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If the word homespun evokes a tender feeling in you, then you will love the story of the marriage of Frances McWhirter to Doug Andrews. As a group of close friends and family gathered to witness their union, the overriding mood in the air was one of complete joy. 

Unlike so many weddings, Frances and Doug aren’t spring chickens and this wasn’t their first rodeo. Not only did they have a sense of what they wanted at their wedding, but they truly had a sense of what they didn’t want, as well. No extravagance, no obsession with perfection, and most importantly, as little wedding stress as possible.


Mr. and Mrs. Doug Andrews

Their story is a poignant one, because what they had in common, losing their spouses to cancer, gave them a sense of how special life is and how important it is to keep on living.

The bride chose a dress from Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. The perfect fabric to compliment the dress was found at Textile Fabrics in Nashville.


Each piece of fabric is appliqued in layers with stitches, similar to a quilting stitch. This is a cumbersome process, so much so, the bride said, “I’ll finish it after the wedding!”

Through their understanding adversity at its worst, they were able to find love at its best.

Doug receives much needed moral support from his passel of handsome sons!


Both families affirm the union of Doug and Frances.


A special flower girl, Cyra Neimat, threw rose petals as the bride walked to the ceremony.


Hays and Terrell McWhirter give a smile of approval after the ceremony. 

There were a number of funny mishaps – the bride’s dress not being completely finished, or the forgotten bouquet –  but many more sweet moments to relish: the blending of their families, the special friends and family members who arranged flowers, took photos and prepared food, and the look of pure happiness as they faced the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. Doug Andrews.

We hope you enjoy their wedding photos as much as we did. Their marriage is a testimony to love, hope and charity, and by far, the greatest of these is love.

The twinkling lights were a theme throughout the yard, as they were woven into everything, especially the bride’s eyes.


Boss McWhirter, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, approved of Frances’s choice; if he hadn’t, the wedding was off!


The buffet dinner was provided by the Clean Plate Club. Frances and Monica Holmes of the Clean Plate Club were waitresses together (back in the day) at O’ Charley’s. 


Doug’s son Dylan is a jazz drummer in Chicago. He and some of his buddies provided the music for the wedding reception.

The floral arrangements were created by Brooks Mathews and came from Import Flowers. Protea with seeded eucalyptus make a lovely statement in this arrangement.

On a humorous note, Frances walked down the aisle sans bouquet. Oh, well. The bride had her bouquet here, later in the evening! Isn’t it lovely?


Autumn colors in all their glory! Varieties included Protea, Nandina, seeded Eucalyptus, bronze Wheat Millet
Scabiosa pods,black eyed Anemone, Beauty Berry, Amazon Queen and autumn roses.


One of Nashville’s treasures, Leeland Riggins of Dessert Designs, created this sumptuous caramel cake. Gorgeous orchids from Import Flowers accent the chocolate shavings. 


A view from the backyard, as close friends and family celebrate the wedding of Frances and Doug. 

And, as a follow up, check out the couple’s Christmas card!

Does this not make your heart swell with joy as well?! They are adorable.

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