Known for his keen eye for detail, interior designer Brad Ramsey has made a name for himself in Nashville and beyond. Since founding his namesake firm, Brad Ramsey Interiors, in 2013, he has built an elite clientele who can’t get enough of his aesthetic. True to his Georgia roots, he infuses his projects with timeless Southern charm, while taking care to honor each client’s individuality. As Brad celebrates the 10th anniversary of his design firm, we caught up with him to hear more about his aesthetic, his favorite projects to date, and what’s coming next!

Brad Ramsey smiling and looking to the side
Get to know interior designer Brad Ramsey of Brad Ramsey Interiors! Image: Cameron Powell

What inspired your career in interior design?

I have always been in the arts in some form or fashion. I was a landscape architecture major, then switched to drawing and painting, then to music with a minor in art. I guess my creative gene has just been looking for the right outlet and finally found it in design. I did not go to school for design, so I really had to dig deep into my natural abilities to realize I could make a career out of it.

What are your first memories of design inspiration?

In middle and high school, I loved to walk through new house builds near my home in Georgia. I was obsessed with seeing how it all comes together, from the architecture to the millwork, cabinetry, tile, paint colors, light fixtures, and everything being installed. I also used to doodle floorplans up and down the sides of my note pages in school. My brain was always swirling with layouts and design ideas.

Bookshelves with a ladder near a glass desk.
This charming office space merges modern vignettes with classic pieces. Image: Paige Rumore
Kitchen with light gray cabinetry and a kitchen island with four stools.
A Nashville kitchen that wows. Image: Paige Rumore
Dining room with blue walls and an elegant chandelier.
This tranquil dining room offers a dose of tradition while spotlighting contemporary nuances. Image: Paige Rumore

You recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of your design firm. What did you do to commemorate the milestone?

We threw a catered cocktail party and invited valued clients, vendors, and friends from over the last 10 years that have witnessed or participated in the growth of BRI. It really was the perfect opportunity to stop and celebrate this huge milestone and honor the hard work it takes to build a successful small business.

What aesthetic are you drawn to most?

At this point, having worked in design for almost 15 years, I have been exposed to so many different looks and styles. I used to primarily be drawn to what I called earth-tone modern. Basically, modern lines with warm natural textures. I still think that is the foundation for most of my designs, but my tastes have become more eclectic over the years. Variety is the spice of life, so I am content to keep growing, trying new things, and expanding my vernacular.

What is your favorite project to date, and why?

Now, you know I don’t dish on what projects were better than others. Haha! Truth be told, it’s the relationships that I form with my clients that I remember. The design is the vehicle and the inspiration, but the journey is so much more memorable. Each client project stretches me, challenges me, and encourages me to be better at my craft. After 10 years, it is a beautiful tapestry; I cannot imagine picking one over another.

Three windows with light coming into a master bedroom.
Brad added warmth via the drapery and pillows, offsetting the neutral palette in this light-filled bedroom in Alys Beach. Image: Jack Gardner
A quartet of mirrors in a white-themed sitting room
The perfect sitting room for an Alys Beach abode, this space features glamorous mirrors and beachy chic elements. Image: Jack Gardner
A home courtyard with ivy-covered walls
This beautiful residential courtyard maximizes the current biophilia trend, making the most of greenery and wood elements. Image: Jack Gardner

Where are your favorite places (in Nashville or elsewhere in the South) to shop for design finds?

We source most of our design finds out of High Point, NC. Whether that is through custom upholsterers or antique dealers, it is the capital of the furnishings industry. For more one-off pieces, we love visiting the Nashville Antiques & Garden Show and small local stores like Nashville Rug Gallery, Providence Interiors, Patina & Co, etc.

What is your favorite room in your own home, and why?

Currently, my home is under renovation, with me and my pup living between my den and my guest bedroom upstairs. My den is my haven. Painted in a dark gray-blue color (Sherwin-Williams Outerspace), it is cozy, warm, and definitely the most used space in my home. Pretty soon, the wet bar and kitchen that open up to the den will be fully remodeled, and that will add even more to the liveability.

Living room with black outlined windows, silver couches, and a stone fireplace.
Both modern and rustic, this cozy living space boasts textured fabrics and highlighted artwork. Image: Paige Rumore
Gold-embellished powder room with purple tulips on the bathroom sink.
A powder bath that oozes elegance. Image: Zeke Ruelas

If you could have another designer put their magic touch on your home, who would it be?

I am friends with Ray Booth of McALPINE and love everything he designs. He has a magic touch that blends masculine and feminine energy into the architecture and interiors of spaces I love. If he came through my place and curated it with his take, I would probably never change anything he did! No, really, I aspire to be as dedicated and exceptional at my craft as he is.

What piece of design advice can you offer us to elevate our homes?

Think of your home as a cohesive flow — from the entry all the way through the public spaces and even into the primary bedroom. The days of each room having a different feel and energy are over. Creating comfort in a home involves an intentional connection throughout the design. I am not saying everything has to be the same; I am just saying one room should complement the next and so on. Like wearing an outfit, the clothes, shoes, and accessories are all different but work together in harmony. Whether bold or understated, you need all the layers for it to look and feel right.

White office with floral wall covering
Even when he employs a relatively monochromatic color scheme, Brad finds special “moments” to highlight. We’re particularly fond of this floral focal wall. Image: Zeke Ruelas
White kitchen with marble backsplash and dark wood flooring.
In this Nashville kitchen, Brad contrasts dark flooring and white cabinetry, accentuated by an exquisite marble backsplash. Image: Zeke Ruelas
Teal-themed dining room with large round table and chairs.
This dining room, rich and bold with teal walls and drapery, merges masculinity and femininity. Image: Zeke Ruelas

If you could squeeze your design philosophy into five words, what would they be?

Curating thoughtful, layered, beautiful homes.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

We have several large estate builds coming up that we are in the final architectural stages of. I am excited to imagine these homes from 2-D paper plans all the way through to the finishing touches. Our current growth involves taking on larger long-term projects and saying no to more of the small-scale projects that just involve designing rooms.

I am looking forward to where this will take us in the next 10 years.

Thanks, Brad! Happy 10th Anniversary!


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