After spending a few days at AmericasMart talking to interior design gurus and seeing the offerings of many brands, there were a few trends that emerged that we’re pretty excited about, which all build on one another. Hint: None have anything to do with all white and neutral rooms! And, to let you know just how many brands are represented at AmericasMart, we each walked 26 miles in one day. ONE DAY AROUND ONE BUILDING!! But, we came out of it filled with information that we’re excited to share with you today!

Just like the world of fashion, home decor has trends that seem to take centerstage each year. And, both the home decor and fashion worlds seem to be having a love affair with painterly fabrics, bold prints and graphic, gritty designs. Incorporating one of these trends into your home may be just what it needs to feel fresh and modern.

3 Home Decor Trends for 2016/2017

Trend: Painterly

The painterly trend simply means designs with looser brush strokes for a more impressionist feel, without defined edges. It can even show up as paint splatters or the appearance of paint (or ink) with no brush. You can find this look on fabrics and accessories.


Artist Kelly O’Neal had several paintings that we saw at AmericasMart.

Curry & Company brush stroke table lamp

Curry & Company brush stroke table lamp

Here are some fabrics by Harlequin that show off the painterly vibe nicely.

Here are some fabrics by Harlequin that show off the painterly vibe nicely.

Painterly home + fashion influences:

Pattern Curator collage

We love how PatternCurator pulls these collages that mix fashion, fabric, home and architecture to show how they all influence each other. This collage shows some painterly influences, which all happen to be circular. Can’t you just imagine the brushstrokes hitting the fabric?

Trend: Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper in and of itself continues to be a bold choice for many as the thought of repainting a room seems less daunting if you end up not liking the final product. But, if you are going to commit to wallpaper, commit with gusto! A bold wallpaper makes a statement and creates an ambiance for a room like none other.

Wallpaper at Steve McKenzie's America's Mart booth

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles captured the Steve McKenzie booth at AmericasMart perfectly. Aren’t you longing for some bold wallpaper after seeing this?!

Bold walls at Matthews Furniture & Design at America's Mart 2016

The Matthews Furniture & Design booth at America’s Mart, captured on Instagram by @hughesjareda, shows exactly why we were stopped in our tracks. Gorgeous, huh? Again, bold walls bring it all together.

Bold floral wallpaper at The Iron Gate's booth at America's Mart

Franklin, Tennessee-based The Iron Gate had another show-stopping booth. The bold floral pattern on a dark backdrop perfectly showcases the romantic, comfortable look their store is known for. Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Bold wallpaper for the home + fashion influences:

PatternCurator collage

To mix fashion and interiors, we liked this one as, although it’s devoted to feathers, it’s dark, alluring and bold, just like the featured wallpapers above. And, if any of these were made into wallpapers, we’d want our powder room papered. Presto! Image: PatternCurator

Trend: Graffiti and/or Graphic Art

In the family of painterly and bold, graffiti art is the edgier cousin. Add a piece of this gritty, modern art to any room and watch the magic happen as new movement and life takes place! No matter if your decor is traditional or modern, this type of art will add a fun pop of modern edge.

paragon art

The art we saw from Paragon hit home as there are a few other artists whose bold style has been intriguing us for a while, and from what we saw at AmericasMart, this style is being sought out by many.

Angela Simeone-Rzasnicki is known for her bold, graphic paintings. She's even been commissioned to create hand-painted walls that look like wallpaper ... they are gorgeous!

Angela Simeone is known for her bold, graphic paintings. She’s even been commissioned to create hand-painted walls that look like wallpaper … they are gorgeous!

Kayce Hughes Art

Kayce Hughes art showcases clean, strong, bold lines.

Alec Daniel showcases his signature style at Le Sel (the graffiti walls!)

We first got intrigued with the graffiti art when seeing this space, in Nashville’s Le Sel restaurant. The walls are hand-painted by artist Alic Daniel.

Graphic home + fashion influences:

PatternCurator collage

Graphic and bold walls and clothing — another fabulous collage by PatternCurator.

While each of these three trends are versions of each other, you can see that they are also distinctly different. We’re pretty much ready for some bold walls and art!

Special thanks to AmericasMart for inviting us down and all the fabulous home experts with whom we talked!


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