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Although wish lists are usually reserved for kids, we can’t help but encourage our readers to get in on the fun. If you’re not quite sure what to add to your Christmas list, allow us to be of service. We’ve located our favorite luxe gifts that just might fit your fancy … especially if you’ve been extra good and budget is of no concern. These items are a little pricier than your average present, but they’re a whole lot more elegant. Dream a little bigger this Christmas with our local luxe loves holiday gift guide.


Scallop cashmere cardigan

While the price tag can sometimes cause a raised eyebrow, cashmere is a lifelong investment that is soft, cozy and luxurious. Two Bees Cashmere, a local company, brings the best of cashmere in the most stylish designs. Shop this 100% cashmere scallop cashmere cardigan for $300 online or at select Atlanta retailers.

Scallop Cashmere Cardigan, $300 online at Two Bees Cashmere or select area retailers | Image: Two Bees Cashmere

Scallop cashmere cardigan, $300 online at Two Bees Cashmere or at select area retailers | Image: Two Bees Cashmere

Silk scarf

A silk scarf is a classic staple that every woman needs in her closet. Rinnovo Studio’s scarves are 100% silk twill and are printed in Italy. By partnering with local artists to design their scarves, Rinnovo captures the essence of the South in each of their pieces. Find one at The London Trading Company for $275.

Rinnovo Scarf, $275 at London Trading Company | Image: Rinnovo Studio

Rinnovo scarf, $275, at The London Trading Company | Image: Rinnovo Studio

Abbey Glass Smith Cape

Capes are making a comeback in a big way. Get in on the timeless trend with the Smith Cape, $485, by Abbey Glass. A chic statement in classic black, you’ll look stunning for New Year’s Eve and beyond. Find it at Abbey Glass.

Smith Cape, $485 at Abbey Glass | Image: Abbey Glass

Smith Cape, $485, at Abbey Glass | Image: Abbey Glass

Robe and pajamas set

For days when nothing but pajamas will do, enjoy the latest in luxury with a robe and pajama set from Lake. These pinstripe pretties designed in Savannah are as soft as they are sweet. We love their Christmas collection available in red and green. Shop a set starting at $204 online.

Lake Pajamas Set, $204 online at Lake | Image: Lake

Lake pajamas set, $204, online at Lake | Image: Lake


Tie riding boots

A cape definitely isn’t complete without a sturdy pair of en vogue riding boots. This pair from Ann Mashburn will turn heads. The over-the-knee style makes your legs look long and lean. Shop them at Ann Mashburn for $795.

Tie Riding Boots, $795 at Ann Mashburn | Image: Ann Mashburn

Tie riding boots, $795, at Ann Mashburn | Image: Ann Mashburn

Tusk necklace

Making a statement this holiday season has never been so easy with Empire State Finery’s unique tusk necklaces. Made using boars’ tusks and other found objects, these necklaces are truly one of a kind. Shop them online or locally at Tulipano for $355.

Tusk Necklace, $355 at Tulipano | Image: Empire State Finery

Tusk necklace, $355, at Tulipano or online | Image: Empire State Finery

Diamond and pearl earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls are right on up there, too. We love earrings that can be dressed up or down. Grey pearl earrings, available for $3,800 at Laura Pearce, are easily worn for carpool or cocktails.

Diamond Pearl Earrings, $3,800 at Laura Pearce | Image: Laura Pearce

Diamond pearl earrings, $3,800, at Laura Pearce | Image: Laura Pearce

Sally King Benedict + Jane Pope pinky ring

Atlanta artist Sally King Benedict’s faces have become iconic pieces of art. Recently, she partnered with jewelry designer Jane Pope to create gold renditions of her pieces. Rings, earrings and necklaces are all a part of the collaboration, but we love this darling pinky ring for $778 available online.

Sally King Benedict + Jane Pope Pinky Ring, $778 online | Image: Jane Pope Jewelry

Sally King Benedict + Jane Pope pinky ring, $778, online | Image: Jane Pope Jewelry


Annette Joseph style workshop

Give (or receive!) the gift of travel this year. Head to Italy next summer with acclaimed food stylist and author Annette Joseph. Stay on the grounds of a 15th century Italian fortress and learn anything from canning to photography to abstract painting. Workshops start at $2,800 and are available here.

Annette Joseph Workshop, from $2,800 | Image: Christina Wedge

Annette Joseph workshop, from $2,800, book online | Image: Christina Wedge

Midtown Massage

After all of the stress of the season, be treated to a Midtown Massage at the Four Seasons Atlanta. A head-to-toe pampering experience, you’ll enjoy relaxing along with all the Four Seasons has to offer. A day of R&R? Say no more. Available starting at $250 at the Four Seasons.

Midtown Massage, $260 at the Four Seasons | Image: Four Seasons

Midtown Massage, $250, at the Four Seasons | Image: Four Seasons

Cryotherapy facial package

A holiday indulgence that won’t affect your waistline, the CryoFacial is a unique beauty treatment to bring out your glow before the season’s biggest parties and beyond. The quick treatment is the “it” facial treatment and focuses on tightening and brightening. Packages are $200 for five treatments at Icebox Cryotherapy Midtown.

Cryothereapy Facial, $200 at Icebox Cryotherapy Midtown | Image: Icebox Cryotherapy

Cryothereapy facial package, $200, at Icebox Cryotherapy Midtown | Image: Icebox Cryotherapy Midtown


Orchid membership

Le Jardin Français offers a unique orchid membership for floral enthusiasts. Recipients receive the installation of a premium double-spike Phalaenopsis orchid on a regular schedule to ensure a blooming orchid at all times in their home or office. Contact Le Jardin Français for pricing.

Orchid membership from Le Jardin Français, call for pricing | Image: Le Jardin Français

Renee Bouchon artwork from Gregg Irby

Renee Bouchon’s art often sells out on her website so quickly that few can get their hands on her pieces. Send Santa to Gregg Irby for one of her works on paper or canvas instead. Artwork ranges from $250 to $2,600 and is available at Gregg Irby Gallery.

Renee Bouchon Art, from $250 at Gregg Irby Gallery | Image: Gregg Irby Gallery

Renee Bouchon art, from $250, at Gregg Irby Gallery | Image: Gregg Irby Gallery

Gold rectangle mirror

A gilded mirror that can move from place to place makes a thoughtful, timeless gift for newlyweds or new homeowners. We recommend something gold or brass in a classic shape for the recipients to keep for years to come. Find this one at Dear Keaton for $462.

Gold Rectangle Mirror, $462 at Dear Keaton | Image: Dear Keaton

Gold rectangle mirror, $462, at Dear Keaton | Image: Dear Keaton

Edgar-Reeves lampshades

If your home needs some sprucing before the holidays, add lampshades from Edgar-Reeves to your list. You can pick up your shades before guests arrive, and they’ll be smitten with the warm, glowing ambiance of your home. Prices vary. Shop the lampshades at Edgar-Reeves.

Edgar Reeves Lampshades, prices vary. | Image: Nicole Letts

Lampshades from Edgar-Reeves, prices vary | Image: Nicole Letts

Lacefield Designs linen and velvet pillows

Give your master bedroom the love it deserves by adding a few Lacefield Designs pillows to the mix. These linen cases with velvet trim are as luxurious as they are beautiful. Shop them at Peridot for $324 each.

Lacefield Designs Linen & Velvet Pillows for $324 at Peridot

Lacefield Designs linen and velvet pillows, $324 each, at Peridot


Home portrait platter

Gifts with sentimental value are the best gifts of all. If you’re shopping for someone who deserves a gift from the heart, pick up a gift certificate for a custom home portrait platter at SB Shop for $268. The platter features an original sketch of a home of your choice. Order by December 19 (that’s today!) by 4 p.m. EST for delivery by Christmas.

Home Portrait Platter, $268 at SB Shop | Image: SB Shop

Home portrait platter, $268, at SB Shop

Gorgeous gems

In business for over 20 years, Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry focuses on traditional fashion-forward fine jewelry with a twist. We love this simple and sophisticated design that can be worn with a tee and jeans or to your most elegant evening out. This piece can be worn both as a single strand or layered, making it versatile enough to work with a number of outfits. And, in a neutral moonstone or labradorite, it will pair perfectly with almost anything. Find this at SB Shop for $195. Order by December 19 (that’s today!) by 4 p.m. EST for delivery by Christmas.

Cindy Earl necklace, $170, at SB Shop

Cindi Earl necklace, $195, at SB Shop


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