If you’re anything like me, you WANT to love camping. And you do — sort of. You appreciate nature’s beauty, the sense of calm that comes with spending time outdoors and the absence of everyday distractions. But it’s also dirty. And there are bugs. And sleeping on the ground is uncomfortable.

Enter, glamping.

By now, most everyone has heard of glamping (i.e. “glamourous camping”). If you haven’t, you can learn about it here. There are as many ways to glamp as there are to camp. And just because you can’t make it to an amazing, luxurious glamping resort like Collective Retreats, doesn’t mean you can’t set up your own five-star campsite replete with all of your creature comforts to achieve the best of both worlds.

Today we’re showing you what you need to create your own glampsite — from accommodations to toiletries. And who knows? Maybe glamping is the gateway drug to camping …


On one extreme, there are custom-made glamping pods, elaborately constructed yurts and even inflatable bubbles sold for glamping. Depending on your need for comfort and your budget, definitely look into those options. For a more accessible version of glamping, try a canvas tent. We found one that promises an easy 15-minute setup and comes with hooks for hanging lanterns, a heavyweight PVC floor and mosquito netting.

Glamping pods and glamping bubbles

Left, you can get your own glamping pod, starting at a hefty $7,995, at Glamping Pods of America. Right, glamping bubbles are for sale here for $900. Or you can stay in this exact bubble at the Attrap’Rêves Hotel in France. Images: Glamping Pods of America and Attrap’Rêves Hotel

Canvas glamping tent

Set up your own wanderlust retreat! This Dream House canvas tent is available for $699 here and offers a nearly 20-foot circumference!

Sleep essentials

We guarantee you’ll get more sleep if you’re not tossing and turning on the ground all night. Ensure some solid rest by investing in one of the comfortable sleep options available. Not only are there portable air mattresses, but there are also air beds set atop cots that feature folding side tables.

Glamping sleeping bag and airbed

This two-person sleeping bag has a wraparound zipper and is composed of Heatseeker™ Pro synthetic insulation. Find it at North Face for $399. The Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables is $170 here.


No glamper worth her Maldon Sea Salt will neglect her style just because she’s kicking it outdoors. You’ll need layers, comfortable footwear and rain gear in case the weather turns. We have found some great options shown here:

Nature-inspired apparel doesn’t have to be boring! Rain jacket, $249; Sweater poncho, $99; Mountain tee, $35; Star leggings, $116; Glitter sneakers, $195; Gold slides, $75


Being away from home without running water doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your self-care. Pack these luxurious travel cosmetics and you’ll be fresh and clean the whole trip long.

High-maintenance means high-quality, right? Bring your face oil and moisturizing wipes along for a more glamorous camping experience. Kate Spade cosmetic cases, $118; Daily Essentials Trio biodegradable morning, noon and night towelettes, $30; Rodin Olio Lusso travel kit, $250


Once you get your tent set up, you’ll want to decorate it and prepare your space for entertaining. All you need to set the scene are plenty of outdoor string lights, a well-stocked picnic basket and an Instagram-able hammock to finish it off.

Macondo hammock, $129; Globe string lights, $14.95 per strand; Huntsman picnic basket, $249, containing four plates, glass wine glasses, flatware, cotton napkins, double-wall insulated stainless coffee cups and food cooler, insulated wine pouch, hardwood cutting board, spill-proof salt & pepper shakers, wood handle cheese knife, stainless corkscrew, stainless flask and a fleece blanket.

Now you’re all set to glamp (or camp) wherever your heart desires — even if it’s just in the backyard!


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