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As we prepare to pack away the holiday decorations, Christmas keepsakes and all the other festive ornamentation, it’s imperative to do so with an organized approach. With that in mind, we tapped Alex Sasser, owner of Organize BHAM, for her expert suggestions. From packing tips to weeding out unwanted decor, here are her top suggestions that will ensure your next year’s self will be pleased. Take it away, Alex!


With all of the excitement that the holidays bring, there can also be looming dread about stuffing all the decor back in the attic at the end of the season. To ensure that next year you find all of your decorations intact and accounted for, organizing while you pack is crucial, and there are a few key ways to do so. For example, packing delicate ornaments and keepsakes in special packaging will ensure they’re around for years to come. And labeling boxes makes things easier to find, and when your decor is easier to find, it’s more likely to be used.

So, whether you’re sentimental, a minimalist, a color-coder and some other type of personality, adapt these suggestions accordingly — they will help you organize your holiday decorations in a way that your future self will thank you.

Holiday ornaments neatly organized in plastic bin

Alex Sasser of Organize BHAM shares her best tips and tricks for organizing your holiday decor like a pro. For example, a storage box with separators is a great way to not only keep ornaments organized but to protect the delicate ones as well.


Holiday decor can be very sentimental, whether it’s an ornament that’s hung to honor a loved one lost, or a Christmas village handed down for generations. Ultimately, it’s important to make sure your holiday decor has value to you and is worth the space it takes up. Do you enjoy using and seeing it during the holiday season? If you’re just keeping it because your great-aunt gave it to your mom who gave it to you and you feel bad about donating it, consider donating it — someone in the world will appreciate it!


Speaking of donating, take the time to declutter and part with decorations you don’t love anymore before storing them for another year. Was there anything left in the boxes when you were decorating — things that you didn’t even bother to take out? Go ahead and pass it on to someone else. Great places to donate unwanted decor include churches and schools, or you can always take it to the secondhand store or have a yard sale in the spring.


Now is a great time to invest in good organizational storage. Many stores have sales on decor storage the week after Christmas, so that’s a great time to browse and select smart storage solutions for your individual needs. The boxes with ornament segments are best to prevent breaks, but if you want to take the DIY route, start collecting egg cartons, as they make a great storage option for smaller, more delicate ornaments.

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If you ordered most of your gifts online this year, odds are that you have some packaging material you can repurpose — bubble wrap, tissue and such. Wrap delicate items that don’t have their own boxes in bubble wrap or plastic packaging material. Even old newspaper will suffice.


In order to easily locate your holiday items next year, label your storage boxes — and be specific. Instead of simply labeling a box as “Christmas,” note what’s inside — whether that’s nutcrackers, lights (both indoor and outdoor) or mantel decor. The good old-fashioned method of an index card works perfectly for labeling — write what’s inside the box, and tape the card on the box with clear packing tape. It will save you so much time locating your decorations next year.

While these tips may seem simple, they make a huge difference in the ease of storing and unpacking your holiday decor next year. Happy organizing — and cheers to the new year!

You can find other tips, tricks and resources on Organize BHAM’s blog or by visiting their Instagram


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