More time at home mixed with summertime makes for a wonderful combination of sunshine, fresh produce, and outdoor activities. Here at StyleBlueprint, we’re seizing the opportunity to get ourselves into top form. In that spirit, we’re offering up some of the best healthy discoveries we’ve recently made — from food to apps to gear — that can help counteract germs, boost immunity, and help you achieve your best self while beating the sun- and heat-induced summer laziness. Here’s your Healthy Hot List.


Nut butter spread

There’s a lot you can do with this spread. If you crave sweets, it’s a great thing to have on hand to smear on a crisp apple or to stick a spoonful in your fruit-and-greens-packed smoothie to give it an oomph of flavor that also helps you feel fuller. These nut butters come in imaginative flavors and have no-nonsense ingredients. If you have that sweet tooth, keeping a jar of this on hand is a mighty fine idea. Get a jar (or three) starting at $13 and learn more about the makers here.

Nuts 'n more — SB Healthy Hot List item

While this Chocolate Maple Pretzel flavor is definitely a crowd favorite, there are many flavors and nut butter options like birthday cake and almond butter. All guilt-free and plant-rich. Image: Nuts ‘N More

Handheld juicer

We thought every single person owned one of these, but recently found that to be untrue. This is far and away our favorite kitchen tool, and we use it almost daily. It’s perfect for juicing lemons, limes and other fruit (just cut into small chunks first) you might want to add to drinking water, your favorite summer fish recipe, or a refreshing backyard margarita. You can find one for under $10 at your local grocery store or here.


These brightly colored handheld juicers come in handy for adding a healthy boost of citrus to your life. Image: Amazon

Daily Crunch

These taste like more than just nuts, but they really are just nuts. The two Southern women founders behind Daily Crunch have created a unique way to soak and dehydrate nuts to give them a uniquely crunchy taste without any of the roasting and salt. They are the real deal for clean snacking and good protein! Snag three flavors of your choice for $30 on SB Shop here.

The Daily Crunch 3-pack — SB healthy hot list item

We’re here for the coffee-soaked sprouted almonds. Image: Daily Crunch

Laura Lea Balanced’s meal plans

Nutrition expert, recipe developer and author, Laura Lea Bryant, has developed a new resource — due to overwhelming demand — for healthy, budget-friendly meal plans. They “take the guesswork out of planning, shopping, and cooking for the week,” Laura Lea says on her website. The PDF plans include a shopping list of ingredients and easy-to-follow directions for four healthy, satisfying meals for a family of four. The best part? The meals re-use ingredients so you’re not left with much waste at the end of the week. Check them out here.

Laura Lea balanced

LLB’s meal plans start at just $5.99 and present you with an easy-to-follow plan that yields 16 meals. Image: Laura Lea Balanced

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View From My Window

This one is really cool. People all over the world — more than 2.3 million of them, in fact — have joined this public Facebook group to look at the world from the windows of others. Every day, dozens of group members post the views from their windows with information on where they live and what you’re seeing. There are strict posting rules, so you know you will be transported to serene, unique and multicultural landscapes all over the world. It’s hard to stop scrolling! Discover the group here.

View from my window — SB healthy hot list item

Here’s a recent post from the group. It truly is such a unique and lovely resource to check out! Image: Facebook

Younger Next Year

If you’re unfamiliar with this series of books co-written by a leading internist and one of his patients, allow us to enlighten you. The books draw on the latest science of aging to show how men (and there is a version for women) 50 and older can become functionally younger every year and continue to grow stronger, healthier and more alert as they age. They also have versions specifically about exercise, diet, the back, and journaling. Even if you aren’t yet 50, this makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a loved one who is. Shop these fabulous books starting at $10.95 here.

Younger Next Year Books

The authors recently released a 2020 edition of both New York Times bestsellers to keep all the great info up-to-date. See books here. Image: Pinterest

The Fabulous app

One of StyleBlueprint’s own recently stumbled upon this app and is so happy she did. This award-winning, science-based app, created by the team at Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, is designed to help you form healthy habits through motivational quotes, thoughtful observations, whimsical illustrations and gentle reminders to help you become the best version of yourself. By gamifying the process, the app follows your progress and rewards you with encouraging kudos along the way. Free and premium options are both available here.

The fabulous app — SB healthy hot list item

This app offers a seemingly infinite number of ways to set goals and stay energized and mentally clear. No matter how big or small your goals, check out this app! Image: Fabulous

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Encouraging water bottle

Even the most fitness-oriented team members at StyleBlueprint have a hard time regularly drinking enough water (and we all know we need a lot of water). This water bottle holds you accountable by the hour, and it can truly change everything about your water habits. Starting at $19, choose from a dozen colors here and drink up!

Water Bottle — SB healthy hot list item

This encouraging water bottle makes hydrating fun and, honestly, a little competitive. What’s not to love?! Order it here. Image: Peyton Haecker

Pill organizer

Even if you just take a few daily vitamins and supplements, it’s nice to have an organized, travel-ready system in place. And gone are the days of the flimsy drugstore plastic pill organizer that will open and spill in your Dopp kit or purse. This one is nicely designed, latches snuggly and won’t let you down! Grab yours for $39 here.

The Noka Box Pill Organizer

Keeping track of pills and supplements has never been so handy and chic. Image: Noka

Collapsible metal straw

Smoothie lovers, water drinkers and germ-conscious peeps, this tool is for you. You can carry it everywhere to eliminate disposable straws, and the pleasant rubber mouthpiece protects your teeth. You can shorten or lengthen it based on your container size, so even sticking it in a restaurant cocktail is inconspicuous! Find your set of two plus a cleaner and case for $19 here.

metal straws — SB healthy hot list item

These collapsible metal straws are true game-changers when it comes to good-for-the-environment gadgets you will actually use. Image: Macy’s

Portable UV sanitizing wand

This UV sanitizing wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold and other health hazards found everywhere from door handles to car keys to kids’ toys. Use this all over your house and take it with you on errands or road trips. You can find cheaper versions than this $90 option, but be aware that more companies are jumping into this sanitization craze, and some are poor quality and require batteries. This one from Monos is rechargeable and shows you the before-and-after results of the bacteria picked up! Start sanitizing sans-wipes and sans-chemicals here.

Monos UV light

This UV light swiftly, quietly and effectively removes all the nasty germs and bacteria from oft-touched surfaces and household items. This is a must-have for this era. Image: Monos


Supergoop! sunscreen

A nice SPF for the whole family is tough to find. Look no further! Supergoop! has taken over the sun protecting scene and for good reason. Their classic Play SPF 50 sunscreen contains sunflower extract and now comes in a large size with easy pump application. Find the perfect size starting at $10 here.

Supergoop Play sunscreen

An 18 oz. container of this hot list pick should last you and your family through the rest of the summer. Image: Supergoop!

Lip sleeping mask

OK, surely you have read about this one across the blogosphere by now. It is one of our go-tos throughout the year to keep cracked, dry lips supercharged with moisture, vitamin C and antioxidants. Although it says to wear it to sleep, we suggest you use this throughout the day (and everyone we know who has it does, too). A $22 jar of this truly does last a while. Get yours here!

Lip Sleeping Mask — SB healthy hot list item

Your lips will thank you throughout every season! Image: Laneige

Seaweed cream

One of our favorite celebrities to follow on Instagram, Tabitha Brown, recently revealed her two-part (yes, TWO) skincare routine after thousands of fans requested her tricks for healthy, glowing skin. It’s this! You might be thinking, “The Body Shop?! That store at the mall?” But this company has changed a lot over the past few years and has become 100% cruelty-free with all great ingredients. Read the reviews of this seaweed line, and we think you will be sold, too. Find it for $20 here.

Seaweed cream — SB healthy hot list item

The mineral-rich seaweed used in this line is from Roaring Water Bay, Ireland. We can’t wait to try more of these seaweed products. Image: The Body Shop

Here’s to healthy kitchens, bodies and homes this summer, y’all!


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