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“Balance is at the heart of Metal + Petal — even our name implies it,” says Jade Joyner, Principal Designer of Athens, GA-based Metal + Petal, which she co-founded with her husband. “We seamlessly pair simplicity and decadence, masculine and feminine, Southern style with a European flair, and sophistication and soul into every space.” After studying art history in Vienna, the Alabama native spent 15 years in Europe — from Turkey and Austria to Poland and Hungary — taking inspiration from the gorgeous art, architecture, design and culture, as she defined her striking aesthetic and unique approach to interior design. In 2005, she returned to the U.S. to continue her practice in Washington, DC, but her Southern roots eventually drew her further south to Athens, where she met her husband, and they ultimately founded Metal + Petal.  

We recently asked Jade to describe her design aesthetic, let us in on some tricks of the trade and give us a glimpse of her stunning portfolio. We are delighted to introduce our latest interior designer crush, Jade Joyner of Metal + Petal.

graham and jade joyner of Metal + Petal

Graham and Jade Joyner, co-founders of Athens, GA-based Metal + Petal | Image: Sara Wise

What is your design aesthetic, and how do you translate that to a client’s home?

My design aesthetic is modern-traditional with an eclectic vibe. I mix traditional and modern pieces, then tie everything together with a concept that adds character. I love to take something expected and use it in an unexpected way, bringing in antique or vintage finds to make it all work. I don’t like boring spaces — I like juxtaposition and a little quirk.

Tell us a bit about your background and experience in design.

I am a second-generation interior designer and began my career about 16 years ago in Budapest, Hungary. I started with residential projects and grew my business there quickly. I moved to [Washington,] DC in 2005 and started working on the Hill for prominent political families and young families who wanted their homes to rise up and meet them, which was a big change from my expatriate clients in Hungary. I dove headfirst into a lot of renovations in DC. In 2016, eight years after moving to Athens, and just three years after meeting and falling in love with my now-husband, Graham Joyner, we went into business together. We founded Metal + Petal — our full-service interior design firm for residential and commercial projects, starting from conception to installation. We have quickly made a name for ourselves, thanks to our modern approach to traditional design and our belief that beautiful design doesn’t have to be expensive.

kitchen design- Metal + Petal

This bright white kitchen gets a chic, modern look with vibrant pops of pink and seafoam, modern art, greenery and striking light fixtures. Image: Amy J Owen

entertaining area

Set beside the kitchen island, a lounge area is perfect for entertaining guests. Image: Amy J Owen

green detailing in sitting room- Metal + Petal design

Green is threaded throughout this vignette in pastel velvet, sumptuous emerald drapery and verdant foliage. Image: Amy J Owen

boho-chic living room

A striking, wallpapered wall doubles as art in this boho-chic living room. Image: Amy J Owen

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Are there any trends you love at the moment, and, alternately, any timeless aspects of design that you cling to?

I don’t follow trends, but I do embrace new styles. Currently, I am all about the greenery that’s being used inside (plants, plants and more plants). I absolutely adore that wallpaper is back. I am really into maximalism and layers. I’m a woman who loves color and LOTS of it.

What has been your most challenging project to date, and why? How did it help you grow as a designer?

Learning commercial design has, for sure, been a challenge, but I’ve loved it. It’s more cut-and-dried and less emotional than residential design. I’ve grown as a designer by doing more commercial work, as it forces me to be more business-focused.

What brings you the most professional joy?

What brings me the most joy is seeing my clients’ faces when they see their homes for the first time. That moment is why I do what I do.

master bedroom design from Metal + Petal

This stunning bedroom combines Jade’s three favorite colors, “Black, white and green,” she says. “There are so many beautiful whites, fabulous shades of black and lovely greens.” Image: Kristin Karch

master bed sitting area

The adjacent sitting room in this master suite is equal parts modern and classic. Image: Kristin Karch

master bedroom with white bedding

Crisp white in clean lines dramatically contrasts with a deep navy hue and a classic red vintage rug. Image: Amy J Owen

Do you have a favorite space in the home to design?

Kitchens, for sure. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I love figuring out new ways to make it work. Custom kitchens are my absolute favorite. I also love powder rooms because you turn them into perfect little jewel boxes.

What is your favorite room in your home, and why?

My favorite room in my house is my master bathroom. It has a metal beaded chandelier hanging over the stand-alone tub and black matte hardware. It’s simple yet perfect.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Graham and I are both inspired by travel. We love different cultures and places. We absorb our environment on trips like sponges. I also spend way too much time on Instagram. I love seeing how people design, live and photograph their worlds.

Where do you take chances in design?

I am not a designer known for playing it safe — I take chances all the time. I rarely go weird or overboard, but I do embrace doing something different. I am not afraid.

alpha phi dining room by Metal + Petal

Sorority sisters in this Alpha Pi house are treated to chic luxury in this dining room. Image: Kristin Karch

alpha phi living room

The sorority’s light-filled sitting room mixes edgy elements — in the modern art, zig-zag chairs and black ceiling — with a stately sophistication. Image: Kristin Karch

open kitchen design

Jade maintains an airy openness in this handsome black-and-white kitchen. Image: Kristin Karch

Metal + Petal design -traditional meets modern sitting room

Clean geometric lines anchor this scene where traditional meets modern. Image: Kristin Karch

Who have been your industry mentors and role models, and how have they inspired you?

I consider my mother my best mentor and role model. I admire her work ethic, her style and her spirit.

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If you could choose one designer to redo your home right now, who would it be?

Hands down, by far the one and the only, the fabulous Kelly Wearstler.

Share one designer secret with us regular folk.

Touch everything once before anyone comes over. Adjust your space, and then take one thing away.

great room with large chandelier

A breathtaking chandelier fills the soaring ceilings in this great room. Image: Kristin Karch

bookshelf detailing great room

Wallpaper-backed bookshelves add interest to this inviting fireside vignette. Image: Kristin Karch

butterfly wallpaper

This butterfly-themed wallpaper lends an element of enchantment to this space. Image: Kristin Karch

Metal + Petal living room design

Dusty rose and peachy pinks intermingle with antique furniture and metallic accents in this cozy living room. Image: Kristin Karch

master bedroom oasis

At the day’s end, this master bedroom is an inviting oasis. Image: Kristin Karch

What three home decor items can you not live without?

Candles, pillows and the right paint color

If you could squeeze your design philosophy into five words, what would they be?

A modern take on traditional design. Oops — that’s six!

Thank you, Jade, for sharing your insights, inspirations and impressive design portfolio. To learn more about Jade and Graham Joyner’s work, visit


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