of rural, coastal, and urban Alabama — both well-known and unknown. Even those in other parts of the South will love this inside peek into the homes, culture, history and scenery of the state.

8. @theparismarket

This beloved European-style shop and café has outposts in Savannah, Georgia, and Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, but its Instagram feed transports you across the globe. Stunning maximalist interiors, florals, curios, and landscapes abound on this page. It’s like Alice In Wonderland meets a sensory-laden Parisian flea market. We cannot stop scrolling.


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9. @theforgottensouth

Run by Floridian and self-proclaimed history nerd, photographer, and historian, Kelly Gomez, this account is dedicated to preserving history through photography and stories of forgotten places. Follow Kelly through the South as she tells tales of old homes, estates, churches, and more. The captions are truly where the magic lies, as Kelly researches and unearths as much history as she can about each property using property records, census data, birth and death certificates, obituaries, old newspaper articles, and more!

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10. @heywanderer

Last but certainly not least, this account mixes together a little bit of everything home — DIY projects, van life, outdoor patio goals, gardening, etc. — with a whole lot of whimsy and color. Learn some new tricks to bring to your next home project, or just swoon at the incredible scenes they’ve created!


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