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You loved the roundup of organization hacks we shared in early January for a New Year’s refresh, and we’re back with another set of clever tips and products just in time for spring cleaning season. From smart storage solutions to an easy way to elevate your toilet brush (literally), you’ll wish you’d heard these tricks sooner.

Create a storage container map.

We’ve learned that containers are the key to an organized home. But how many times have you come home with shopping bags full of fun containers, only to find that they don’t really fit your drawers? Next time, cut a piece of paper to fit the exact measurements of your drawer, shelf, or closet and take it with you to the store. That way, you can find a combination of containers that are a guaranteed fit. Can’t believe we didn’t think of that — we have @amna_mher to thank for this one.

With a little extra measuring and mapping, you can use this hack for online shopping, too. When we’re on the hunt for cute storage containers, we love the selections at Target + World Market + The Container Store.

You can never have enough hanging storage …

If you’re always coming up short on storage for things like clothing, keys, backpacks and purses, hats, aprons, and tools — this hack from @therenegadehome is for you. Towel bars! They are extremely compact, easy to install, and available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Once you’ve hung your towel bar, you just need a set of appropriately sized hooks (and clips, depending on what you’re hanging), and you’re in business.

You can easily find a combination of supplies online to suit your aesthetic and budget, but we especially love Anthropologie’s unique towel bar designs. If you’re looking for something simpler, this design is available in multiple finishes. S hooks are readily available on Amazon.

Stock up on adhesive hooks!

This post from @organizeways features three tips, two of which employ adhesive hooks. The first is for additional hanging storage inside cabinet doors, which frees up shelf space and keeps commonly used items close at hand. But the one that really caught our eye is the use of adhesive hooks to hide unsightly cords on countertop appliances that aren’t in use! Command makes sturdy adhesive hooks for a variety of weights. Snag a set here.


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Hack your workspace.

This video from @teresalaucar is less of a hack and more of a … lifestyle. Her posts are deliciously calming, featuring organization tips and products curated in her signature neutral color palette. We tracked down some of the products she recommends on Amazon — shop the links below for a more organized workspace!


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Install a space-saving garment drying rack.

If you’re sick of hanging wet clothing items to dry on every available shower curtain and doorknob, this solution from @thornior is just the ticket. Collapsible drying racks are there when you need them, and they stay out of the way when you don’t. The design featured in the video is available at Home Depot, but this more rustic design from Pottery Barn is a fun option too. (It’s the one featured in the image at the top of the article!)

Streamline your laundry room.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and streamline the space you use for laundering all of those garments, too! These product recommendations from @littlehouseonalittleland are perfect for small laundry rooms — or anyone looking to declutter in general. We tracked down the product links, so you don’t have to. Shop them below:

Is this cheating?

Room dividers can be used for various purposes, both practical and aesthetic. But after seeing how lightweight and easy on the eyes this room divider is, shared by @want.zamora, we’re tempted to keep a few on deck to hide unfinished products, unsightly clutter, or even extra household supplies when guests are over. We’re not sure this counts as “organizing” so much as “hiding,” but we’re still here for it nonetheless. Wayfair offers a lot of great room divider options!


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Elevate your toilet brush.

This tip comes courtesy of @vanesa_amaro_, social media’s “queen of cleaning.” By opting for a mounted toilet brush holder, you not only create a less cluttered space, but it also makes cleaning a breeze. The best part? These wall-mounted brush holders are more common than we realized, and they’re readily available at a variety of retailers.

This product is just like the one featured in the video, but there are many other styles to choose from through home suppliers like Wayfair.


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And this guy …

This final video is actually a quick series of bonus hacks. Because this guy is all of us.


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Happy organizing!


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