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Few things brighten up a room more than flowers, but whether you’re stopping by a local flower truck, cutting stems from your garden or grabbing a bouquet at your local market, it’s not always clear how long they’ll look beautiful before the petals drop and leaves wilt. We asked a few Southern flower experts to give us their top picks for florals that will stick around the longest.

Flowers in buckets on a flower truck

There’s nothing like the sight of fresh flowers to incite happiness! Image: Fleur and Frond

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10 Fresh-Cut Flowers That Last the Longest

SB Note: images of these flowers are found in image collages below.

Calla Lily

Lauren Stanfield, owner of Louisville’s Fleur and Frond flower truck, says the Calla Lily makes her list for long-lasting flowers. Native to South Africa and the epitome of elegance, Calla Lilies are typically available year-round and last around seven to 10 days. They come in a wide range of colors, including a deep eggplant that’s often seen in autumnal centerpieces. In ancient Greek culture, the Calla Lily represented magnificent beauty. It’s easy to see why!


Lauren is also a fan of Craspedia. Yellow and spherical, these whimsical flowers can last up to 10 days and even maintain their color and shape when they dry, which makes them a favorite for those of us who forget to change out the vase water daily. Believe it or not, they’re in the daisy family, and they go by several different names that reflect just how playful they are, such as Billy balls, Billy buttons, and woolly heads.


Sarah Marshall, owner and lead florist of Gaia Florals in Birmingham, AL, says the long-stemmed Lisianthus is one of her favorites. “Of the flowers that I routinely use, the longest-lasting showstopper is Lisianthus,” she says. “It holds beautifully.” It’s known by many names, including the “Texas bluebell” and the “poor man’s rose,” and it can last between seven and 10 days. Fair warning: It tends to be susceptible to rot if it’s sitting in unclean water, so be sure to change it out daily for the best results.


Sarah tells us, “Snapdragons are the long-lasting cool-season winner.” In the right conditions, they can last seven to 10 days. When choosing your snapdragon stem, look for stalks that have one-third to one-half of their pods open.

Top row, left to right: Calla Lilies, Snapdragons, Lisianthus; Bottom: Craspedia

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Greg Campbell, co-owner of Garden District in Memphis, TN, says the Amaryllis is his favorite long-lasting flower choice for the winter. Native to West Africa, the Amaryllis can last more than two weeks. It’s often associated with strength because it’s tall and sturdy, and it can actually last even longer in a vase than when planted.


A summer bloom, Celosia is another top pick for Sarah. It can run the color spectrum from blood red to goldenrod, and it looks like ocean coral or something that jumped out of a Dr. Seuss story. It’s a member of the Amaranth family and sometimes lasts over two weeks.


Mattie Bush, owner of Amelia’s Flower Truck in Nashville, TN, is big on Eryngo. An eye-catching flowering herb, it’s bluish-purple, prickly looking, and resembles a thistle. Also referred to as Flat Sea Holly, Eryngo has an incredibly long vase life, sometimes lasting well over two weeks.


Limonium is another one of Mattie’s choices. Also known as Sea Lavender, even though it has no relation to lavender at all, Limonium looks more fragile than it is. Often used for bouquet filler, Limonium can last one to two weeks, and it retains its color when dried out.

Magnum Mums

Magnum Mums round out Mattie’s top three long-lasting flowers. An oversized chrysanthemum with hundreds of petals, the beautiful bloom is an impressive flower that can last up to two weeks.


Lauren is a fan of using Ranunculus for long-lasting arrangements. These beautiful flowers look like they’re crafted out of tissue paper. They resemble mini roses in bloom, making them a popular choice for wedding bouquets. They’re winter hardy, come in a variety of vivid colors, and last 10 to 12 days after being cut.

Top row, left to right: Celosia, Amaryllis, Ranunculus; Bottom row, left to right: Limonium, mums, Eryngo

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